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  • Hello, welcome back on my channel!


  • I'm Charlotte and in today's video I want to show you a place that I really really love in Taiwan.


  • The place name is Jiufen and the first time I heard about Jiufen was in an article, I read about it


  • Because it has a very high resemblance to the movieSpirited Away”.


  • That movie is some kind of Japanese animation. I saw it as a child, and it had a very big impact on me.

    那部電影是某種日本動畫。 我小時候就看過它,對我影響很大。

  • I kept thinking about it, I even had nightmares about that movie.


  • When I heard there was a place that resembles to the movie setting, I just had to see it for myself.


  • If you're starting from Taipei, it's really easy to go to Jiufen.


  • I went two times. One time I took a subway up until very far, and then the last very small part upon the hill I took a bus.

    我去了兩次。 一次我乘地鐵直到很遠,然後我在山上的最後一小部分乘了公共汽車。

  • The second time, I discovered there's a direct bus that starts somewhere in central Taipei


  • and goes all the way to Jiufen Old Street, that's where you want to be.


  • That's even easier: you don't need to transfer, it's very cheap and the view from the bus was just amazing.


  • The nature, I could also see beautiful Buddhist temples, so I loved the bus trip to Jiufen.


  • Before you go to Jiufen, you should think about the time you want to go wisely


  • The first time I went to Jiufen it was really nice, not too many people. I could take a lot of nice pictures in the streets, no problem.

    我第一次去九份,真的很好,人不多。 我可以在街上拍很多漂亮的照片,沒問題。

  • The second time, there were so so many people I couldn't even walk normally in the street cause I had to go on the same pace as the crowd.


  • That's probably because we chose a holiday or something.


  • Jiufen is very famous and popular and touristic so think about when you want to go to avoid big crowds.


  • Jiufen has so many cute little restaurants and stores. There are very much local delicacies you can try

    九份有很多可愛的小餐館和商店。 您可以嘗試很多當地美食

  • like peanut ice-cream, there were some black eggs, there were so many things to try


  • and also very cute little stores from shoes to bags to souvenirs of Jiufen or Ghibli souvenirs


  • I'm not that much of a shopper but if you're a shopping fan, you won't be bored in Jiufen.


  • Jiufen is quite high in the mountain and has an amazing view over the sea. What we did (me and my friends) was

    九份山高高聳立,可一覽大海。 我們所做的(我和我的朋友)是

  • We went to a very old traditional tea house that had a beautiful view over the sea


  • And we ordered some traditional Jiufen tea. While we had our little tea ceremony, we just enjoyed and watched the sunset.

    然後我們點了一些傳統的九份茶。 當我們舉行小茶道時,我們只是欣賞並看了日落。

  • It was amazing


  • If you really want to live the atmosphere ofSpirited Away”, I recommend you to stay a little bit later than most people.


  • Maybe around 8.30 or 9pm. That's when most big tourist busses have left

    大約在8.30或9pm。 那是大多數大型觀光巴士離開的時候

  • and it's such a big contrast because you had all these people making noise, buying things, consuming, pushing


  • just such a busy atmosphere and then from one moment to the other this town is empty


  • It's just so spooky and it's really a ghost town at night


  • If you have the time or the opportunity, stay a little bit later and you won't be disappointed.


  • Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video


  • If there's any other place you recommend me to see in Taiwan, I'm always curious to hear in the comments


  • Don't forget to like and subscribe and I hope to see you very soon in the next video. Bye!

    不要忘記喜歡和訂閱,我希望在下一個視頻中很快見到你。 再見!

Hello, welcome back on my channel!



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