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Thanks for the ride, Justin.
Yeah, no problem. I always tell you, you are on the way.
But I'm not. I'm totally in the opposite direction.
Yeah...Pick you up is actually a huge inconvenience.
I just tell you you're on the way to make you feel less guilty.
You are right. I do feel less guilty.
Hey! Do you think it gonna be weird tonight?
Matt and Anna... It's only been a couple days since their talk.
And I'm sure everyone hears by now.
Plus they haven't do it together.
Yeah. I don't really feel like getting into all their drama.
Not my thing.
Come on!!
Another night, I was watching this web series online.. about this couple who loses their suitcases, and...
Now bring it in.
Good job today, everyone.
We suck a little bit less than last practice.
Except you, Mark.
Somehow you manage to suck...a little bit more.
Before I let you guys go...
Just wanna remind you guys that the new pieces are due next week.
And that's the one we will be featured at the "Winter Hypernation" show
So our first show will be here, so we gotta come strong
Not like last year...
I think I played the wrong CD...
Ha ha...
Everyone must have the new piece ready by next week.
I'll see you guys next practice.
Bye Matt!
-See you. -See you, Matt.
Hey, we didn't even talk about our piece.
Hey..yeah...um... We got a lot to choreograph, right?
I don't think it's a good idea for you to continue working on it together...
What...why..why not? What's up?
It'll be awkward, don't you think?
Especially after that conversation we had...
What? No! I'm chill.
It's chill..are you chill?
You were not chill.
This whole practice you've been super weird and...avoiding me...
Hey Matt!
Hey Matt, so I got this idea about the partner piece.. And I think you should really talk about it...
That...I just...that...
Well...I won't be rude.
Look, it's my only chance to choreograph something this whole year.
I got some really good ideas. I promise..I'll..I'll let everything go.
Sorry Matt. I'm sure you can ask someone else.
It'll be better this way, okay?
You're gonna be great.
I gotta go but... I'll talk to you later.
Hey, Tammy, wait up.
I had a good question. I can ask you a favor.
Sure, what's up?
So..Anna..is..been pretty weird, and...awkward..
So she doesn't wanna work on the piece with me anymore so..
I just wondering if you would..help me finish it?
Can't believe you look right pass me.
We've been together on the team for two years. I thought we were friends.
It'll be a lot of fun, I promise. I got some really good ideas.
But don't treat me like some second left over choice...
Yes,yes..I'll..thank you!Thank you!
I'll give you a call about it tomorrow and we're getting start right away.
Shut up...
I didn't say anything.
Wow..wouldn't it be awesome to dance on the TV someday?
Not really my thing.
I have an idea.
I think we need to get out of here though.
What? Where you going?
I think that's it.
Yeah..I think so...too.
-Let's try again. -Okay.
I'm gonna tell him.
I've got to, right?
(Should Tammy Tell Matt how she feels?)


【Wong Fu Productions】《值得.愛》第二集:心動不如... - When it Counts - Ep 2

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