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  • disaster reptile, the heart of so thumped in 1912 hundreds of Children lost their fathers.

  • Streets were decked out in black.

  • Belfast had sent out to this ship Titanic, with such pride with such hope on dhe toe have her sink on her maiden voyage, less than two weeks after she left, was such a dent to the prize off people here.

  • I think Belfast was clothed and shame on Great, and I think the Bob Dark light is hung over us for many a long year.

  • It's always been a very difficult subject for Harland and Wolff.

  • We built it as best we could, but it just wasn't enough.

  • Basic facilities available later.

  • Such is the International Ice Patrol radar on 24 hour radio could have easily prevented this historic disaster.

  • There were two enquiries into the Titanic tragedy, one in New York, and then a much more extensive inquiry took place in London.

  • Of course, when the disaster happened, blame being imparted in different directions and you know what was there?

  • Was there a problem with the actual manufacturing of the ship, importance of pressure that people were putting on business wise?

  • Really Nobody was held accountable.

  • No one person or factor was singled out as the cause off.

  • Titanic's lost being so great on the loss of over 1500 lives.

  • Human era ways.

  • If we sink when we look at risk, 80 to 90% off failures are caused by human beings.

  • So therefore we have to question perhaps the actions of Pink.

  • I applied a technique called Rick cause analysis, which I used in my career.

  • Looking up Stakes on dhe divided the disaster in three stages.

  • Why did Titanic hit the iceberg?

  • Why did the boat sink so quickly?

  • Why did so many people die?

  • And the reason she hit the iceberg was that Captain took her into a known dangers.

  • Um, at high speed.

  • It's always a wonder as to why, you know, why did Captain Smith not take the decision to at least slow dine?

  • The history of the Teutonic Show is that there was a coal strike that Anne was not getting premium call.

  • Instead of getting fresh supplies, they got supplies from other ships on that many batches will be off.

  • Low quality cold had been left in a shape for really long time.

  • It was already pre heating and then that lamp off old goat in the Titanic.

  • On what that happens, it is perfect ground for self heating ignition one bunker cold in Belle foes.

  • Now bunker farmers, the very devil to protect things type of fire is unusual is not the fire that most people have seen is more like a very intense hot spots staying there for days.

  • And this crew detected the fire when he was in some Hampton, the captain of the Titanic, was not comfortable with a bunker burning the coal supplies the ship needed to get to New York.

  • They could not put water on it.

  • You have very little excess reserves.

  • So what it is that it is?

  • They were goingto empty that bunker by use it in the void.

  • When the Titanic was saving to New York, it was on fire.

  • This issue could explain why the captain was going so fast.

  • They had to consume cold faster than fire, such that the coal bunker that was burning would be empty but not wasted.

  • That would have been pressure on Captain Smith to make sure that this cold fire didn't delay or disrupt the maiden voyage but there were basic safety precautions that were within his control that, tragically, were ignored.

  • Today assumes you're a passenger ship and you have a drill getting into life.

  • That was supposed to be a drill on Titanic.

  • Captain Smith, counsel that Hi, ludicrous.

  • Does that seem from our point of view night and the evacuation?

  • Several lifeboats did leave very under filled, and I think that partly the reason for that was fact that the officers who are loading lifeboats run from the year with the savage.

  • The David is sort of a crane, which the lifeboat hangs from on didn't believe that they would support the weight off a fully loaded lifeboats.

  • Had Captain Smith carried out a lifeboat drill, more passengers could have been saved.

  • However, the iceberg caused such damage to the ship.

  • With fate of many passengers was already sealed, there was no way she could stay afloat with five compartments damaged a CZ.

  • The water filled each compartment water but then spill over the tops of the bulkheads into the next compartment.

  • On the when that one fill into the third compartment and back and back ship's fate was another.

  • The fire theory says that the last market that was standing on holding the water from flooding a six compartment was actually the ball pit where the fire had happened.

  • It was the vodka that was known to be damaged in the inquiry's evidence by multiple people that saw that talking about Stan on it could be that the water on the other side of the compartment at some point breaks the pocket used to the water.

  • A six compartment is flooded on.

  • That leads to thinking off the Titanic very quickly.

  • On Sunday, three ss California was one of the ships, which was in the vicinity of where Titanic sank.

  • The unfortunate thing is that at that time there wouldn't have been 24 our radio monitoring.

  • So even though Titanic's radio operators were sending out distress signals in a lot of cases, they were just going into the ether because as we approached midnight and beyond, most of those ships had turned in for the night.

  • California was one of those when she was inside of Titanic as well.

  • Did you see the Titanic sending up rockets?

  • Oh, yes, I kept thinking, sending him up until the last minute.

  • Titanic fired white rockets, which signal distress captain of the Californian took those to be not signals but merely a party on board on rockets being fired, fireworks, which, of course, we know wasn't true.

disaster reptile, the heart of so thumped in 1912 hundreds of Children lost their fathers.


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泰坦尼克號沉沒的原因是什麼?| 災難的設計 (What Caused The Titanic To Sink? | Disasters Engineered)

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