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  • Hey, Kevin here.

  • Do you think I'm capable of knowing the void dot com?

  • Because to be honest, I will not a website that teaches you how to tie a useful not with written instructions and step by step gifts or gifts.

  • But, hey, uh, we know why you're really here, right?

  • To see some dogs, things you can do online.

  • Now, guys, create your own solar system with a planet.

  • Families drag different celestial bodies into orbit around the sun and start to appreciate the force of gravity.

  • Juggling so many planets had once is hard.

  • Let's simplify things and focused on just one planet with Earth.

  • 10.

  • Inter ah, particle based simulation that lets you create Earth from different materials like salt, sand, ice and fire.

  • Let's take a break from planet management and address a more urgent matter.

  • Are you a replicant?

  • Take the void contest from the Blade Runner universe to determine if you're a real human or a synthetic one.

  • Preposterous.

  • This data is nothing more than a bunch of spurious correlations.

  • A website that illustrates that correlation is not the same as causation by showing us the number of people who have drowned in a pool correlates to the number of films.

  • Nicolas Cage as Ben, in which I admit, is strange.

  • But it isn't the Seas Strangest Square Mile, a short documentary that showcases some of the ocean's most unique and horrifying lifeforms.

  • Let's observe a cute or branch on the Tree of Life with Casanova, a game about a happy draft kissing other happy giraffes.

  • Go for as long as you can without breaking his heart by stretching your neck to collect power ups that keep the smooch train rolling.

  • If you ate all the roles and still need carbs, try muffin films dot com, a collection of muffin based animations that explore complex themes like not talking to muffin trees or the dangers of eating blueberries.

  • Now that you're craving fruit, head over to ripe near me, a site that helps you find and buy locally grown food products, you could filter by what foods you like, see what's ripe and then go get your groceries.

  • You can even sell your own crops on the website, so go ahead and start the micro farm of your dreams with your crops growing outside.

  • Learn which plants clean the air inside with NASA's guide to air filtering house plants.

  • This infographic, based on a NASA study, illustrates what harmful molecules can be found in the air and which common house plants are good at taking them out.

  • Take your enemies out with The Last Samurai, a flash game that has you throwing ninja stars and bombs to defeat your foes and carve a path through the level.

  • It also has a great retro aesthetic.

  • Which reminds me, your game is too big.

  • Just check the boxes that apply to the game you want to build and see how much it will cost.

  • They don't factor in how much awesome video game fonts costs, so go ahead and download a few.

  • At Moonstruck, they got Krone checker.

  • Bring your kurono trigger fan fiction to life with strip generator dot com, which lets you create your own custom comic strips.

  • They provide you with characters, props and speech bubbles so you could build your Web comic empire on done time for a break.

  • So lose yourself in Drift, an interactive music video that turns your mouse into an eyeball.

  • It becomes increasingly surreal as the video progresses.

  • Do you understand what I just saw?

  • Yes, no if dot com a site submitted by the saucepan Serena which takes you further and further down the rabbit hole the more you click can't look away.

  • Oh, no, I forgot to ask is the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

  • Crisis averted.

  • But what about zombies?

  • You zombie USA to simulate how long it would take for the undead to destroy America, factoring in where the bite originated, how fast they could run a mile and the average zombies killed to death ratio.

  • Luckily, it looks like it would take a really long time.

  • I'm leaving with a video that combines real world photography with hand drawn animations and, as always, thanks for watching.

Hey, Kevin here.


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