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  • See you guys next week!


  • Alright, take care, yeah? See you!

    好 保重 再見

  • Take care


  • Hey, you wanna grab a bite to eat? I was gonna ask the few others

    嘿 你想去吃點什麼嗎? 我還想找其他人一起

  • Um..


  • Not tonight, thanks though

    今晚不行 謝謝

  • Right about now


  • One of the most terrifying things that could happen to a guy is taking place

    讓一個男人最害怕的事情 正在發生中

  • That moment when a good guy


  • A nice guy


  • Finally works up the courage to tell a girl


  • A close friend That he's had feelings for her for a long time

    也是他的好友 他已經喜歡她多時

  • And sure whether or not she feels the same he finally lets it all out

    他不確定女孩是否也和他一樣 只是一股腦地告白

  • Most likely turn surprise


  • Re-skim their friendship to see if maybe..

    讓他們可以重新檢視他們的友情 也許...

  • There is a chance They could be something more than friends

    也許會有機會 可以不只當朋友

  • It's all happening right my friend, Matt

    這件事現在正發生 在我的..朋友Matt身上

  • He's having a long awaiting conversation with the other friend, Anna

    他正和我們另一個朋友Anna 進行一段等待已久的漫長對話

  • About his feelings...


  • So he's been talk to me for months now about this night

    他已經為了今晚 跟我討論了數月

  • Trying to get my opinion as a girl


  • The three of us started dancing at school


  • I knew this here But apparently he's had a crush on her for a long time

    我早已知道 他喜歡Anna好一段時間

  • I'm like, dude, why don't you say something earlier? She probably sees you as a friend by now

    我告訴他 你怎麼不早點表白呢? 她現在搞不好只把你當朋友

  • And even she did like you back at one point


  • If you didn't act on it She probably just gave up and moved on

    你當初若沒行動 她可能早放棄 往前看了

  • Of course, this is like the worst thing that you can say to a guy

    是啊 對一個男生這樣說 真的很糟

  • He just says, well, she could've said something first

    他只是回答我說 Anna也可以先表白

  • But I told him He' intimidating

    但是我跟他說 他太膽怯了

  • But now like a year later He finally decides to tell her

    一年過後 他終於決定要表白

  • ..I don't get him


  • Anyway, I haven't heard from him yet

    總之 我還沒聽到他的消息

  • I wonder how it's going..


  • (Didn't go well. Can we meet at "The Factory"?) (Geez, I hate being a nice guy.)

    (不太順利 你能到「工廠」見個面嗎?) (切 我討厭當好人)

  • Gotta go, can't wait to hear all the details

    該走了 等不及聽事情原委了

  • Nice guys finish last (Factory Tea Bar)

    好好先生沒人愛 (工廠茶坊)

  • That's how it is That's how it's always gonna be

    都是這樣 永遠會是這樣

  • She's probably gonna date some jerks she barely even knows


  • When I've been her friend for so long


  • Maybe after that she will realize how important you are as a friend

    也許之後她就會發現 有你這朋友 是很重要的

  • And..maybe she will come around


  • Hope so


  • You're totally right, Tam I should've listened to you

    你說的沒錯 Tam 我早該聽你的

  • I should've told her from the very beginning


  • Well, I do think it's good to be friends first, sometimes


  • Not this time


  • You know what she said to me?


  • She said "I hope we can still be friends"

    她說: 「希望我們還能當朋友」

  • I'm like "SAY WHAT?"

    我就說: 「蝦米碗糕?」

  • You said that?


  • No, but I should've

    沒有 但是我該這麼說的

  • So..are you gonna stay friends?


  • If we keep being friends That's letting her win

    如果我們還做朋友 等於讓她贏耶

  • She gets to move on passed night. And keep me out of distance

    她可以忘了今晚的事情 然後又跟我保持距離

  • That's not fair


  • If she's gonna reject me She doesn't even deserve my friendship

    如果她要拒絕我 那她不值得當朋友

  • That's a little harsh, man She didn't do anything wrong

    有點嚴苛吧 她又沒做錯事

  • Unless you're saying that.. not returning your feelings makes her a bad person

    除非你想說的是 她對你沒感覺就是壞女人

  • I just want her to feel bad


  • Nice guy, hun?

    好好先生 是吧?

  • Sorry..fresh You're allowed to be upset

    抱歉..我完全同意 你有權力生氣

  • I know what it's like


  • Yeah man We need to stop..being so nice

    對啊 我們不要再...當好人了啦

  • She's led me on this whole time


  • Well, now you know And now you can move on, too

    那你現在知道了 你也可以往前看了

  • Yeah, you're right

    對 你說的對

  • Girls look up, I'm not gonna be nice anymore

    女孩們 小心了 我以後不會再當好人了

  • Well, this has been a productive conversation

    痾 好有收穫的對話

  • Thanks for coming, guys


  • -Bye -Bye

    -掰 -掰

  • See you


  • Hey...


  • I know you're really angry right now


  • And you probably think every girl's evil but...


  • I really hope this isn't affecting you too much


  • ...we'll see


  • Com'on, really? It's just one girl

    別這樣嘛 真假? 一個女生而已

  • You can learn from this But don't take it out on everyone else

    你可以從中學習 但是不要把氣出在其他人身上

  • Yeah...


  • Don't think of Anna as you're missing out on Anna, okay?

    不要覺得你沒追到Anna 好嗎?

  • Try to think of it're dumping her


  • Because she wasn't right for you


  • And there's a reason this is not happening


  • Alright, thanks

    好 謝謝

  • Bye

  • I wish I were that reason

    我希望 我就是那原因

  • You always hear guys say "Nice guys finish last"

    你常常聽到男生說 「好好先生沒人愛」

  • So annoying


  • When have you ever heard a girl said "Nice girls finish last"

    你何時曾聽女生說 「好好小姐沒人愛」

  • Well, guss what? It happens


  • We just..keep it to ourselves


  • Usually when a guy complains about a girl not liking him


  • It's because he's only focus on her


  • He doesn't realize or acknowledge that there might be someone who does like him

    他沒發現或認知到 也有人替他做相同的事

  • I guess I am that girl

    我想 我就是那個女生

  • Ever since I join the team I always have a thing for Matt

    從我加入舞團的那刻起 我就喜歡上了Matt

  • We got along really well Always joking and stuffs

    我們處的很好 常常開玩笑之類的

  • And then he started to tell everyone on the team I was like his little sister

    後來他就到處跟舞團的團員說 我就像他的小妹一樣

  • Not exactly the words you wanna hear when you like a guy

    當你喜歡上一個男生 大概不想聽到這樣的形容詞

  • But he's always been so enamored by Anna that..


  • I don't think he's ever considered that I might like him


  • And, if he has He's chosen to ignore it

    就算他有 他也選擇忽略

  • Which sucks pretty bad,too


  • Anyway, what do you guys think about all these guys complaining that they're finishing last

    總之 你們覺得那些老說好好先生沒人愛的男生怎樣?

  • Do you think nice girls finish last,too?


  • How come we don't complain as much as them?

    為何我們沒像他們一樣 一天到晚抱怨呢?

  • Now that he's all angry over Anna


  • I don't know what I should do...


See you guys next week!



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【Wong Fu Productions】《值得.愛》第一集:好好小姐 - When it Counts - Ep 1

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