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  • Good morning, John. I've heard a lot of guesses about what it is that makes humanity special.

  • Opposable thumbs, tool use, self-awareness...

  • But, it turns out, all those things... Other animals do those things, too.

  • One thing I can never stop thinking about, though, is music.

  • And of course there are other organisms that sing, but here is a thing that no other organism has ever done

  • [Quartet singing] Oops, I did it again

  • I played with your heart

  • Got lost in the game

  • Oh, baby, baby

  • [Hank] Layers of remix and

  • collaboration and historical context that go into that six second clip of

  • a barbershop quartet singing "Oops! I Did It Again" are just... *kisses hand in Italian gesture*

  • All the tools that we use to understand and manipulate the world

  • are built brick by brick by individual humans.

  • And, a lot of times, we can't see those bricks, but, with music,

  • oftentimes, we can.

  • Several times in my life have been listening to some old, interesting song

  • that I'd never heard before and then suddenly I realize I have heard it before.

  • Hundreds of times!

  • You could probably tell that that's about to happen with this song.

  • Ray Charles, obviously, is iconic.

  • This song, "I Got A Woman"', is one of the most covered songs of all time.

  • And you probably know that "I Got a Woman" was sampled,

  • fairly recently, in a super popular song.

  • [Ray Charles singing] She give me money,

  • when I'm in need

  • [Hank] But you very well may have known that that was a sample from Ray Charles, and Kanye West's "Gold Digger"...

  • But you probably did not know about this.

  • [The Souther Tones singing] He know he threw my mother's name

  • Yeah, and he's left my heart in pain

  • The Southern Tones were a gospel group.

  • Ray Charles heard that song in the radio, and then immediately wrote

  • "I Got a Woman" using the same melody!

  • So, that, my friends, is the path from "It Must Be Jesus" to "Gold Digger"!

  • This, ridiculously beautiful lobby surfer track is wonderful to listen to.

  • It's called "I Got the..."

  • It has a lot of complexity, a lot of orchestration.

  • There's a lot going on and you probably have never heard of it except

  • [Song playing]

  • [Hank] Slim Shady!

  • I wanna know the story of how this track happened so bad!

  • Eminem, if you would like to email me, I'm very curious.

  • Speaking of super weird, this Timmy Thomas track

  • "Why Can't We Live Together" is like a weird mix of organ and percussion and

  • It probably sounds pretty familiar to you right now, and you may have figured out already

  • But, if you haven't, allow me to speed it up a little bit add some reverb and take the high end off

  • And suddenly...

  • *"Hotline Bling" by Drake plays*

  • Here's another song that you almost certainly have never heard before.

  • Singing in the background right now is Linda Lyndell

  • She was a backup act for Otis Redding and even James Brown.

  • And when she released her pretty spectacular R&B single

  • "What A Man", it went bad because she was white.

  • The KKK told her to retire,

  • otherwise, they would make her life miserable for being a white person who was

  • singing Black Music.

  • And she did that and the song was largely forgotten

  • until...

  • [Linda Lyndell singing] What a man, what a man, what a man

  • What a mighty good man

  • Say it again, now

  • [Hank] In 2003, after Salt-n-Pepa's song came out, Linda Lyndell actually came out and performed

  • her song "What A Man" for the very first time in public.

  • And now that song leaves on again in another hemisphere

  • after Korean pop music group I Oh I did a version of it in 2016.

  • Some people don't like samples.

  • They say that it shows a lack of creativity, or that they're stealing from other artists.

  • But, when I look at this,

  • I see the example of the thing that actually makes

  • humans unique and so powerful.

  • There are no new things. I stole every one of these words

  • I'm saying from the person who made the word up, and we don't remember that person's name.

  • So I find this beautiful, and I love to be able to see a little bit into that process of human creation

  • as long as everybody's getting credit.

  • Now let me leave you with an amazing funk track called "Found A Child" by Ballin' Jack, which you have never heard,

  • except that you have.

  • *"Found A Child" plays in the background*

  • Gets me every time, John.

  • I'll see you on Tuesday.

Good morning, John. I've heard a lot of guesses about what it is that makes humanity special.


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