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  • I don't want you to just watch and learn from me and not take action.

  • That be very mission.

  • That's what I did patient with the results, but impatient with my own skills.

  • Only when my excuses out there that can shorten that time.

  • So it's okay.

  • It's okay.

  • But so think I'll tell me, What are you doing with your skills?

  • Not just working it.

  • What?

  • Tell me now what you do to improve your skills.

  • Like e, like always trying to look like I always do my business some other way.

  • But so not learning you need.

  • You need to go.

  • So learn.

  • If you were to pick one or two skills with those, then focus on that first.

  • Before you learn.

  • I want to podcast, Don't do this.

  • Don't do this.

  • Don't do this because you never go.

  • It's like if you want to play sports, I'm gonna play basketball.

  • You play foot parliament, pay stock, get anything you want to get.

  • Very, very, very good.

  • Then if you want to, you can add onto it.

  • But before that, this is gonna take a few years.

  • So get get busy with that first.

  • Then the skills would come because a ship develop your for talking business.

  • That's what doors open up.

  • Then you could do other things.

  • You can build on those skill sets so that you need to be impatient.

I don't want you to just watch and learn from me and not take action.


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為什麼你需要對自己的技能有耐心? (Why You Need To Be Impatient With Your Skills)

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