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  • I hope this summer, I swear.

  • Hey, how you doing?

  • Good.

  • Has a go.

  • This one right here, That one.

  • All right.

  • Check it out.

  • Be careful with that.

  • It's really sure.

  • I guess if you needed some type of home for defense and you couldn't know in a gun, this would be the thing to have.

  • There's nothing in the world quite like a Chinese sword.

  • And that's why this company makes replicants.

  • Swords like this aren't made with a machine.

  • Their hand forged the works of art.

  • And thanks to movies like The Last Samurai and Kill Bill, they've become really hot with collectors.

  • Mess coat, this one is.

  • Actually it was only made in 2006 but it's a little different.

  • It's made exact specifications, as the old ones are.

  • It's not one of those $19 cheap swap meet ones, like it's called brass fitting and stab.

  • Bud's very nice comes with the case, got the scroll here, which is the stupid authenticity that actually you want to let you know that it's really really the only way you're gonna be able to tell the difference is just the quality of steel that they're able to make, you know, they just got whatever they got out of the ground back then.

  • Now they've got the best.

  • Still they could.

  • Possibly making these?

  • Not so right away.

  • It's fine.

  • Carbon steel craftsmanship in a blade.

  • That's the thickness.

  • And the shoppers of it.

  • Second to none.

  • We ask what you're asking for it right now.

  • We're asking 12.

  • 50.

  • We bought this sword about five months ago for $500.

  • So we have some time and money invested in.

  • I'm gonna have to play hardball to make sure we turn a profit.

  • Well, so if you use your language, people like 850.

  • Thing is, I've got it here and now.

  • A lot of these guys online, they'll charge 800 for it, and then they'll hit you with a few 100 bucks and shipping stuff like that.

  • If you wanna make me an offer, I could probably do a little better.

  • $1000 work.

  • I could go down to a You got a deal.

  • All right.

  • Thanks.

  • We always talk about waiting for the right customer walking.

  • I knew he wasn't going home without it, and we doubled our money.

I hope this summer, I swear.


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