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  • There are ten movies nominated for the coveted "Best Picture" Oscar at this year's 83rd Annual Academy Awards...


  • and tonight, we're going to review each and every one of them! This isMovie Night”!

    而今晚,我們要檢討每一個人的!這是 "電影之夜"!

  • *theme song plays*


  • Hello, and welcome to a special Oscar edition ofMovie Night.” I'm your host, Jonathan Paula.

    你好,歡迎來到奧斯卡特別版 "電影之夜"。我是你們的主持人,喬納森-寶拉。

  • And for the first time since I can remember, I have finally had the opportunity to watch all of the "Best Picture" nominees prior to the award ceremony...


  • which has been even harder lately, since the Academy expanded the field from five movies to ten last year.


  • Tonight, we'll be taking a look at all of them, first with a condensed review from myself, followed up by two comment reveiws from you.


  • At the end of the video, I'll be making my prediction for which movie I think SHOULD win "Best Picture"...


  • and which movie I think WILL win at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, which airs live, tomorrow night, on ABC.


  • But let's not waste any more time, and start reviewing these "Best Pictures" from 2010, starting off in alphabetical order, with “127 Hours.”

    但是,讓我們不要浪費更多的時間,開始回顧這些最佳電影從2010年開始,按字母順序,從 "127小時 "開始。

  • Directed by Oscar winner Danny Boyle, this film is the incredible true-to-life story of Aron Ralston...

    由奧斯卡影帝丹尼-博伊爾執導,本片講述了阿隆-羅斯頓不可思議的真實故事... ...

  • a 20-something hiker who finds himself literally between a rock and a hard place when he traps his right arm under a boulder...

    一個20多歲的徒步旅行者,當他把自己的右臂困在一塊巨石下時,他發現自己真的是在岩石和硬地方之間... ...

  • following an accident in the Moab region of Utah. Much has already been said about Ralston's incredible story...


  • a man forced to amputate his own arm using a multi-tool, to save his own life.


  • But with Boyle's original take on the adventure and James Franco's incredible acting in the lead role...


  • "127 Hours" comes alive in ways I didn't think were possible. In a film where everyone already knows the plot and the ending...


  • and one that spends 80% of its time focusing on a single character in an insolated environment, there is excitement and suspense in every scene.


  • This movie is a remarkable journey through Ralston's mind, at the edge of his own life, and although it's easy to blame him for getting himself into this tough spot...


  • it becomes very hard not to tear up in the final scenes, where he finally does finds rescue.


  • The climatic amputation scene is done rather tastefully, encompassing the right amount of realism and blood to make it believable and dramatic...


  • but not enough to make it gross or uncomfortable. Following in the footsteps of Tom Hanks’s performance and nomination in 2000's "Cast Away"...

    但還不足以讓人感到噁心或不舒服。繼湯姆-漢克斯在2000年的Cast Away中的表現和提名後,...

  • Franco absolutely becomes his character here, and, no pun intended, single-handedly carries this movie...

    弗蘭科在這裡絕對成為了他的角色,而且,沒有雙關語的意思,單槍匹馬帶著這部電影... ...

  • taking it from what might have been a badly dramatized documentary to a fully fleshed-out "Best Picture" nominee.


  • "127 Hours"- “An epic struggle of determination."


  • Now, let's take a look at your reviews from the YouTube comments.


  • No time to waste in today's extended episode ofMovie Night,” so let’s get right to our ratings for "127 Hours."

    沒有時間浪費在今天的 "電影之夜 "的擴展情節,所以讓我們直接進入我們的評分為127小時。

  • A “9” and a “9”! We both agree- this was a powerful film, very exciting, and one that Franco absolutely deserved his "Best Actor" nomination for.

    一個 "9 "和一個 "9"!我們都同意--這是一部很有力量的電影,非常激動人心,弗蘭科絕對配得上他的最佳男主角提名。我們都同意--這是一部強大的電影,非常激動人心,弗蘭科絕對配得上他的最佳男主角提名。

  • Next up is "Black Swan." In this seemingly bizarre psychological thriller from nominated director Darren Aronofsky...


  • Natalie Portman grabs a "Best Actress" nomination for eerily portraying Nina Sayers...


  • an ambitious New York City ballet dancer who lands the coveted lead in "Swan Lake."


  • The movie starts off honest enough, as we are watching Nina's trials and tribulations on her quest to become the perfect ballerina...


  • despite some perceived sidelining attempts by rival dancer, Lily, played by Mila Kunis.


  • By the final act, however, "Black Swan" transcends into a second-rate horror movie...


  • with some cheap gimmicks and reveals that do more to confuse the audience than it does to frighten them.


  • When nearly every other scene is revealed to be merely another one of Sayer's hallucinations...


  • it becomes difficult to root for the characters, as you no longer understand what's real and what isn't.


  • Perhaps that is the film's intention, but I for one did not care for the overly zealous approach.


  • In this imaginative world, it's Portman's dedication to her role that is astounding, though...


  • and her incredible dual personality is seemingly handled with ease.


  • Black Swan”- "A disjointed, mind-bending thriller."


  • And now, some viewer comments.


  • Here's the Rate-o-Matic now, to show us how we both rated "Black Swan."


  • An “8” and a “10”! I definitely enjoyed the film. The acting was magnificent, the cinematography was beautiful.

    一個 "8 "和一個 "10"!我絕對喜歡這部電影。 演技很華麗,攝影很美。

  • It was the nonsense plot twists and the cheesy horror techniques that I didn't quite care for in an otherwise fantastic film. I thought it wasgreat,” though.

    是無厘頭的劇情轉折和俗氣的恐怖技術,我不太喜歡這部原本精彩的電影。不過我覺得它很 "棒"。

  • You, however, obviously disagreed with me, saying it was anamazing" film, giving it a "10." Our third film tonight is "The Fighter."

    然而,你顯然不同意我的觀點,說這是一部 "驚人的電影,給它一個10。我們今晚的第三部電影是戰鬥機。

  • Nominated director David O. Russell paints a vivid picture of the boxing world of Lowell, Massachusetts...

    獲得提名的導演大衛-O-拉塞爾為馬薩諸塞州洛厄爾的拳擊世界描繪了一幅生動的畫面... ...

  • in this true-story account of brothers Mickey Ward (Mark Wahlberg) and Dickey Eklund (Christian Bale).


  • One is a promising welterweight who just needs his fair shot, and the other is a washed-up fighter who is struggling with a crack addiction.


  • In a movie that will be invariably compared toRocky,” "The Fighter" is, similarly, a story about an underdog fighter...


  • battling his own personal issues outside of the ring, just to get a shot of redemption inside the ring.


  • Gritty with its realism and cinematography, this is a film that absolutely immerses you in the world of its characters...


  • encouraging the viewer to cheer right along with them. If the plot is a conventional one, the characters are anything but.


  • The entire cast is at their best here, with Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Melissa Leo all appropriately earning nominations for their incredible work.


  • Despite the stiff competition, though, Bale is undeniably the stand-out performance in this movie...


  • losing over 40 pounds for the role, and taking himself deep into the mind of a charismatic drug addict in every scene.


  • Despite the flaws of its characters, "The Fighter" does an amazing job of convincing the viewer to care about all of these people, even if you don't care about boxing.


  • "The Fighter"- “A feel-good underdog redemption story."


  • That's what I had to say about the movie. Now, let's see what you had to say in the YouTube comments.


  • Time to rate "The Fighter."


  • A “9” and an “8”! Maybe it's just because I have a soft spot for underdog stories...


  • or perhaps because Bale's performance completely won me over, but I scored this movie anawesome.”

    或也許是因為貝爾的表演完全贏得了我,但我給這部電影打了一個 "真棒"。

  • You agreed, praising this movie for being much more than your average boxing movie, giving it a “great.”

    你也同意,稱讚這部電影比一般的拳擊電影要好得多,給了一個 "好 "字。

  • Our next "Best Picture" nominee tonight is "Inception."


  • Christopher Nolan has once again hit a homerun, combining all the elements of action, suspense, thriller...


  • and mystery into one amazingly tight-knit film that quite literally defines the word "epic."


  • I already reviewed "Inception" on an earlier episode ofMovie Night,” so if you'd like to hear my full review...

    我已經評論了Inception在 "電影之夜 "的早期情節,所以如果你想聽到我的完整評論......

  • please check out that episode at any time. But to repeat myself a bit, this is a film that completely impresses you...


  • with its thought-provoking story and lush landscapes of the protagonist's mind. While none of the characters are terribly memorable...


  • or even worth rooting for, the journey here is more about deception and reality than a traditional three-act-structure.


  • This strangely believable motion picture is as exciting as it is unique, and will most certainly be talked about for years to come.


  • "Inception"- "a stimulating thriller with fantastic environments."


  • Now, let's read some of your YouTube reviews about "Inception."


  • No surprises here- as we discussed in episode #24 ofMovie Night,” "Inception" earns a well-deserved “9” and a “10” from us.

    毫無意外--正如我們在 "電影之夜 "第24集所討論的那樣,Inception獲得了我們當之無愧的 "9 "和 "10"。

  • I thought the lack of supporting character development was really the only flaw in an otherwise outstanding movie.


  • Moving forward, though, let's take a look at tonight's fifth film, "The Kids Are All Right."

    向前看,不過,讓我們看看今晚的第五部電影,The Kids Are All Right。

  • Although presenting us with an unconventional family dynamic, that of a lesbian couple with two teenage children...

    雖然呈現給我們的是一個非常規的家庭動態,一對女同性戀夫婦與兩個十幾歲的孩子... ...

  • this movie is ultimately about the very conventional problems that all of us have in relationships.


  • The interesting plot introduces us to the Allgood family, who, despite having a seemingly happy life together, all secretly have their issues.


  • The two children, now old enough to legally discover the truth on their own...

    兩個孩子,現在已經長大了,可以自己合法地發現真相... ...

  • contact the sperm bank from where their lesbian parents got them nearly two decades earlier.


  • Their sperm-donor father, Paul, played by Mark Ruffalo, then slowly becomes part of their lives, hanging out with the children...


  • and starting an unlikely romantic relationship with one of the parents. Annette Benning and Julianne Moore both do fantastic jobs...

    並開始一個不可能的浪漫關係 與父母之一。 安妮特-本寧和朱麗安-摩爾都表現得非常出色... ...

  • as the strong-minded and well-developed parents here. And while Benning received the nomination for "Best Actress" here...


  • it fortunately doesn't appear to be merely because she's a straight woman playing a gay character...

    幸運的是,它不似乎只是因為她是一個直的女人扮演一個同志角色... ...

  • but rather for the explosive range of emotion she exhibits throughout the film.


  • The same cannot be said for Ruffalo, however, who, despite his "Supporting Actor" nomination, seems to loaf around awkwardly while on screen.


  • While the characters and story are incredibly intriguing here, it is individual lines of dialogue that really hurt this film, some of which just feel forced and unrealistic.


  • Perhaps it's because I personally don't have any experience with test-tube babies' relationships with their surrogate father...


  • but there were several key sequences in this film that just didn't feel real to me.


  • However, it is an engrossing and captivating story of family, friendship, and heartbreak that is certainly worth exploring.


  • "The Kids Are All Right"- "Occasionally inconsistent, but heartwarmingly intriguing."


  • Here's some of your reviews about it in the YouTube comments.


  • The Rate-o-Matic is back, and here's what we thought of "The Kids Are All Right."


  • A doublecool”! This is a very interesting film with some very strong performances, but it was almost too awkward at times for me to really enjoy it.

    雙 "酷"!這是一部非常有趣的電影,有一些非常強大的表演,但它有時幾乎太尷尬了,我無法真正享受它。

  • I rated it a “7.” Unsure what to think about this film, some really enjoying it and others, quite simply, didn't, your score averaged to a “7," as well.

    我給它打了個 "7分"。不知道怎麼看待這部電影,有的人真的很喜歡,有的人,很簡單,沒有,你的分數平均到 7,也是。

  • We're halfway done! Continuing in alphabetical order, let's review "The King's Speech."


  • Director Tom Hooper's film about Prince Albert's stuttering problem took home 12 nominations this year, the most of any film in 2010.


  • Colin Firth stars in a nominated role as Prince Albert, during his unlikely ascension to the throne of England...


  • as he struggles with a stuttering problem that threatens to ruin his reputation as an effective leader.


  • In comes Geoffrey Rush, who was also nominated, as speech therapist Lionel Logue, a simple man who attempts to use simple techniques...


  • to win the respect of Albert, and hopefully fix Albert’s oratory skills. The humble and personal story is one obviously based on the real-life story...


  • of the eventual King George VI, but this movie artfully takes us inside some of the future king's most personal moments, as he slowly becomes friends with Logue.


  • Refreshingly, this film is mostly shot wide and static, letting the actors themselves fill each frame with emotion and excitement...


  • which, luckily, is something none of them have issue with. Firth is particularly convincing...

    幸運的是,他們都沒有問題。Firth特別有說服力... Firth is particularly convincing...

  • the frustration and embarrassment over his stutter felt painfully by the audience in every scene.


  • The movie sadly, though, isn't much more than that, with a good deal of the 118-minute run-time spent directly on Albert and Logue's speech therapy sessions.


  • With a man and an era as epic as Prince Albert's, it is unfortunate that more wasn't done here...


  • to broaden the scope of the picture to the level of period pieces from past nominations.


  • "The King's Speech"- "Slightly lacking, but beautifully honest."


  • That's what I had to say about this movie. So, now, let's take a look at what you had to say in the YouTube comments.


  • Once again, the Rate-o-Matic, this time for "The King's Speech.”


  • A “greatand anawesome”! Plain and simple, I thought this was a good movie with amazing acting; I gave it an “8.”

    一個 "好",一個 "贊"!簡單地說,我認為這是一部演技驚人的好電影;我給了它 "8分"。

  • You agreed with me, with many suggesting it will probably win this year, giving it a “9” out of “10.”

    你同意我的看法,很多人認為它今年很可能會獲獎,給它 "9 "分,"10 "分。

  • Our seventh film tonight is "The Social Network."


  • Here's another movie that we've already discussed onMovie Night,” but let's revisit David Fincher's semi-biographical drama about the group of people behind Facebook.

    這裡是另一部我們已經在 "電影之夜 "上討論過的電影,但讓我們重新審視一下大衛-芬奇的半傳記劇情片,關於Facebook背後的一群人。

  • Aaron Sorkin turns in another brilliantly written but unfortunately overly verbose script that all of the actors carry with ease.


  • The entire film is nothing but talking heads, but it is strangely fascinating and amazingly entertaining.


  • In the lead role of the sometimes abrasive Mark Zuckerberg, Jesse Eisenberg does well enough to convince the audience...


  • that you may want to see the story from his point of view, but honestly, I'm curious as to how he got a "Best Actor" nomination for an otherwise non-impressive performance.


  • As with every film nominated, "The Social Network" is, of course, brilliantly filmed, edited, and scored, even coming to a satisfying emotional conclusion.


  • Unfortunately, much is also left on the table, with many plot elements needing on-screen text before the credits to tie them up.


  • "The Social Network"- "Expertly written, but nothing remarkable."


  • Now that you've heard my review, let's read some of yours.


  • The same ratings we saw from episode #28 ofMovie Night,” but once again, the Rate-o-Matic to remind us how we scored "The Social Network."

    同樣的收視率,我們看到從 "電影之夜 "的第28集,但再次,Rate-o-Matic來提醒我們如何打分。

  • An “8” and a “9”! This film was well-polished and very entertaining, but, at times, it felt more like a documentary than a nominated drama.

    一個 "8 "和一個 "9"!這部片子打磨得很好,很有娛樂性,但是,有時感覺更像是一部紀錄片,而不是一部提名劇。

  • I scored it a “great.” You loved the dialogue and music, rating it anawesome.”

    我給它打了個 "很棒 "的分數。你喜歡對話和音樂,給它打了個 "棒"。

  • We'll be right back to take a look at tonight's eighth film right after this quick commercial break.


  • Welcome back! “Toy Story 3” is only the third-ever animated movie to be nominated in this category, and surprisingly...

    歡迎回來! - 《玩具總動員3》是有史以來第三部被提名的動畫電影"玩具總動員3 "是有史以來第三部獲此提名的動畫電影 令人驚訝的是...

  • it's the first-ever sequel to be nominated when its predecessors weren't.


  • Toy Story 3” picks up many years after the last two films, but, as you'd expect, it's as if they never left.

    "玩具總動員3 "在上兩部電影后的許多年後接上了,但是,正如你所期望的那樣,它彷彿他們從未離開過。

  • By now, 15 years removed from the original, the classic that redefined Hollywood as the first-ever feature-length CGI film...


  • our heroes Woody and Buzz Lightyear are household names. Their adventures of misfortune, discovery, rescue, and love are timeless.


  • This time around, owner Andy is off to college, but that's not before all of his toys are mistakenly donated to a hellish day care center.


  • Luckily for them, Woody is on the outside, and helps stage the greatest prison break-type escape in the history of animated movies.


  • While the effects are once again top-notch, the jokes family-friendly and hilarious, the voice acting inspired, the environments creative and exciting...


  • and the characters well-developed and memorable, none of it would matter without an emotional connection.


  • Luckily, that's where this film comes through in spades, with a strong final act that is sure to make even the toughest of men tear up...


  • as they watch the adventures of Woody, Buzz, Jesse, Rex, Potato Head, and the rest of them come to a close for the final time.

    他們看著Woody、Buzz、Jesse、Rex、Potato Head和其餘的人的冒險故事在最後的時間結束。

  • And although this film is able to recapture the magic of the original, it unfortunately does not recapture its uniqueness.


  • By now, “Toy Storyis familiar, and not much is done here to really spark new life into the aging series.

    現在,"玩具總動員 "已經是耳熟能詳的了,而在這裡,真正為這個老牌系列激發新的生命力的作品並不多。

  • This is a film that effectively brings us back to our childhood, conjuring up intense feelings of heartfelt nostalgia and family.


  • It is a truly remarkable accomplishment that, in just three short movies, Pixar has created some of cinema's most enduring and lasting characters...


  • which is no wonder why "Toy Story 3" went on to gross over a billion dollars worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film of 2010.


  • If you're like me, and you grew up loving the original films, the latest installment doesn't disappoint.


  • "Toy Story 3"- “a fun, bittersweet reunion for everyone."


  • Well, those are my thoughts on the movie. Now, let's look some of yours.


  • Overwhelmingly positive responses there, so it's no surprise that the Rate-o-Matic is showing a “9” and a “10” forToy Story 3.”

    在那裡,絕大多數的積極反應,所以它毫不奇怪,Rate-o-Matic顯示 "9 "和 "10 "的 "玩具總動員3"。

  • Despite being a bit derivative of the original, this is an absolutely fabulous film. Go and see it with your family if you haven't already.

    儘管有點衍生的原作,這是一個絕對美妙的電影。 如果你還沒有和你的家人一起去看的話,就去看吧。

  • I thought it wasawesome.” None of you had anything bad to say about this movie. You thought it wasamazing.”

    我認為這是 "真棒"。你們沒有一個人對這部電影有什麼不好的評價。你認為這是 "驚人的"。

  • Our ninth film tonight is the remake of the John Wayne western classic, "True Grit."


  • Veterans of cinema Joel and Ethan Coen are at it again, this time venturing into the western genre with an untested newcomer, Hailee Steinfeld, at the helm.


  • Steinfeld plays Mattie Ross, a young girl in the Old West who recently lost her father to a vicious murderer.


  • She hires the local alcoholic US Marshal, Rooster Cogburn, played by Jeff Bridges in a nominated role, to help track down her father's killer.

    她僱傭了當地的酒鬼美國元帥Rooster Cogburn(由Jeff Bridges飾演的提名角色)來幫助追查殺害她父親的凶手。

  • The film, of course, is visually stunning, really capturing the majesty and sights of the famed "Old West."


  • Cogburn is an absolute character, providing for some of the film’s best moments, both dramatic and comedic.


  • Matt Damon has a smaller role as a Texas Ranger, and, despite his lack of roundhouse kicks to outlawsfaces, does a great job with his character, as well.


  • At times, "True Grit" feels more like a slow-paced TV movie, though, than an Oscar-nominated Coen brothersfilm, but the writing...

    有時,True Grit感覺更像是一部慢節奏的電視電影,雖然,比起奧斯卡提名的科恩兄弟的電影,但寫...

  • laced with plenty of dialogue of the period, more than makes up for this. The plot itself, however, could have been a bit tighter...


  • with most of the film just sort of wandering from scene to scene. The final goal is a definitive one, but how the characters get there doesn't seem all that unique.


  • The final act is an exciting action sequence complete with horse jaunting with pistols, caves of snakes, vicious revenge...


  • and last-minute rescue attempts- everything that makes a good western great.


  • In her first substantial role to date, Steinfeld more than holds her own in this picture, undeniably lighting up the screen with her charisma and determination.


  • At only 14 years old, herSupporting Actressnomination is certainly well-deserved, but curiously placed in the "supporting" category.

    年僅14歲的她獲得 "女配角 "的提名當然是實至名歸,但奇怪的是放在了配角類別。

  • She had more screentime here than anyone else in the movie.


  • "True Grit"- “a wild adventure, but nothing epic."


  • Well, that's what I thought about the movie. Now, let's see what you had to say in the YouTube comments.


  • Here comes the Rate-o-Matic now, to show us how we scored "True Grit."


  • A “cooland a “great”! As seems to be the trend onMovie Night,” I am slightly harsher on the movie than you have been.

    一個 "爽",一個 "棒"!按照 "電影之夜 "的趨勢,我對電影的評價似乎比你略顯苛刻。

  • There were many things about this movie I really enjoyed, but nothing really stood out and wowed me. I scored it a “7” out of “10.”

    這部電影有很多我很喜歡的東西,但沒有什麼真正突出的東西讓我驚歎。我給它打了 "7 "分,滿分10分。"

  • Many of you loved this film, really complimenting it in regards to the 1969 original. You rated it an “8.”

    很多人都很喜歡這部電影,對於1969年的原版,真的是讚不絕口。你們給它打了 "8分"。

  • And last, and unfortunately for some of you, also least, we'll take a look at "Winter's Bone."


  • Easily the least-known of the nominated pack, "Winter's Bone" is an unflinching look at the life of Ree Dolly...


  • played by Jennifer Lawrence in a nominated role, a 17-year-old girl in the rural Ozarks who struggles to support her poor family by herself.


  • Matters are made worse when her deadbeat dad misses his court date, an action that could result in the state repossessing the Dolly family house.


  • So, with her family's only hope of survival in the hands of her missing father, Ree sets out around her insular world in the mountains...


  • questioning her relatives and her father's criminal contacts, looking for answers. Shot on a budget of just $2 million...

    詢問她的親戚和她父親的犯罪聯繫人,尋找答案。拍攝預算只有200萬... ...

  • "Winter's Bone" is a startlingly realistic and sometimes invasive look at the American poor in the rural Midwest.


  • Most of the actors here, especially that of John Hawkes, who was nominated for "Supporting Actor," playing Ree's tough and unforgiving uncle...


  • are unflappable in their portrayal, many of them actually acting for the first time here, presumably in roles very close to home.


  • Ultimately, it's a story about Ree's quest to save her family, and her relationship with her younger siblings is easily the emotional center of this film.


  • The rest of the movie feels like an old-fashioned film noir detective case, all building to a satisfying conclusion, but one that will also leave many with mixed feelings.


  • While this film doesn't necessarily do anything wrong- the acting, the editing, the music all set the mood perfectly- it's unfortunately not quite enough to become "Best Picture of the Year."


  • Ultimately, it is just a simple mystery story that does little to break the confines of its genre. As overlooked as it was, this is the type of film that more people absolutely need to see.


  • Lest we all start complaining that Hollywood is incapable of making anything original anymore, perhaps we're content with the familiar?


  • Six of the ten nominees this year are adaptations on previously available material.


  • In any event, "Winter's Bone" is "surprisingly fresh, if mostly uneventful."


  • Well, that's my review. Now, let's read some of yours.


  • For the last time tonight, let's fire up the Rate-o-Matic for "Winter's Bone."

    今晚最後一次,讓我們為Winter's Bone啟動Rate-o-Matic。

  • A “7” and a “6”! This film is different, it's unique, and it takes a certain type of mood to truly appreciate that.

    一個 "7 "和一個 "6"!這部電影是不同的,它是獨特的,它需要某種類型的心情來真正欣賞。

  • And while I acknowledge that, it's also not the type of film that's terribly memorable or exciting, either. I thought it wascool,” though.

    雖然我承認這一點,但它也不是那種非常令人難忘或令人興奮的電影,無論是。不過我覺得它很 "酷"。

  • Some of you went so far as to say this movie was boring, but at least recognizing that it was a “goodmovie.

    有的人竟然說這部電影很無聊,但至少承認這是一部 "好 "電影。

  • Now that we've examined all 10 “Best Picturenominees, let's make some predictions.

    現在我們已經考察了所有10個 "最佳影片 "提名者,讓我們做出一些預測。

  • When the Academy expanded this category to ten films last year, it opened up the opportunity to include more mainstream titles...


  • as well as shining light on some lesser-known films that may not have done as well commercially, like last year's "Hurt Locker."

    以及照亮了一些不太知名的電影,這些電影可能在商業上表現不佳,比如去年的的Hurt Locker。