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  • Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday.

  • So it was recently brought to my attention that if you search for my name on Google, the very first video result is a video

  • You made in 2011, Hank, called John Green is an idiot. Now, don't get me wrong. It's a great video

  • It's just not necessarily the first video I want associated with my name, so today

  • I thought I would try to replace that video by making a video in which I answer questions that people asked Google about me

  • Beginning with: Is John Green dead?

  • No, well, actually, I guess it depends on when you're watching this but not currently.

  • Where did John Green live? Does! Does! Where does John Green live? I am alive.

  • I live in Indianapolis where my books The Fault in Our Stars and Turtles All The Way Down are set. Before that I lived in

  • Chicago where part of an Abundance of Katherines is set and before that I lived in Birmingham

  • Alabama where Looking for Alaska is set and before that I lived in Orlando

  • Florida where Paper Towns is set. I am NOT given over to acts of geographical imagination

  • What books did John Green wrote? I guess we're just living in a world without verb tenses

  • I wrote the books listed above as well as half of Will Grayson Will Grayson and one-third of Let It Snow. When did John Green

  • publish his first book? 2005. Look at that little child trying to be serious for his author photo. Are John and Hank Green related?

  • Yes, we are brothers and no, there are no other siblings. Well, except for Dave

  • But we don't talk about Dave. Is Hank or John Green older?

  • I'm just gonna revel in the fact that that's a question people have asked Google. Is John Green a Hufflepuff?

  • I am, quite proudly I might add. What is the meaning of DFTBA? It's an initialism for several phrases including

  • Don't Forget To Be Awesome and Darling, Fetch The Battle Axe. And also Dave: Forgotten Through Brotherly Adventures. Is John Green married?

  • I am. Does John Green have a child?

  • I actually have two. Does John Green have a podcast? I also have two of those. Is John Green banned from Canada? No

  • But I do have to go through extra screening when entering Canada because I am on a list of potential

  • Undesirables due to the fact that I was denied entrance to Canada in 1995 for "insufficient funds"

  • What is John Green's cameo in The Fault in Our Stars movie?

  • Right, so my cameo was cut from the movie because I am a terrible actor.

  • That noted, the scene is available as a DVD extra and also on YouTube. Does John Green have a Hollywood star?

  • A John Green does but he is not me

  • He was a composer who won five Academy Awards for scoring such movies as an American in Paris and West Side Story, although today

  • He is mostly

  • Forgotten which is a nice reminder that no matter what you do the tides of time will wash away your sandcastle

  • So there's no sense in reaching for some foolhardy notion of immortality when there's real work to be done with real people right now

  • But what were we talking about?

  • Right, no. I don't have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Which John Green book should I read? I mean

  • I'm a little biased, but I think you should read all of them. Is John Green writing a new book? Possibly,

  • But it's hard to know for sure. Does John Green like soccer?

  • Yes, enough to sponsor a third-tier English soccer team, which by the way over the weekend might have avoided relegation

  • By coming back from two-nil down at half-time to win 3-2 on the last kick of the game! I wept.

  • I'm not embarrassed to say it. I cried like a baby. Henry said, "Why are you crying, isn't it happy?"

  • Yes, it's happy

  • What kind of music does John Green listen to. I listen to the early stuff from the mountain goats and also the more recent stuff

  • by the mountain goats.

  • What is a nerdfighter John Green? So Hank and I have been making videos here at vlogbrothers for more than 11 years and the people

  • In the community that's grown up around these videos call themselves nerdfighters because they fight for intellectual engagement and celebrate unironic

  • enthusiasm. Did John Green won

  • Any awards? My books have won a Prince Award and an Edgar Award but most prestigiously an

  • MTV Movie Award.

  • If I just get four more of these maybe I'll get one of those Hollywood stars. Did John Green start at VidCon? This can't

  • Go on any longer. I just need to leave some quick feedback for Google: VERB TENSES

  • I technically co-founded VidCon

  • but only because I was on the phone with my brother when he came up with the idea. Actually that's true for most of the

  • Stuff we've made together like when I look at my Wikipedia page

  • I mostly just think, man look at all these things Hank did while I was writing books.

  • Okay, if you have any other questions, please leave them in comments. I'll answer as many as I can. Hank,

  • I will see you on Friday.

Good morning Hank, it's Tuesday.


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