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  • Our next guest is here to give us more information on the U.

  • S.

  • And s comfort that just arrived in New York City.

  • Maybe medical professionals on the ships in New York and California will assist local health care providers by offering care to people who do not have the virus freeing local hospitals and clinics to treat coded 19 patients are joining us now via FaceTime is Captain Patrick Amours Bach, U.

  • S and s commanding officer.

  • Captain, thanks so much for being with us.

  • I want to know if you felt all the love relief enjoy that everyone is sending to you and your crew.

  • When we saw that ship come into the harbor into the Hudson, it was almost like you could hear the cheers.

  • Did you feel that?

  • Man?

  • I hope you continue to feel the law because we're standing in your way.

  • I wanna know.

  • Is the ship ready today for access?

  • Yes, ma'am, it is.

  • Our goal was asserting way available to receive our first patients weigh.

  • And how many patients can your ship hold?

  • The ship was designed for major combat operations, so it has a maximum capacity of 1000 way have 80.

  • I see most devastating care bets with balance being medical surgical bags decided operation.

  • So many things we wait here used to make sure the transfer and talk a little bit about the types of procedures or treatments that can be done on board your ship.

  • Sure.

  • Seeing again way.

  • Full spectrum hospital way.

  • Radiology.

  • We're sweets.

  • We have a CT scanner pharmacy.

  • See you better later ability.

  • Anything that you regular way 1000 on your crew.

  • I'm curious.

  • Are they all members of the military?

  • Are they from some local hospitals?

  • And give us a sense of who is among your staff?

  • Sure.

  • We have 75 national affairs responsible for the operation of the ship with navigation treatment.

  • Maybe these United States, our largest contributor, his Naval Medical Center way certainly feel it.

  • You are a beacon of hope for all of us who can look at our windows and see your ship there in our harbor.

  • Thank you so much and thank you to your crew as well, Captain Amours Bach for giving us more information on the comfort ship.

  • We certainly wish good health to you and and please know and feel our gratitude.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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Our next guest is here to give us more information on the U.


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舒適號抵達紐約市 (USNS comfort arrives in New York City)

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