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  • Hi, everybody.

  • Welcome to Ellen.

  • The Shut-In Years.

  • [LAUGHS]

  • As you can see, I'm--

  • where'd you find that Coke, Andy?

  • Portia gave me it.

  • OK.

  • As you can see, we're filming at my house,

  • which I'm starting to like, because, boy, the commute

  • is a breeze.

  • Although I had to honk at two of my dogs this morning.

  • They were in my path.

  • Good one.

  • Thank you.

  • So I have a whole new schedule now.

  • What I do is I get up at noon sharp,

  • and then I do 20 reps of opening the fridge door and closing

  • it-- that way, I get the biceps and triceps--

  • and put on the same clothes that I've

  • worn for three weeks in a row, because I feel like it's

  • good luck at this point.

  • I'm not going to change for a while.

  • And then I come out here, and I talk to you

  • and hopefully make you feel better.

  • Because I know these times are stressful,

  • but I think it's important to look

  • at the positive side of things.

  • We're finally getting a chance to slow down and spend time

  • with family.

  • It's like we're going back to our roots literally.

  • Everyone's roots are growing out.

  • Look.

  • Look at mine.

  • [LAUGHS]

Hi, everybody.


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艾倫分享了她的新行程 (Ellen Shared Her New Schedule)

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