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  • Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Karma, the Enlightened One.


  • Karma is a ranged mage-support who can thrive in solo or paired lanes.


  • Karma players will have to carefully utilize her ultimate, Mantra, to augment her basic abilities and make clutch offensive or defensive plays.

    卡瑪玩家要小心翼翼地利用她的終極技能 "咒語 "來增強她的基本能力,並做出關鍵的進攻或防守動作。

  • For Karma’s abilities, let’s start with her ultimate, Mantra, which is automatically learned at level 1.


  • When activated, Karma’s next basic ability will have bonus effects, but well get into those when we describe the abilities themselves.


  • Unlike Karma’s old ultimate, Mantra just has a cooldown and does not store charges.


  • Gathering Fire is Karma’s passive. Every time one of her abilities or basic attacks damages an enemy champion, she reduces the cooldown on her ultimate, Mantra.

    聚火是卡爾瑪的被動。每當她的一個能力或基本攻擊對敵方冠軍造成傷害時,她就會減少她的終極技能 "咒語 "的冷卻時間。

  • Inner Flame fires out a blast of energy that explodes on the first enemy it hits, damaging and slowing surrounding enemies.


  • When used with Mantra, Inner Flame becomes Soul Flare, dealing bonus damage and leaving behind a slowing circle of fire that explodes after a short delay, dealing even more damage in the area.


  • Focused Resolve links Karma to target enemy champion, revealing and damaging her target over a few seconds.


  • If the enemy does not break the link, theyll be rooted in place.


  • When cast with Mantra, Focused Resolve becomes Renewal, dealing bonus damage and healing Karma while the two remain connected.


  • Inspire shields and grants a brief movement speed boost to target ally.


  • If Mantra is used beforehand, Inspire becomes Defiance, which overloads the shield, damaging nearby enemies while shielding and hasting all allied champions around her target.


  • In early laning, use Inspire and basic attacks to deal some easy damage with no chance of counter-attack.


  • Once you hit level 2, add Focused Resolve to the combo, and use Mantra on top of it for an even deadlier harass game.


  • Once you hit level 5, it’s time to look for kills.


  • Inspire into Focused Resolve makes it really easy to land a Mantra’d Inner Flame.


  • Add Ignite to the combo and all in all, youre dealing tons of damage.


  • Once Karma starts looking for fights outside her lane, crowd control becomes her biggest asset.


  • Karma rushes into position with Inspire, finds Malphite with Inner Flame, and follows up with Focused Resolve.

    卡瑪用Inspire衝入陣地,用Inner Flame找到Malphite,然後用Focused Resolve跟進。

  • The resulting root makes another Inner Flame easy to land and Ezreal picks up the kill.


  • As the battle continues, Karma baits Ziggs and Quinn into chasing her.


  • She roots Quinn with Focused Resolve and because she’s landed so many abilities, Mantra is back from cooldown, which gives her a boosted Inner Flame.


  • The resulting damage allows Ezreal a second kill onto Ziggs.


  • While Karma has a great toolset for starting fights and saving allies, remember that she is quite squishy.


  • As a fight starts, she supplies some damage with Focused Resolve and Inner Flame and her team picks up an early kill.


  • Karma then turns to save Hecarim with Inspire. After that, Flash plus Focused Resolve locks down the enemy Taric for another kill.


  • However, Karma has overextended, putting herself in range of both Taric and Ziggs, giving away a free kill on her own end.


  • Always keep in mind what the best use of Mantra might be.


  • While Focused Resolve is best for dueling and Inner Flame adds the most damage in a team fight, Inspire has its own uses.


  • Here Karma’s team gets caught a bit out of position, but Mantra plus Inspire grants a movement speed buff to all of her surrounding allies, allowing them to quickly disengage and regroup.


  • Karma has incredible kiting potential, which can bait enemies into a bad position.


  • Singed tries to open up onto Karma, but Inner Flame, Focused Resolve, and Inspire all work to keep her safe.

    Singed試圖開到Karma身上,但Inner Flame、Focused Resolve和Inspire都能保證她的安全。

  • Note that Karma sits patiently near the safety of the back lines, waiting for her time to strike.


  • Mantra into Inner Flame puts another chunk of damage onto the enemy tank and her team re-engages for the kill.


  • Karma Focused Resolves Malphite and Inspires herself to run for the back line.


  • With everyone else out of the way, Inner Flame scares away Quinn and her team takes control of the map with the final kill onto Malphite.

    在所有人都離開的情況下,Inner Flame嚇跑了Quinn,她的團隊控制了地圖,最後殺到了Malphite身上。

  • Now let’s take a quick look at Karma as a dedicated support. First, you should always assist your jungler with Mantra and Inner Flame.


  • Stick around to help him take the camp down and then make your way to the lane. Trust me, hell really appreciate the help.


  • While fighting in lane, good reflexes can make or break a good Karma player.


  • As the four champions get into a fight, Ashe tosses out Volley.


  • Karma hits Inspire just in time to block the arrows onto Sivir, resulting in a lot of un-answered damage.


  • And you can use the exact same combo from the solo lane:


  • Hit a Focused Resolve and once the root is about to land, toss out Mantra and Inner Flame, which will deal incredible damage to your opponents.


  • Now let’s put everything together for a big team fight. Karma Inspires Hecarim, helping him initiate with the movement speed boost.


  • Once he piles in, the enemy team is grouped up, granting a lot of damage and slowing through Inner Flame.


  • Karma then Focused Resolves the most important target, Ashe, and they continue the chase.


  • What’s important next is her target selection for Inspire:


  • She puts it onto Brand, who can use the movement speed boost to land a stun, as well as use the shield to protect him as Warwick’s most likely target.


  • In the end, her team takes the fight 3-1.


  • For an Ability Power focused solo lane Karma, I recommend Hybrid Penetration Marks, Scaling Health Seals, Magic Resist Glyphs, and Ability Power Quintessences.


  • I suggest 21/0/9 Masteries, taking Ability Power and Magic Penetration in Offense, plus Mana Regeneration and Neutral Buff Duration in Utility.


  • For Summoner Spells, try Ignite and Flash, helping you kill enemy champions and engage or escape from fights.


  • For a duo-lane support-oriented Karma, I recommend Armor Marks, Armor Seals, Magic Resist Glyphs, and Gold Quintessences.


  • Then, take 1/13/16 Masteries, focusing on durability in Defense, plus Gold and bonus items in Utility.


  • For support Summoner Spells, I recommend Exhaust and Flash, allowing you to disable enemy threats and reposition in fights.


  • Thanks for tuning into the Karma Champion Spotlight. Please subscribe to the Riot Games YouTube channel above and leave us your comments just below the video!

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Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Karma, the Enlightened One.



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