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- Nickelodeon was historically run by women, created by a woman, a mother.
You know, I worked at Nickelodeon for six years and when I left Nickelodeon, I was deeply surprised that the rest of the world wasn't run by women, actually.
(white noise)
(white noise)
- We want to show the world what power girl surfers can do.
(white noise)
- You gotta be quiet twerps, we're doing an interview!
(bell pings)
- I'm the Avatar, you gotta deal with it!
- Bow down to my queenly queenliness.
- She's gotta eat, breathe, drink and sweat self-esteem.
- Let's rip!
- How extraordinary!
- Tap into to your tough side!
- You're a hero! (clang)
(white noise)
- (laughs) You know this is my twentieth year?
I was here in the middle, when it was run by a lot of men.
I had to leave the room often, because the men were gonna be talking.
- There was only very specific things that a woman was allowed to do.
- It used to be, women weren't allowed to animate.
They had to paint animation cells.
- And I watched it grow.
I've seen a lot more women now behind the camera.
I see a lot more women writing the shows.
I see a lot more women as artists.
I just see them more.
I used to walk onto a set and be the only lady there.
- I've seen more and more women coming into the studio.
It used to be, I'd walk into a room and it was like all guys, that was not unheard of.
- Yawn!
- Let me. (white noise)
- And now I walk in and I'm like, "Oh hi, hi!"
Fellow women, it's so nice.
Yeah, so it changed a lot since I was really young.
- I wonder.
(White noise) - Now it is really fantastic to be in a space, where we have so many different perspectives that are leading this studio.
And that many of those leaders are women.
- The leadership at the studio is comprised of mostly women and it deeply influences the way that we hire, and the way that we identify material, and empower other women.
- I love being able to be that person that can bring another woman into the industry.
- I have worked with so many amazing women.
They've created such a beautiful community at Nickelodeon, and I think that community has really helped me to grow as an artist and helped me to feel really comfortable in the industry.
- There's just something so gratifying working with the team of people who are so passionate about what they're putting out into the world.
- I really don't care what we do, as long as we do it together!
- Me too!
- I love animation.
It is one of the most amazing, open and creative storytelling mediums.
- Animation is such a collaborative experience, so it's always so amazing to start off with a vision and then let go a little bit, and see how that idea evolves amongst so many talented work colleagues.
- I'm the bestest artist I know!
Better than Pink-casso and Van-goo!
- From a woman's perspective, this is a great home for us.
The level of creativity that you can do, from a simple color palette to creating a fully developed, emotional character, is all at your finger tips.
- Home is where you're surrounded by other critters that care about ya. (running footsteps)
- I grew up a military kid and no matter where I was in the United States, I could just turn on the TV and watch Nickelodeon after school, and all of my friends were there.
(white noise) - The next thing you gotta do is stop saying you're scared!
You're big and you're brave!
Like a big, brave dog!
- Female Nick character that inspires me the most, would definitely have to be Susie Carmichael.
She was just the radist!
She was the first character, I think I ever saw, in cartoon form, that looked like me.
- Kimi Finster, it was really great to see another Asian on TV.
I never realized how important that was to me, until I grew up.
- No way am I apologizing to a sour old man, like you!
(ice cracking) (whooshing water)
- I drew a lot of inspiration from seeing Katara grow in season one.
- She had flaws and she was trying to improve herself.
- She has all these traits that are so traditionally feminine.
Like she's very compassionate and very caring, but she's still tough and can save the day, which you don't see a lot and I really love that.
- Okay, I'm sorry!
I'm new at this, gimme a break!
- Eliza Thornberry, she's a bit of a nerd, like I was back in the day. (laughs)
And probably still am.
- Let's do this!
- April O'Neil!
- April O'Neil, literally day one, jumps in.
I love that kind of fight that she has behind her.
- You gonna have to step to me!
Okay? (grunts)
(white noise) (electronic music)
(quick knocking)
(drum roll)
(loud trumpet)
- Hey Danny!
- I love Danny and Sam's relationship too, because it wasn't a romance.
I know people really wanted them to date, but Sam's an independent woman, she does what she wants.
- Really like Helga, she's also, is like not afraid to be herself, even if she might not always be the most popular person for it.
- I'm pretty, I'm feminine, I'm delicate!
- Oh, excuse me young man.
(drum beat) - I'm a girl!
- I'm not nervous, I'm soaking up this powerful moment,
whereby I take matters into my own hands and, you know?
- I wanna be a part of that magic for someone else.
- I love that I get to tell stories about my community.
We get to give voice to people who had no voice before, so I think that's awesome!
- So you almost done?
'Cause it looks good to me Tia Frida.
- What are you talking about?
Maria doesn't even have a face yet!
I'm waiting for the right expression.
- For awhile, there was one perception of what a woman looks like and that's just not true.
I want all the women to be heard.
- She is blind and tiny, and helpless and fragile!
She cannot help you!
- Yes, I can!
(earth rumbles)
(loud explosion)
- I'm most hopeful that there'll be more female show creators in the future.
- There weren't as many female creators back in the nineties.
Over time, where you're looking at Dora and now you're looking at Santiago, you can see this progression of more women coming into the field.
- Even just in my time, working here since 2004, there's been such an increase of women in the studio.
- There's more women coming into the workplace, in animation, than ever.
- And I find that to be incredibly encouraging, especially after having seen the landscape shift over the past twenty years.
- It already makes me so hopeful for future generations to come, because it's already so powerful now, so I can only imagine it's just gonna get up from here.
- I feel like before, it wasn't safe to share our true feelings about things and I think now that there is a space to talk about our dreams and our goals, and not really be shutdown.
I think is why there's hope.
- As long as we empower each others voices, we have nothing to worry about.
- I am hopeful for the women in animation that we don't actually have to call it women in animation, that we will just be women and men, and everyone, in animation.
- I just look forward to seeing the animation world looking more like the world around us.
- We need more female executives.
We need the women at the top.
We need the women that own the company.
We need those!
- Does everyone here have to do everything you say?
- Yes honey, I'm the boss.
- I just hope to see more women in animation and in creative leadership, supervisor roles.
As I've kind of moved up the CG pipeline, there's been fewer and fewer women, and I know that's something we're all actively trying to look at and address, and make sure there's open opportunities for everyone.
- I think some of the steps that we can take to make sure that there are more women in the industry, is first of all, I think it's showing up, being present and being available.
- Just go to the coffee.
If you're a pond and no water's rushing in or out, no energy's going in or out, I feel like you get stagnant.
When you're constantly putting out good things and helping this person, helping that person, they help you, you help them.
It's like a thriving ecosystem of jobs and algae.
Would you like another cheese sandwich?
I've got one right here!
- It's up to us to look after one another and make sure that we encourage each other to thrive.
- And if you meet someone who's new to the industry, or struggling, reach out and just listen, and offer whatever advice that you can.
- If I could talk to a younger me, I would probably tell them to not be afraid to step up.
- Don't be afraid to speak up and use your voice.
- Just say what you gotta say.
The worst thing that could happen is someone says no.
Big deal!
And everyone has an idea and every idea is valid.
- You have a viewpoint that's valid, a background that's unique and experiences that are interesting.
- Don't be afraid to talk about what you are capable of doing and what you want to take on next.
- Put yourself out there, be willing to get at least three no's.
- Keep at it.
You have historical facts that women keep fighting for what they want and they get it.
- Always accept new challenges.
They're only there to help you.
- The little struggles you meet along the way in your life, are kind of important to get where you are.
- You will get there, even if it's a long and windy road.
- Don't worry about what other people are doing, you have to do what is really the best for you and what you love.
- Sometimes you just wanna do Danny Phantom fan-art all day, and that's fine!
Drawing something is better than drawing nothing.
- Keep creating worlds and stories, they will matter one day, they will make a difference.
- Always aim high.
- Don't be so afraid of failure and embrace growth.
- Nothing stays the same.
Things are always evolving and ever changing.
- Don't be swayed by other people's opinions of you.
You know who you are and you know what you can do.
Don't let them tell you otherwise.
- I've found that I am at the strongest when I am truly, 100% myself.
- And don't try to be other people.
- Be goofy, be silly and have fun. (laughs)
I am the creator and executive producer of Santiago of the Seas.
- I am Vice President of Animation, Originals Development.
- EVP of Animation.
- A staff writer at The Casagrandes.
I'm a CG Supervisor on the new Rugrats.
- I am a Senior Vice President of Animation Development for Nickelodeon.
- I am evolving!
- I am adventurous.
- Creative. - Courageous.
- Tenacious.
- One of a kind.
- Still a child.
- Tiny and mighty.
- Clever.
- Nervous. (laughs heartily)
- Brave.
I was scared to do this so then I said, "Let's go do it!"
- Doing okay.
Doing my best anyway.
(white noise)
(white noise) (click)


The Women of Nick Animation (2020)

15 分類 收藏
nanako.kamiya 發佈於 2020 年 4 月 7 日
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