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  • you're about to see a clip from filmmaker David Hoffman.

  • That's me.

  • I shot this as a whole movie.

  • I did thousands of these little like stories of my kids just one day at the right time in the right places.

  • And one of those places is New York City.

  • And when you're in New York City, the New York characters are at the Carnegie Deli.

  • So this is a scene I shot as a whole movie.

  • I hope you enjoy it.

  • It shows some of the sandwiches and some of the other crazy stuff they have there.

  • Wait, what?

  • Nothing.

  • Negative about that.

  • What do you love about it?

  • It's like Mother's milk nurturing.

  • Something goes about not having to do it myself like he had that made by someone else.

  • Level sandwich.

  • It is kind of Delhi.

  • People are either crazy or fat way.

  • One of the reasons I love to shoot documentary style home movie style in New York is really well you got to do is talk to somebody.

  • If you have the courage to say, What do you think?

  • How's the day?

  • What?

  • Sam, We should I eat?

  • What road should I take?

  • You look good today.

  • You can't believe the response.

  • I love New Yorkers for that.

  • If you like this clip, you want to Seymour, please subscribe.

  • And, if so disposed.

  • I'm www dot patri on dot com forward slash all in a day.

  • It's not something I love to do.

  • Ask for money at the end of my video.

  • But you know what?

  • I got no choice.

  • And it's working for me so far, and I hope it works for you.

  • Thank you.

you're about to see a clip from filmmaker David Hoffman.


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