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  • No, Mr Bernstein.

  • If I hadn't been very rich, I might have been a really great man.

  • He seems like a real family man.

  • Nice guy.

  • I don't give it good.

  • Father, you will go home and play with your kids like Paulie Pennino.

  • Who?

  • Which cast and the Sundance Kid.

  • Adrian's brother.

  • Putting the shamrock meats logo on Rocky's robe.

  • Such on the short side.

  • Go home and get your shine box.

  • Sold him a little bit.

  • A little bit.

  • Very good.

  • He hit the lights, please.

No, Mr Bernstein.


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電影《億萬富翁》報價|達米安-劉易斯與保羅-吉亞瑪提SHOWTIME系列 (Movie Quotes in Billions | Damian Lewis & Paul Giamatti SHOWTIME Series)

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