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  • - Thanks to Coronavirus,

  • everyone has taken up video chatting

  • for business meetings, happy hour,

  • sometimes both at the same time.

  • But how do we navigate this brave new world?

  • Here are some dos and don'ts for all of those

  • about to video chat.

  • Don't begin a work call by asking "age, sex, location."

  • Do make sure the camera's pointed directly at your face.

  • No one wants to look up your disgusting nose.

  • Do remember to smile.

  • For business calls,

  • make sure that your name is accurate

  • and professional, like mine.

  • Do mute yourself if you're not talking, like so.

  • See, now you can't hear me.

  • Hey shut the f**k up, I'm trying to record

  • some computer shit.

  • Don't video chat with someone you actually

  • do not want to talk to.

  • What excuse are you gonna use to get off the phone?

  • You're busy?

  • No you're not.

  • None of us are, that's a lie.

  • Do check in with your friends,

  • like how I'm about to check in with Jaboukie.

  • Oh, he's busy again, that's weird.

  • Don't blink, don't ever blink.

  • Blinking is a weakness.

  • Don't use your adorable dog as a prop

  • to distract your coworkers from the fact

  • that you didn't prepare for the meeting, like at all.

  • Isn't that right, Fluffikins?

  • Who's the fluffiest?

  • Who's the fluffy guy?

  • Do your own makeup.

  • It's okay to look good.

  • Give 'em face, cheekbone.

  • Get into it.

  • These lips, girl.

  • Juicy.

  • If it's a work call, do make sure you're paying attention.

  • There's nothing more embarrassing

  • than repeating what a coworker just said.

  • That's right, Roy.

  • Do make sure you're paying attention,

  • 'cause there's nothing more embarrassing

  • than repeating what the last person said.

  • If you absolutely have to use the bathroom,

  • take us in there.

  • We're bored.

  • Don't forget to leave your door unlocked

  • so your kid can wander in and do something viral.

  • Hey bud?

  • Smother yourself in tomato sauce and get over here.

  • Now.

  • Okie dokie, that about does it.

  • Ah, but don't forget to exit the call when you're done.

  • Thanks.

  • I'm glad that thing's over.

- Thanks to Coronavirus,


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