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  • "My name's Tim Miller, and I'm the director of 'Terminator--

  • Dark Fate.'

  • This scene starts in Dani Ramos

  • and Diego Ramos's workplace.

  • They go to work at the factory where they're making cars,

  • and the terminator is tracking them there as well

  • as Grace, the protector.

  • So, you know, there are things that

  • are hallmarks of the 'Terminator' movies,

  • and then there are things where

  • we feel like we could go freestyle and change things

  • and bring something new.

  • So the fight has this rhythm to it.

  • There's a whole lot of moments in it,

  • but I think my favorite moments are really

  • the Grace-ascendant moments where

  • she has this sledgehammer and she's just beatin'

  • the crap out of the Rev-9.

  • And I think it's really the first time you

  • see just how strong she is.

  • We shot this in two locations that

  • is supposed to feel like one.

  • We shot the wider shots and some

  • of the chase parts of the scene

  • at a Mercedes factory outside of Budapest in Hungary.

  • But in the middle, we go into an assembly line area

  • where we have the main area of the fight.

  • And when that happens, we're transitioning

  • onto a set that was built on stage

  • at Origo Studios in Hungary.

  • And the reason we did that is because for stunts you really

  • want a controlled environment because if people are going

  • to get thrown on floors and into walls

  • and onto work benches and have engines fall on them--"

  • "My name is Grace."

  • "--you really want all that stuff to be safe in a way

  • that you can't if you're going into somebody else's house

  • to do it."

"My name's Tim Miller, and I'm the director of 'Terminator--


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