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  • Yeah.

  • What up, guys?

  • Is a bright side call of duty song guy, you're gonna turn your volume up for this track duty.

  • Dude way riding in the truck on the way the game.

  • Stop going to get my copy of called Black Cops.

  • Next thing you'll be driving is an RC car Roman about to set off an explosive charge.

  • I'll play a couple games over a couple of credits and custom my character.

  • The options seem to be endless.

  • Unlock achievements and title cameras and kill streets.

  • My icon is a horse with Mr Is on his feet box right away and told him I quit.

  • I'm making big money.

  • Men in all these ways matches.

  • I see you want the camera Wonder what did it mean?

  • Your nose when you killed him?

  • Don't forget to say duty Your hands up!

  • Get your hands up for common duty Duty singing with me If you see a DI cover duty your hands up!

  • Hands up!

  • Call of duty Get new tubes!

  • I'm across both pro You've heard of only used a blade.

  • Hi.

  • I'm only used me, Bo, who trigger the ever hitches The light turns screen then boom your body parts all over the screen.

  • Dirty with 50 cows.

  • Knife like forget shots to the body.

  • 25 meals in a row with no new You'll be client out for Trey are to come and save you the best of this game on the bed.

  • Leprosy, every video or machine.

  • A bumble bee about me taking money.

  • Tomahawk Massive body called cops.

  • I'm a murder.

  • I'm Burger.

  • Black duty.

  • Duty your hands up.

  • Get your hands up for duty, dude, Sing it with me If you love your daddy.

  • Duty calls duty.

  • Hands up!

  • Hands up for singing with you out in the field they call me deeper than Bones.

  • You better watch out a buck because I find drones.

  • Call in an airstrike Raising my streak, getting killed on the grill and both be hunting down news with greatest decision.

  • I'm a long range throwing.

  • That's my number one mission.

  • If you listen real close, all you hear is the whistle.

  • Then you handle explode, muffin, caliph or missiles.

  • I got a pocket full of bullets and you end with one single shot.

  • That goes to know because I don't give a What about Halo?

  • Reach the only thing of reaching for it.

  • Call of duty.

  • Hands up, Hands up!

  • Call of duty.

  • Sing with me If you love of duty, Dude, Your hands up, Hands up!



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