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I love clothes.
I'm a visual person.
I think this one's my favorite.
I'm very jet-lagged.
Hey Vogue.
I'm Hailey Bieber.
And today we're in Berlin, Germany.
I'm getting ready to go to the Calvin Klein event tonight.
So join me as I get ready and show you my process for picking my outfit, 
my hair and makeup choices, all that jazz.
All the way up here.
I have a couple different options here, as you can see. 
I think what I'm going to do is I'm just going to…
just put everything on the bed.
I'm a visual person so I need to look at everything, I need to see.
Colors together.
I pretty much already have  the idea of what I want to wear.
I could change that.
You never know.
So I've already clearly done my makeup and my hair, kind of disco, 
inspired by a Studio 54 vibe, we did the sparkles on the eyes.
I opted for kind of just like pretty, wavy hair.
I definitely like to be comfortable.
I like to be… kind of sexy.
Sometimes I'm a little bit more on the tomboy side.
It really just depends.
I'm definitely to go with a pair of jeans because I feel like jeans are always super comfy, 
easy to dance in and easy to move in
This is this cool high neck crop top that is really cute and I really liked it.
But given the hair and makeup that I did today,
I thought it might be better to have more open chest.
This kind of comes off the shoulders a little bit.
So I felt like that was a better option.
Anyways, I don't want to, like, wrinkle it and get it all messed up before the event.
So what I'm going to do is I'm going to take that with me, change into it later.
And for now, I think I'm going to go with some cool black denim on denim.
Black on black.
And then a pair of heels.
I'm going to go with no jacket this evening and risk it all.
The five things that I think every person should have in their wardrobe…
Ooh, only five?
The perfect pair of combat boots,  staple leather jacket,
always a good oversized, delicious,  yummy cashmere, 
perfect pair of skinny jeans and the perfect t, the perfect t-shirt. 
The best tip a makeup artist has ever given me:
taking foundation and kind of like rubbing it together in your hands first, 
and pressing it into the skin.
I always like having a little bit of a longer nail.
I get bored with colors really easily,  so sometimes I'll have a color for four days
and then decide to change it.
It kind of just depends on my mood.
I'll just grab a little bit of coffee.
Because I'm very jet-lagged. 
Coffee is always good with the magazine,  specifically a Vogue.
So I was lucky enough to be in a shoot for Vogue Paris in the 1000th issue.
That's me.
Where is it?
So the shoot was inspired by the famous Princess Diana paparazzi photos, 
and she is also someone who has inspired my style a lot.
I think she's so gorgeous, so effortless.
She was everything.
It was shot by Greg Harris who is amazing.
I think this one's my favorite.
I feel like a lot of my personal style is so similar to this, with the athletic, everyday wear.
I love being comfortable, I love being sporty.
I love clothes.
Every time I'm on set, I find something new that I'm, like, "I need to buy this when it comes out".
When we shot the CK50 campaign for Calvin Klein,  we shot the '60s and the '90s: 
two different eras of time.
And for me, my favorite was definitely the '90s, because I'm a '90s baby, first of all.
I love the supermodels from the '90s,  music from the '90s, 
fashion from the '90s, the movies from the '90s.
This is a cool behind the scenes photo from when we were shooting.
Obviously, this is a fairly steamy moment.
Yeah, we were just goofing around and having fun and being ourselves.
Well, it looks like my car is here which means it's time for me to go to the event.
Thank you, Vogue, so much for getting ready with me this evening.
I'm headed out.
Don't forget to subscribe.
And you guys stay here, throw a party, do your thing.
I'll catch up with you later.


Hailey Bieber chooses her outfit for a Calvin Klein party | Get Ready With Me | Vogue Paris

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