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  • set a guy's arm.

  • Alex, Welcome to French cooking, and today we're making a delicious Hawaiian burger with ham left of us.

  • To be honest, have leftovers are not the most difficult left is you could find around.

  • Think of pizzas, pastor pies Really easy to get a bit, you know, expected and boring.

  • Trust me, I have something way more exciting for you.

  • That Hawaiian burger we make today is outstanding.

  • It's ridiculous.

  • Just think of soft brie.

  • Ash burns, smoky sweet pork.

  • Fresh pineapple problems mean climb sweet and sour flavors and, of course, a bit of heat.

  • Plus, it's really easy, and it can be made in under 10 minutes.

  • All right, maybe 15.

  • Let's do it.

  • Recently, I made a smoke and glazed house.

  • It was outstanding, the fat was caramelized and the meat was tender and juicy.

  • But after a week in the fridge, it needs some serious love.

  • If you want to wake it up, start by getting fine slices of the help.

  • I know it's not easy, so just do your best.

  • Really.

  • I use a filleting knife or a fishing knife because the narrow blade is really appropriate for that job.

  • I'm ready to go with it.

  • Let's make a quick and easy barbecue suits.

  • Put a pan over medium heat, half a cup of honey, half a cup of brown sugar, a good result of apple cider vinegar.

  • The table's full of chili powder, salt and pepper in a good barbecue.

  • So's the smoky flavor Is military cooking.

  • It's on the barbecue with a lead on top.

  • And you know a few wood chips with the embers would be a great idea if I was not living in an apartment.

  • Don't lose faith.

  • Just add a tablespoon of smoked paprika, ground smoke T to the source.

  • Sweetheart and smoky So, so ready.

  • Now let's get ready for some serious Hawaiian vibes.

  • I meant food vibes.

  • Of course, problems will add freshness and a real depth of flavor to the burger.

  • Remove the shells and to devein Proton's better fly them running sharp knife along the back.

  • Remove the tiny dark strength.

  • You know, removing that thing is optional.

  • I mean, you can choose to remove the interesting or not Wait a minute.

  • You didn't know it was the intestine, right?

  • Well, technically, it's like an inner tube filled with fermented food residue.

  • I guess this is not an option anymore.

  • Marinade the half groans with finely sliced spring onions, a bit of oil Squeeze of lime finaly chopped mint Lee's Salt and Pepper How wise, of course, famous for its pineapples.

  • So get a chunk of pineapple.

  • Remove the core and cut it into fine slices.

  • It will add freshness and juiciness to the burger.

  • Plus, it might help tenderizing the poke in the knees.

  • Thanks to its powerful enzymes, we have everything we need.

  • So let's build this Hawaiian burger.

  • Start with soft and fresh bone.

  • The Sweet Bree Osbourne would be tough spread some minus source on both sides.

  • Play some ham slices, a dash off our sweet and smoky and hot sauce.

  • A few pineapple bits.

  • Then go with the marinated frowned at some.

  • Finally, chuck green onions and chop mint lease on top.

  • A good squeeze of lime.

  • Top it off with the other half of the British band.

  • Come on.

  • Isn't it beautiful sickness off the rear span depths of flavor from the ham and the pros.

  • Freshness from the pineapple, the means and the line and Harkness and smokiness from the souls.

  • This burger simply is a blockbuster, and when you bite into it, you can taste all these layers of flavors one by one.

  • So, guys, that's it.

  • I was really happy to make that how I am Burger, because Hawaii really has a fascinating cuisine, a fusion cooking between American Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean pollination and Portuguese.

  • Basically, they are taking all the best bits around and mixing them into a fresh and vibrant cuisine.

  • Food is about influences.

  • What's yours?

  • Tell me in the comments below, like common share substrate for the next video.

  • But I said, huh?

set a guy's arm.


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夏威夷漢堡與釉面火腿剩飯!ALOHA ! (Hawaiian Burger with Glazed Ham Leftovers ! ALOHA !)

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