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  • out of interest, Mary.

  • And what do you think he did wrong?

  • I think that he didn't come out for remain.

  • I think he should have bean unequivocally for remain which I am on.

  • Every sensible person is on those of you voted to leave our foolish on Dhe.

  • You will rue the day.

  • Okay, Sorry.

  • That way, since 60 the way you're certainly no defense.

  • Look, call Booth.

  • A lot of people put it down to his personality and said that he didn't come across as a little.

  • He's a very nice man.

  • I know in person he's a sweetheart, but he's just not the leader of the party.

  • And he should go immediately.

  • We'll find us a chance to get it right.

  • The funny thing is, when he was on the show in 2016 Russell Crowe was sitting next to him.

  • And what he's a todo Theo.

  • This.

  • Just find out who Miriam thinks is a pro.

  • What about Paul?

  • Chuckle thin.

  • I just say before we do anything else, please, please, please don't tell me the results.

  • I've got it taped.

  • I am confident though I put a bet on I think Boris is gonna lose Bridget South writes that Miriam, did you watch the results last night?

  • No, I didn't.

  • I watched the the exit to result in the beginning, and then I went to bed.

  • And how did you feel this morning when you woke up?

  • Because you are a labour labour member.

  • I'm a member Labour member, and I'm very pissed off and miserable, right?

  • I just thought Well, look, I'm not gonna let him take over my life.

  • Fucking boss.

  • Find some some areas to go that make us happy.

  • We've gotta keep fighting on.

  • We'll get the shit bag out of it.

  • I'm really disgusted by the country.

  • I think the country's gone wrong on.

  • If they listen to me, they would they would get right again.

  • A supporter of Corbin at the moment, I think he was hopeless on.

  • We need a new leader and we got to get on with it.

  • But we mustn't be too downhearted.

  • It's only for five years.

  • Something like 87.

  • I have a feeling I might be 87 by the time you know what I mean.

  • How did you feel today?

  • I think that listen, I have most words left because because Miriam is usable.

  • I look I think half the country is ecstatic Off the country is furious.

  • Which is I'm so sorry.

  • Brexit keeps going off, which is unusual situation to be in, I think for the people of the people are watching this of the furious ones, right?

  • The ecstatic ones are not watching this.

  • They're in the pub.

  • Or maybe they're curing up.

  • Am going?

  • Hold on a minute.

  • I thought they're supposed to the best health service in the world.

  • Wait for the ones who were furious.

  • I will say a few things, isn't it?

  • Boris is going to get a majority genuinely better.

  • He gets an 80 majority than a 20 majority and 80 majority means the following things.

  • Firstly, he doesn't have Thio pander to the E R.

  • G, which is the hard light of the Tory party, which he had to before the election.

  • That means he doesn't have to panic the Jacob Rees Mogg.

  • Jacob Rees Mogg doesn't have to be the leader of the house anymore.

  • You can go back to his constituency and learn some manners.

  • Uh, he's gone.

  • Theo doesn't have to hand it to the D.

  • U P anymore got that 1,000,000,000 already.

  • They're not gonna get another 1,000,000,000.

  • Hagen do a softer Brexit than he would have done previously.

  • This in Brexit was going.

  • I don't want to support a date.

  • What's gonna happen is gonna happen was always gonna happen.

  • Hagen.

  • No softer than he was going to.

  • He's also absolutely, comprehensively Good night for us.

  • Which is great.

  • I got that one in before Miriam.

  • I apologize to anyone offended by bad language and for the use of the word Farraj.

out of interest, Mary.


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