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  • this thing on.

  • Get guys, I've got some exciting news.

  • We've discovered something extraordinary.

  • Let me just map it out for you.

  • It's amazing, innit?

  • I mention far from our own on a completely new planets that lives three remarkable tribes the ARB O'Ryan tribe known for their brute strength.

  • That alone Ian Tribe, known for their sheer speed on the Arctic in tribe known for their endless stamina.

  • What s'more interesting is the gaming is their way of life.

  • Every 1000 years, a ll three tribes compete in the universe's biggest gaming competition.

  • To see you can take home the coveted trophy toe hold for the next 1000 years.

  • And what's even more exciting is that this time we have been chosen to host the games.

  • Come and join me, Dan TDM, as you become part of one of these legendary tribes and see if your support and skill come bring you to victory.

  • Grab your tickets and you'll be assigned to try to be a part off in this brand new never before seen show the contest.

this thing on.


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DanTDM 呈現'The Contest'(官方預告片)。 (DanTDM Presents 'The Contest' (Official Trailer))

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