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jacks up the guy and welcome back to Similac or two.
I spit everywhere during that intro.
I'm sorry I had crisps a second ago, Another all over my table under why I'm apologizing to you.
It's only you can smell it or taste it or feel.
It s so Our next mission in this is to get confront area about faking an alluring sponsorship.
Find concrete evidence to verify meanest, tragic story and find a way to contact pumped up cooks.
Get some of these.
And it just didn't save that.
I feel like I'm pretty good about going where it's going when it saves a mind.
Body fitness.
All right.
Not nothing.
Nothing from her peeps so far.
God, no!
Get out!
Jesus, Media, Maya's laptop.
Another video.
Oh, my God.
Oh, don't.
He's dead, Jim.
My almost the horn up by some.
Hey, you won't monster thing.
I Suspiria This is like a gas leak in the way.
Finally, someone told me a short way.
Can't just stay here and not do anything, okay?
We have to just figure figure this out.
Keep comin Way.
Gotta run.
We have to run.
We have to leave to get one way tickets to get out of here.
We have to figure this out.
Somehow figure this out.
I always telling that.
Calm down.
No, she was right.
It's not gonna stop.
That means that means that one of us, no deal.
Oh, shit.
I said, I just think it's mired that made the deal.
Honestly, um, also, that acting is not good.
Um, Jim Security, a gym and boy giving some security advice to Maya.
My at her gym locker.
I don't have anything for this one.
Do it.
Okay, well, I'll come back to that in a bit.
Um all right, what else did it say I had to do?
Confront what?
Surveys ease area.
Okay, so I did some digging into your work.
What the heck is this?
I'm really glad that everyone's online on replace very quickly, right when I need them to.
You need me to read it for you?
You lied about being their ambassador.
God damn it.
I admit it.
I killed the baby.
I faked my sponsorship.
What do you have against me here?
Just as bad as the so called fans who just follow me to troll and put me down.
I mean, you are lying about a lot of shit.
Not to say anyone should just follow you to put you down.
That's horrible that no one should ever do that.
Bush, You lied about a bunch of stuff.
Ah, that's what you want them gone.
Aren't you all about keeping it?
Fuck, yeah.
Drag her over the coals that I can't Little stormy icon Rio.
As in being honest with myself, I've never compromised my personality or they're unlike those cardboard cutout beauty bots.
I needed that alluring deal to boost my ratings.
Okay, you have to show that you're successful to get jobs, and perception trumps real nous every time.
Plus a Lauren's a big company.
I didn't think they'd bother checking someone like me.
This is this is far away.
It's in the fucking time thing is it?
This is a fascinating thing to talk about as well.
I talked about this with a couple of friends of mine to about.
Whenever you look at a video online, everyone looks at videos online.
Now, I don't know if this is like just general knowledge at this point.
But whenever you're looking at a video and you see stuff about views anymore, views are not the determining factor off.
Whether a video gets a lot of money or not anymore, it's all watch time.
Watch time is King Wash.
Time has been king for years and years and years on YouTube, and it's all about that.
And then there's always this perception on YouTube off.
Do you want to look like you're doing well or do you want to actually do well?
There's a lot I have talked about this before.
I feel like I have now that I've said that there's this stuff about like a video that's four hours long but has, like 600,000 views, will always probably do better than a video that has, like, two million views.
But it's four minutes long, if you know what I mean.
I mean, again, really basic stuff, but I don't know how much of the public are aware of this kind of stuff, but there's this thing on YouTube where people either want to actually do well or they want to look like they're really doing well.
They it's Do you want a lot of use and have people.
I mean, they're not mutually exclusive.
You can have a lot of use and get a lot of money at the same time.
Depending on what you're doing, There's some let's plays that will do a lot of that because people are really into the game, that watch of shit ton of however many hours of it.
So that's like the perfect amalgamation.
That's why gaming blew up.
That's why it got a lot of use and everybody was talking about it.
But there's There's this thing where people will sometimes prefer to just get a lot of use, even on shorter videos, because it looks like to other people that their channel is doing better than it actually is.
And that's the perception off doing well.
And then there's the other side of it where your China may not get a shit ton of use, but you might have a tone of watch time and you'll get more money that way.
So it's more sustainable as an actual job.
So there's these these two aspects of it that people people want to find the Goldilocks Zone where it gets both.
It looks like it's doing well and it actually does well.
But that's kind of what she's talking about here, where having a Lauren will give a boost to her ratings.
She doesn't actually have to get anything out of it.
She doesn't actually have to be making money from them.
As long as you have the perception of doing well, then other stuff will start coming in, because if a company is looking at somebody on the Internet as an influencer, they're not digging into your stats to be like OK, but how much watch time do you have?
How much interaction are you actually getting?
How much they are?
Your impressions?
Actually, translating toe likes on follows a digital.
Just look at the numbers and go like, Well, that's a lot of eyeballs Weaken brand America to that.
Sorry that I'm going off on a lot of tensions, but these things come up as I'm talking or as I'm playing the game.
Lauren didn't make it a big deal.
You see, Rachel knows me.
She'll vouch for me.
Listen, I was desperate, and I made a stupid mistake.
Sometimes I feel pressure to act like my life is more exciting than it is OK, but I can and intend to fix myself on my own terms.
I never needed the Ripple Man's deal.
Who you're a fighter.
When things get hard, Let's know what we've seen.
Though we've seen that she takes the easy way out.
She asks for likes.
I do have stuff to back it up.
Well, it seems like ETFs off the back of all of these.
How is this relevant?
Is asking for Likes a crime.
Now you're scrutinizing every single thing I do.
That's not fair.
I didn't take the Ripple Man's deal.
I didn't kill Maya.
I would never want anything bad to happen to her.
Ah, there's a thing blacked out.
Dang it.
I missed one.
Ah, I disagree.
What do I have, Aria spat with my Ha ha.
You're taking things out of context.
Sure, we had fights, but who doesn't?
I cared about her.
I just didn't listen.
My I was freaking out.
She was trying to warn us.
It's like something she knew was coming up.
Yeah, she had an argument with her, but that doesn't mean she's dead.
Fucking call us to killer on arias kind of fame hungry.
So maybe she did the Ripper mines deal, but I don't know.
Then give her voice a second chance either.
Not the sun shines on clouds mean?
I mean, I can deduce we were all there.
Me, Meena and Rex.
I was so caught up by how silly it all sounded on.
I was worried about jobs instead of just hearing her out.
I'm such a mess right now.
Then show me you're a fighter.
Rise up area.
The hunk inning starts Now.
I'm done screwing around back and forth.
Rex Amina have really reasons to take that deal.
If this influencer thing doesn't work out for me, I still have options for them.
This is all they have, is it?
Ah, why would mean addicted you?
I know what Rex would take the deal.
He's been money hungry and fame hungry immediately.
But Nina's mean is the wild card.
Why wouldn't she?
She's been fabricating personal tragedies to prop up her image.
Doesn't that disgust you now?
Doesn't that die?
Just you, er doctor goes me real bad.
Um her friends are not idiots.
They see right through it.
I don't think they take her suffering anymore.
See how deep this rabbit well goes.
Oh, you don't know that story about her best friend Dying was completely warped to fit her narrative.
She turned someone else's tragedy into a brand.
How despicable is that done?
But I knew this already.
That's vaulting.
Um oh.
Her name is Erika Simmons.
Uh, okay, cool.
We can use this to actually look up Erica's death.
No news article clearly stating that Meena was only a bystander at Erica's accident and not her best friend like she claimed on social media.
Oh, I thought it was bad enough that you said it was your best friend and you were using your You were using your best friend's tragedy to gain sympathy.
But you're not even her best friend.
That's fucking gross.
Spring with the local P C.
Police are searching for a driver who fled the scene of a crash which injured a driver.
Erica Simmons is a star summer in high school.
It was just a regular day.
I was just making a turn and my best friend is gone.
Just like that, said June Kovac, uh, who was the friend of the victim's driver's crash.
I don't know where the air of my thoughts and prayers Go to them.
And the family said mean it's silver.
A witness of the accident who called the ambulance.
I mean, can't people just find this, then?
Here, Here, Cure.
Could proof of her fake their stories?
Could be Maybe this will make her squeal.
Uh, thanks for the help.
Where's the phone?
All weird.
But it's doing stuff on its own.
I'm not I'm not doing this.
Uh, we call in the ripple, man.
Maybe they're just playing a song that's calling me.
Um, sorry.
I'm really not up for talking right now.
I don't have the space for it.
I'm just feeling so torn up is it is no feeling you're you for No, no, no, no.
Oh, you're gonna die, Meena Fuck!
Jesus Christ.
Oh, my, uh, my eyes out for blood.
Look at that picture.
It's creepy.
It was creepy already.
Uh, what's meaner?
Laters way is actually good debit use.
Will you always be so, so gone and alone Days down.
123 stars star dust Gas giants Dude.
Damn it.
She's actually good.
Ah, fuck it.
Thanks for the hookup, Rex.
You don't mention it all.
Amina Rex is calling her out into comments.
Oh, Rex.
What, are you going to give us some more gold?
Uh, okay.
What else did we get?
Are you sent you an audio recording?
What are you were doing?
I mean, it's such a gas lighter, acting all innocent and smiles in front of you.
And when you least suspected, she just grabs what she needs.
Well, her disguise isn't fooling anyone.
Now I see through it I'm gonna put her under the spotlight and expose her for the two face rap.
She is.
This always goes well when people online and influences go a head to head against each other.
Wow, I love that content.
But for the sake of the game, in my detective work, Yes.
Spill the tea.
What can we do?
No, uh, this guy just I've got some good news and bad news.
What do you want First, uh, get the Biden was over with.
The higher ups know about our investigation.
Since I violated numerous protocols and laws, they're considering this conduct charges against me.
Worse, they're threatening to dissolve, dupe and destroyed all my research on the Similac Ra.
Oh, no, That's terrible, but no.
What about me?
Thanks for the support, kid, but you don't have to worry.
I took full responsibility.
They think I'm working alone.
So you're safe.
There's a silver lining.
They're willing to drop everything.
If we nail this case, we need the culprit.
Who took the deal in any images of footage proving the existence of the repairman?
So where we are?
Are we on this?
I highly doubt that the guy who can't even figure out that his phone is calling on its own or figure out the camera or any of that self, even though it's probably a Similac were doing it to him and not him doing it all.
I highly doubt that he can actually text this last.
Ah, are you thinks it's Meena?
Are you ratted out, Meena?
Wow, How long do you have to be to claim someone else's?
How low do you have to be?
Someone's tragedy is your own.
How convenient that now she can use my his death is her own tragedy to talk about, you got them turning against each other.
At this point, we were basically they'll basically handle the evidence we need on a silver platter.
Um, these kids are going down, Chief I'ma put them in the ground.
Not really, because that's the problem so far, because I can't imagine what Maya must have gone through.
Imagine trying to help your friends only to have them turn on you.
She will not die in vain.
She died in her apartment.
Uh, if we fail, this case will go back to being a freak accident.
No one know the truth about the Similac er's.
You'll never make a fool of dupe.
I won't fail you, Chief Sami.
Music to my ese.
Two more left to talk to.
I'll be in touch.
Okay, Pardon?
My ex freaking me out.
Trom are posting in.
Do you remember the Similac or people who another video opened up?
Oh, wait.
Was it recording on its own and downward dog?
Um, Okay.
Okay, It's time to make a little birdy talk.
I will make this birdie sing.
Okay, Um, you have some explaining to do.
Maybe I should have searched for what do you triggering me with this?
What the heck?
I didn't know they did such a big report.
don't fucking lie about it triggering you.
Okay, um, should I search for Erica Simmons, then?
Uh, let's go.
Hold on.
We go Look at this.
Erica Simmons, August 2012.
Okay, it's going a warden, America.
Simone's closed cases from August, right?
What ongoing cases?
Oh, I guess not.
Did it happen in August or that happened in July?
I can't remember.
I tried to be all smart.
Um, does it give honey?
I mean, it says August up here the night of August 2012.
That's a long time ago.
Erica's Simmons.
Okay, whatever.
Let's just keep going.
Come your story about Eric.
It was a lie.
No, no, no, no.
This is the story is real.
It's just someone else's.
God, you fucking suck Meaner me.
Not so sorry for you anymore, okay?
I didn't know her personally, but it really did affect me.
But I witnessed someone dying.
That's fine.
That would affect anybody.
Witness someone dying close to you.
Well, proximity close to you.
That would fuck you up.
Yes, and it would affect you.
And that's fine to write music on.
But don't claim that you're some sort of best friend to them.
Where did you make it your story?
Because Maya told you, I'm sorry, Okay?
I had to.
You don't have to do anything except pay taxes and die.
People don't want to listen to your music.
They want the whole package, the way you look and act has to match.
That's God.
She has some truth to it, though.
If you ever watch those, like America's got talent or anything's got talent or X factor or the voice or any of those shows, it's pure bullshit.
It's full of people with sob stories.
They realized after a few seasons, the earlier seasons are fine.
But then they realized, after a few seasons like That's what gets people, is the sympathy vote and then they have a whole back story for people.
Even if it's real or not, it's They're manufacturing sympathy from you.
They're they're manipulating you emotionally, manipulating you.
And that's one of my biggest pet peeves in the world.
Is people emotionally manipulating you?
I've gone through money, relationships, um, with money, different types of people, not just like like romantic relationships.
But people in my life have definitely try to emotionally manipulate me into doing things and for a long time, and even now I still fall for it every now and then.
I've gotten a lot better at it, calling the bullshit when I see it.
But I've definitely been very emotionally, emotionally manipulated over the years, and I hate it.
It sucks.
And I hate when people do it in.
A lot of influencers do it that their audience as well you're benefiting from other people's grief.
I'm playing bad cop right now.
I'm expressing their grief for them.
There's a difference.
You totally don't get in.
I get it.
It's really not that hard to get.
It's just that you're an asshole.
People think it's so easy to get discovered.
But like there's so many musicians are there to be authentic.
You have to change your reality a little.
I couldn't reach people with my music before, but now everyone's listening to me.
I just want people to listen to me again.
That's fine.
Oh, shit.
I don't have anything here.
Um, wanting people to listen to you is fine.
Yes, work hard.
And it is very, very hard to do that and maybe embellish the truth a little bit.
I think everybody out there embellishes the truth a small bit too.
Just, like sell a story.
Or if you're telling a funny story or an anecdote or something like that, you kind of embellished the details a little bit just to make it funny, but not toe like, completely lie about things, especially something so scummy shit.
I don't have the thing I need, but what do I need?
What can I get out of this?
Got Maya every fucking time I come back.
Your face is weird.
Um, this is my, uh, at the gym.
My at her gym locker.
I don't have this yet because you can usually tell by the background way it's freaking out that it's something that you need to get or something that you can kind of make out what it is already could.
I can't scan this coming.
Um okay, let me just look around a bit because I don't want to keep talking to her if I don't have the stuff I need Oh, wait.
I was working a case.
That's a road accidents, Erica.
It was Springwood died.
Sometimes it doesn't that my fingers work Uh, okay.
And it was August.
Please work this time.
Uh, the vote is hit and run.
Vehicular manslaughter.
June Kovac.
Driver Erica Simmons, passenger to cease to mean into silver to Silva.
Pedestrian witness.
I mean, I don't know what this is going to help us with, because it's it's kind of information we know.
Know about 7 36 PM and we were stopped at the red light intersection at Springwood.
The light had just turned green were attempting to cross.
That's when a man in a black sedan coming from ST Martin's road slammed, sped off before we realized what was happening.
A few drivers from the other care stopped.
Officers report.
Okay, so there's nothing to wait.
I don't care about calling Nina right now.
Maybe called June.
Hey, June.
If you're listening to this, that means I can't come to the phone.
I will take Sorry, I don't recognize this number.
Who is this?
Somebody One who?
Ah, up.
This is so sudden.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to bring up past scares.
You close this investigation years ago.
Now again, I need to confirm mean a site of the story.
Oh, my God.
Is that the name of the hit and runner?
No, wait.
I think the driver is a guy.
I mean, it sounds like a girl name.
Sorry, I got carried away.
My therapist told me to let it go, but I knew deep down I was holding onto it for a reason.
Uh, it's about your other witness.
The other witness.
I'm sorry.
I don't know who you were talking about.
It was just me and Erica.
No, wait.
There was someone else like our Amina.
Yeah, I just said she was the one who called the ambulance.
She said Erica was her best friend.
Where would she say that?
Seriously, I don't understand any of this.
Can you please just be straightforward?
Oh, criminy.
You went through it already?
That's fast for the sake of the game.
That's great.
What a lying snake.
Who gave her the right?
She's talking about the accident using Erica's name.
She's made quite the name for herself.
Clearly, she has no idea who this Carly's damn right she did passing off a tragedy as her own.
Why would someone do that?
for the views for the clicks.
Kid fraud at Mueller for validation online is the most important currency we have in 2020.
I mean, I've heard of people presenting themselves as a hero, but as a victim, this is just pathetic.
Lot of people have a victim mentality online.
Um, I'm trying to expose her like that.
I don't want to expose people.
I mean, I am because I'm a detective, but God, I hate that terminology.
Anyway, for me to verify this, why don't you believe me?
These bloody Kym era stars are just looking for drama in their empty, boring lives.
Putting themselves on a pedestal by using pain to fish for pity likes.
Why not just snap a selfie with Erica's corpse?
You bitch!
Damn, June.
Ah, the world needs to know the truth.
Yeah, but how?
How do we get that out?
Oh, the world will know.
Our local paper covered the accident.
Okay, I have this already.
The article clearly quotes the Meena, that lying tart Meena saying that she doesn't know us using a real death to tell a fake story.
That's pure evil.
I'm sorry.
I'm not in the mood to talk anymore.
You got what you need.
I need to be alone now.
She immediately posted something.
And pain is in the middle of talking to the cops.
And she's posting this.
I'm just a girl sitting with my guitar asking you to keep rocking on P s.
I'm super excited to tell you folks would have got a new record deal.
Um, wait.
How do I find June thing?
Wait, was it on on Jabar Mean it to silver?
Lied about Erica being her best friend.
I'm Erica's best friend.
I lost someone I cared about on the audacity to turn my trauma into profit is absolutely horrifying to me.
To say something I mean, is that I'm d m ing you.
Can you please respond?
Does that give me anything for this?
Ah, yes.
I'm glad I did that.
The trauma was real for someone.
Sorry, I had to go do some snooping.
I know that.
I was trying to help.
I want to fire.
I admitted Help who?
It's just people like the rock star Amina much more than the real me.
When the criticism started, I exaggerated even more because because I just wanted everyone to stop, and I didn't know what to do.
Yes, doubling down is very, very good ideas.
I know a lot of this is me.
Like sitting on a high horse and judging fictional characters very harshly.
Whether it's himself in this, that really pisses me off on a lot of it is like real world scenarios.
Of course, not every influencer is like this.
I need to make that apparent as well.
There's a vory.
There's a very big stigma towards people who, like do their job as online people, especially from the older generations who just still don't get it.
I said before that I went to the border like customs at L.
A X recently going to L.
On the guy was looking at my visa being like, What?
What do you do?
Why do you have this?
Because I have a No.
One visa for, like working abroad, doing life shows and doing my tour and that in itself, and that's a very high visa to get.
It's a very, very good visa, Um, because it's it's given to people for, like, outstanding work in their field or extraordinary talent or something like that.
Um, and we got it, thankfully, for for my tour, to be able to go do what I do because so many people show up like all of you guys, which is absolutely wonderful on.
There's so many people in the channel and everything that I qualified for one of these visas.
But people look at it and then they hear what I do when they're like, I don't get it and then they look down upon you, so I don't want to make it seem like every person like this, But when it shows up, it's very shitty when some people are like this, Um, there is a big stigma against people, especially people who are famous, like through Instagram, because there's a lot of just brand sponsorship things, and there's a lot of ego and things like that.
But I mean, that kind of comes with any career like it's the same with musicians, comedians, actors.
There's there's always shitty people within those communities, but there's a lot of great people within them as well.
Look at how much the gaming community have raised for charity this year alone till to fight it a nice write up of, like the 30 people raising money for charities as well.
So go look that up.
That's a nice, shining bright example of what online culture could do.
You're just using self pity for attention.
You sound like area and Rex.
When the deal thing he came up, I was already uncomfortable even thinking about thinking of taking another easy way out.
Plus, the sacrifice thing was totally weird, so I ignored it.
Sure you did it.
God, I'm just sitting in here stirring a pot between these people eyes area, saying all of this Have you been talking to her?
So what?
You're asking all these weird questions?
What else did she say about me?
Ah, you can tell me if you took the deal.
No sad face then, like there's no point in me saying anything else.
How come you're just trusting whatever area says Maybe she's the one who did it.
She's all about making herself look good.
You all for Kentucky?
Like her whole time era is fake.
So Ari is lying.
Um, duh.
Probably probably in Doug.
Do not go together, 60% of me.
It says that she's absolutely is.
It's 100% certain.
Like she totally laid before.
Area doesn't look it, but she's a toxic person.
Oh, my God.
Part kettle black Aren't super ambitious.
People like that kind of crazy about getting what they want.
I think she'd get a lot of benefit from the Ripple man's deal.
I mean, the deal would benefit you to tell me.
Maybe the old took it.
People think I'm an overnight success, but it's been years of hard work.
Okay, I'm okay with starting from scratch again.
Ari would rather die that to do that That do that actually like areas.
The one who made us all lie about what happened to Maya that night.
How does Rex fit into all of this?
I go talk to him now in a second.
He was so rude to Maya that night.
Even after after everything happened, he was going on that it had to be like a gas leak or something stupid like that Aria had to shut him up.
I've never seen him that scared.
What if What if he was just pretending to be scared?
If he was just pretending to be scared.
Oh, my God.
I'm so confused right now.
I need to go write a song.
And I'm like the real idiot for going along with Area and Rex.
They're the worst.
Of course.
One of them would have done this to poor Maya, maybe even together.
Okay, Why would Rex take the deal?
Rex is a total user.
He got away with conning like so many people.
But it's fans just believe everything he says.
It's really weird.
Like I don't think it's normal.
Uh, how did he con people?
Just give me the answers I need so I can go to Rex like, you know, he tried to get me to intern for him, for free.
So many people have tried to complain about this, his weird business.
Maya said she was sick of hearing him rent about that.
But now it's like all those complaints went away.
Only the repairman could make that happen.
I mean, a lot of internships are unpaid.
Not I'm not taking a stance on it either way.
I'm just saying that's not really a weird thing, is it?
I've never interned for anybody, so I don't know.
Ah isn't extreme.
To sacrifice Meyer for this wrecks things.
Everyone's everything's one big game, and he just plays people.
He sees people like Like they're his phones.
Okay, I think you're right.
Oh, my God.
I'm right.
I mean, of course I'm right.
It was all right there.
I knew he was that shellfish.
I got this when I was stupid enough to work to do free work for him.
I can't I can't read these messages.
Sometimes I'm don't get it myself.
But like, loads of people were super angry with him about this.
Grow my business by growing each and every one of you.
I can't change this.
You signed.
It was a regular subscriber.
You'll get plans on, like, straight out the back.
What we want you to do.
Then you'll start recruiting people for everyone.
You recruit, you get a slice of their fees.
It's a literal pyramid schemes.
If you make it to platinum level, you have an army of people and the arm you getting your businesses likes promoting.
What you doing?
If you want to smack, you could make it all the way to the top of the pyramid.
Uh, top of the food chain booth guys this?
He didn't even want to call it a Pyramid Nation.
This is how little guys like us.
We're gonna disrupt the entire industry.
Are you with me?
Come on.
I wonder if they're some of the developers of the game hanging around.
Rex has developed a puns.
A Ponzi scheme on Alvin is one of his gullible followers.
Ponzi, Ponzi.
I hear people talk of puns.
Ponzi scheme.
Word has lost all meaning to me.
Um, I'll see what he has to say.
Oh, God.
It's happening again.
Is it just calling Rex.
I know a way I go.
My detective's senses are tingling all Rex, call Rex.
Faster is it isn't working.
Yeah, we're calling Rex Rex story horses want now I sort of God, I'm gonna find out what you look like.
And if I ever see your face in person, do you want to see my face?
What with?
Very funny.
You almost sounded like Maya.
Do you want to see it?
My fifth.
I want to see it.
No, Maya.
Stop doing that.
My still looks normal.
Uh, you're a mean girl, and that's all you'll ever be says Meena like you'll always be the victim.
Are you really in directing me right now?
This girl needs an ox Oscar for the performances she's put out.
You people are relentless.
Leave Nina alone.
There's always gonna be someone to defend you anyway, even when the evidence is clear Air.
Okay, Maya E.
Uh, we got this one.
There's almost a two minute video.
What's happening?
I'm recording.
This is proof.
Have the hearing it for weeks.
Every night.
Well, I can't take anything.
You're gonna hear it too.
Do you hear that?
I see it.
I'm not great, eh?
That's what a crazy person would say.
Make it.
God, that's fucking creepy.
Maya Barely caught a strange Barely caught a strange phenomenon camera after she being in distress.
Like you hear it, right?
Detectives like Nah, she barely caught anything.
Card that faces.
Fucking creepy.
Oh, no.
I had too much money in the bank, so I used some of it to film this video.
Here's a special message from sexy demise and I Oh, God, What is this?
I love my car.
You know how much I love my car Stick my dick in it.
Oh, God.
What are you doing, Rex?
Oh, no, You must wait with Oh!
Oh, my face is gonna explode from crane ish daily basis.
I'ma pull the trigger flex like tipping daily basis.
I'm affected systems.
I show you had a live outside the social conventions and try to see the humor in the worst situation out.
I'm sure this is really happening.
Dealer, I rocked you.
Talk you into submission.
Mission Impromptu Bridget party.
Send everyone to the bathroom jams to advance Your prehistoric coop is the question and the answer, Mr Cory, But new jams to advance you, Jesus Christ was the answer is rhetorical.
You messing with you playing with your brunch with playing with Russ?
The best of the best system, right?
A source.
Woods Straight fire.
Dude, this is messing with you.
Playing with who you messing with?
Who you playing with?
You messing with high, You missing?
You have no England.
You have no, like fucking street credit at all.
Oh, no.
His car is cooking.
That was sensational.
That was incredible and awful.
They really went all out on this, didn't they?
Jesus Christ!
Didn't one of your friends pass away where you're posting a rap video tie.
Kowalski, this video is terrific.
I'm genuinely laughing my ass off.
Couldn't afford a better production company with all your money.
That's the intern guy, isn't it?
Kind of makes you wonder what else he does with this car.
Meena DeSilva, help you write this?
She doesn't have this style.
Neither to you.
Your fucking mop it, singalong Who?
You mess him it.
Rex, are you playing with Rex?
Who's the stinkiest Rex?
Who's the sleaziest Rex?
Hey, now!
Sorry, Kay.
Oh, I oh, I Oh, I was saying God.
Where's Rex?
Why didn't he give us anything?
He fucking came in clutch at the last minute.
Jesus Christ.
Somebody pointed out as well in the comments that the thing in between the likes and dislikes is like a heartbeat.
And they were saying something about maybe the heartbeat represents who's gonna die next or something like that?
I don't know.
Meena has some really great likes to dislikes going on, So maybe she did take the deal, huh?
Let's look at areas Haouari is doing.
Areas are neutral.
Oh, never mind.
Just let it just let it right on that one.
I like, just went off.
Um, okay, it's fine on that one, Red.
And that one could be area or Rex.
You know, it It could be meaner than because the Similac gets rid of all of the bats of the ripple Man.
Um, okay, You got the time wrong, though.
It's not 10.
It's 11.
33 actually.
Um all right, we got that song, though.
That's fucking dope.
I'm missing two songs.
What's the progress report?
Oh, God.
Jean Claude Van Damme Do the splits.
Hold my baby.
Be going around town checking.
I'm a face in the camera because I'm a clown.
That's all it is.
Ignore that video.
Do not open it.
It's highly confidential.
Not meant for your eyes.
Oh, why did you take a video of yourself?
The higher ups agreed to a small field team to apprehend the culprit.
They'll do whatever it takes.
Uh, they're all giving conflicting statements.
Everyone's pointing fingers at each other.
Yeah, I really liked ice time.
Our term this is turning out to be quite messy.
Any theories on who is our perp?
Ah, nothing concrete.
Yet I still have to talk to Rex.
That's fine.
Cover all your bases before making a judgment.
Things will be clear once we get through our last suspect.
We don't identify the culprit soon that team will take me in instead along with all my research.
So no pressure.
Ah, and we can forget about exposing these Similac Ra.
I will finish my investigation.
And Chin, I should've said it wouldn't let anything happen to you.
All right.
I've been working cases for over 35 years.
And let me tell you, none of it has prepared me for this.
Truth is, I don't even know if I can handle another case like this.
I just want you to understand the gravity of what we're doing here.
It needs to carry on beyond me, beyond us.
Think about that.
I got you, Chief.
Don't even worry about a dog.
Um, the chart threat of Maya befriending someone she met during a convention on invitation.
An invitation to an influencer convention.
Oh, I have this, don't I, um someone before kind of drive Did you do?
Do do do, do we not?
Yeah, Americana invitation, but it post con friendship a long conversation with Reuben and admirer of Maya, who met her in America on 2018.
Reuben, say it ain't so J'accuse.
Hey, Maya.
Hey, remember me?
We met a American.
I got you those backstage V I p passes and you give me your number.
Yeah, Rubin, Right.
I could never forget my favorite Kimera developer called me Ben.
This is why, but Reuben Sure, Ben.
So are you.
What's up?
Uh, just checking in when your freedom, you know, up a band.
So sorry.
I was pretty loud that night.
Did we agree to meet up?
Oh, it was pretty loud than I, sir.
Said I was pretty low then.
I'm like, What did you do?
Remember I said someday Mera hacks to share with you.
And so you should only get drinks.
So sorry.
It's very didn't write those things of God about it.
What about brunch?