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  • And while families across the country are social distancing to save lives, parents of little ones might need a few ideas on how to conquer that quarantine.

  • Cabin fever.

  • So here to share her parents survival tips is Mom of four and co host of the podcast Mom Brain Hilaria Baldwin Hilaria.

  • Thanks for being with us and just give me a sense of what it's been like in your house over these past few weeks.

  • Well, we definitely have our up center downs.

  • Um, I think, I think, actually, my Children are taking it better than my husband and me.

  • Um, every kid's dream to be with their parents.

  • At least that ages that I have.

  • My oldest is six of my youngest is one.

  • So it's every kid's dream to be able to have their parents all the time.

  • And so my kids are actually quite happy right now.

  • You're thinking I have three teenagers in my house and I'm not having the same experience very different, though, and I mean, with a little bit, they actually really, really like it.

  • Of course, we get cooped up.

  • We're lucky that we have a yard so we can go outside and then make them go outside even if the weather is bad.

  • Just because I'm like, this is survival and we will run around in the freezing rain and it's gonna be okay.

  • Um, and then in terms of, you know, the indoor activities that we've been doing, I've been making them do a lot of school work, even though, you know, when When the quarantine started, our kids were on spring break, but they're little and they don't know that.

  • Um so is making them do activities every single day?

  • Mostly just start to teach myself how to homeschool them, because I have no idea what I'm doing.

  • I have lots of different workbooks.

  • It's not really work from the school yet.

  • That's coming soon.

  • Um, but I've been doing a lot of work books with them and just kind of learning what you're capable of not bluff and not love.

  • We're all learning so much.

  • I'm curious because your Children are all under the age of six, right?

  • And do they know what's going on?

  • How have you explained Corona virus to them, if at all?

  • So, I mean, we've we've separated that fact that they need to know, such as word gonna live differently.

  • We're not gonna have playdates.

  • We're not gonna be going to museums and you're not going to be going to school.

  • We're social distancing on.

  • We're doing that because that's how we're going to stay safe.

  • And that's how we're going to keep other people safe as well.

  • Um, that's hard for them, but they seem to continue to understand they know and execute.

  • They'll talk amongst each other about this Corona virus while we're doing this because of the Corona virus, and they're very aware of germs right now.

  • It's not gonna end up being, you know, a germophobe thing, but they seem to be okay for the time being.

  • And I know you know, you were big on setting up a routine setting up school at home.

  • Even when they're younger, you can have some fun with that.

  • I like how you say, turn chores into games.

  • Can you explain how you do that?

  • I mean things before at the 1st 1st it's all about perspective.

  • I have to realize we have all the time in the world right now to do absolutely anything, so things that I would find to be annoying, such as?

  • I was like plunging a toilet last night.

  • Um or, you know, my dog yesterday was like the day of poop.

  • Our puppy, I don't know, eight something outside and had diarrhea in his cage.

  • Great.

  • We are all going to clean this together, and it's gonna be really fun.

  • Bottom three looking, you know, cleaning the floor, Any of these things where you know, adults were in such a hurry.

  • We're like, all right, you know, I mean, especially when they're little.

  • No, I'll do it because I'm gonna do it faster because we have to do X, y and Z.

  • You have to get out the door with goto work to go to school.

  • Accent is whatever it is I'm realizing now that there's no place to go so we can all treat each other a little bit better, relax a little bit more and create everything into a game.

  • I love that.

  • Yeah, they put a song to it.

  • And you know what?

  • Kids follow their parents, Leeds and you are certainly doing a great job of that.

  • Gloria, Thank you so much for joining us.

  • Stay well and send our love to your family.

  • Oh, thank you.

  • Take care.

  • Hi, everyone.

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And while families across the country are social distancing to save lives, parents of little ones might need a few ideas on how to conquer that quarantine.


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