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Hello everyone! Welcome back on my channel.
I'm Charlotte and I know it has been a while I didn't see you.
I couldn't upload any video because I went on a trip to Europe to see my family
And then I also went on a trip to Hong Kong.
Hong Kong was a city I was dying to see
I had a very close friend who went on exchange there and she told me so many good things about it.
But one month ago, when I planned a trip to Hong Kong,
that trip was cancelled because the protests at the time were getting really serious.
The situation in Hong Kong was not so stable and my friend even had to leave her university, it closed down.
It was a really bad time to visit and I would feel bad as a tourist,
while Hong Kong is in such a bad position to just be there on a vacation.
I was glad that I got a second chance, opportunity to go there because of this (flight) transfer.
I have lived in several countries before that have beautiful temples, like India, Korea, Taiwan
I was very curious to see temples in Hong Kong so of course I went there, and I wasn't disappointed.
After my relaxing holidays in the French mountains,
it was a pretty big contrast to arrive in Hong Kong, that is so highly populated.
I almost felt claustrophobic, there were too many people around me
Something very cool in my opinion is that Hong Kong is pretty global and international.
I could see so many nationalities and races, all mixed together in Hong Kong
So that's really cool!
One thing I really enjoyed in Hong Kong was that you don't only have the busses, trains and subways.
You can also take the ferry to some places. There are some islands that are even only accessible by ferry.
I guess most people just take the ferry like it's nothing, to go to an interesting place.
But to me, the ferry itself was so exciting and interesting.
I thought the view there was amazing
and I just loved the feeling of being on the water in the middle of such a big city
I was also amazed by how cheap it was. It was even cheaper than the subway.
So yeah, I was a big fan of the ferry in Hong Kong.
Even though my whole experience in Hong Kong was really good, if I have to state just one little point that I noticed that for me was a little bit minus
It's that I felt like people in restaurants, in stores, in general were a little bit more “cold”.
I guess it's just a bigger city, it's more touristic, they see so many people every day.
I'm the kind of person when I get in a store or anywhere, I say “hello” or “thank you” or “bye”
And there I was completely ignored. The people often didn't even make any eye contact even though I said something to them
That left me feeling a little bit cold, you know, a lack of human interaction.
But those are just a few experiences cause otherwise, my friends from Hong Kong or the staff in the guesthouse, everybody was really nice of course
I think, in public spaces, maybe in general, people are a little bit more distant than I'm used to
Especially in Taiwan where people are so nice, friendly and warm.
As soon as I came back to Taiwan, I had a feeling like “haaah, I'm back home”! And people are so nice
So yeah, that was great
I really wanted to go see the very big Buddha, Tian Tan Buddha, in Hong Kong
So on my very last day, that was my main activity.
But when I was leaving the hostel, the people there told me “Oh, actually that Buddha on most days you can't really see him well”
“There's a lot of mist there and fog and today is a very foggy day so don't go”
I was really so sad to hear that because I was only in Hong Kong for three days, so that was my last day, my only chance if I ever wanted to see him
I decided to go anyway, I was like, even though I will have to walk up very close to the Buddha to see him, I don't care, I just want to go anyway.
And luckily for me, the fog apparently was more concentrated above central Hong Kong and that island was completely clear
There was a blue sky most of the time, it was really sunny, so I was very lucky I got to see my Buddha!
I really liked my trip in Hong Kong even though it was very short.
I hope one day I'll get a chance to stay there a little bit longer.
I hope you enjoyed this little trip with me together too
Don't forget to like and subscribe and I hope to see you again super soon!


第一次來香港 (My first time in Hong Kong)

216 分類 收藏
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