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  • really big shock.

  • It's a female great white, over 15 feet just sitting there.

  • Yes, that shocked look like it wasn't too far short of this boat.

  • She gapes her mouth at the machine.

  • It's a behavior that signals a mixture of caution and curiosity.

  • In the end, curiosity wins on the If the shark latches onto the flying machine, it could capsize the towboat.

  • But, Georgie situation Dave abandons the Submersible.

  • But before the team can pull it to safety, the shark decides to test whether strange yellow object is edible.

  • I don't want it.

  • Watch out for Scarface.

  • Here he has a large scar down his face and an attitude.

  • He comes in fast.

  • Mitchell, look out!

  • Whoa!

  • Did that was close.

  • Okay, Andy, meet you here two months later than last year.

  • Things could be different.

  • Maybe older, bolder males like Scarface Keeping the brothers away.

  • We've got our robotic seal.

  • We just put out swimming quite beautifully.

  • At the moment.

  • You see a shark slowly circling it.

  • Robo seal cost over $10,000 to make.

  • And it swam about 10 feet before the sharks took an interest in it.

  • It was really interesting that shark was slapping Robo seal off its tail.

  • We're not really sure why the shock was doing that.

  • Then this really, really huge shock came in to have a look.

  • He was so big.

  • We nicknamed him Colossus.

  • I think it likes it.

  • Oh, my God!

  • So one last fart of a from the bowels of Robot Seal and he was toast.

  • Our mission became recover.

  • What's left?

  • And hopefully the cameras are still attached.

  • We've got four little peas in five way all you shock chop your heads there.

  • Everything's worried.

  • There underneath you could face underneath the phone.

  • Right?

  • Wins.

  • Wait.

  • I got to see that we lost rubber seal.

  • But at least we got the cameras back for $10,000 investment.

  • Whoa!

  • Was that that that's a gaping open their love and keep it like that.

  • I got dog showing Great whites are tough predators, but no one really wants to fight.

  • Usually there's plenty of room for everyone except at Guadalupe.

  • Here overcrowding is changing the game it's gone from.

  • Can't we all get along to fight or flight?

  • A 16 foot female spots a smaller shark below.

  • She goes straight at him and the smaller shark peels off.

really big shock.


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最恐怖的大白鯊遭遇!| 鯊魚周2019|發現英國 (The Most Terrifying Great White Shark Encounters! | Shark Week 2019 | Discovery UK)

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