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  • >> Patient navigation is an effort of the team

  • to make sure the patient receive appropriate care.

  • >> Patient navigation is providing one on one care to a patient, they provide education

  • to the patient, appearance assessment at their homes, at a clinic or a hospital setting.

  • >> It's a means of providing concrete support to address the barriers that get in the way

  • of someone accessing or engaging or maintaining ongoing medical care.

  • But it's also -- it's an emotional support to somebody who's going through some sort

  • of medical condition or disease and or diagnosis.

  • >> Patient navigation is important because some

  • of our patients are very unfamiliar when -- with HIV or AIDS.

  • If they're newly diagnosed or even if they've been in care before,

  • they still need to learn what new medications are,

  • what they have to do to become healthy again.

  • So, our patient navigators they educate them on the steps to take and how they go

  • about taking care of themselves better.

  • >> The most important parts of patient navigation are the relationship.

  • Having a confidant, having someone that hones in on you.

  • It's not a one size fit all kind of relationship.

  • I think that having someone who gets to know me and listens to me is better able

  • to find the services that will benefit me.

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患者導航。護理步驟 (Patient Navigation: Steps to Care)

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