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  • broken down.

  • Wait, Why?

  • Part of Anna Booth happen to pick up?

  • Don't you say Wait, Don't you say it.

  • Don't say Don't you say just bring it Shoots runs like a river.

  • Wait, it was knows.

  • Oh, my Wait.

  • You You wait.

  • Oh, she does wants to be beautiful.

  • Go see Fred's attention embraces Minute.

  • Si, presto!

  • Coopted by I'm gonna find Maybe were made by.

  • So Sue tries to father in a way, you know, you don't have No, you know, wait Does a famous as a place of noise is always a scythe Even if it all it since I got a pocket Full trees baby out this way.

  • Now then I think of when we were together.

  • When you said you felt so happy, you could die when we found that we cannot make sense.

  • Well, you say the three we're still friends.

  • I don't e Now you're just somebody you could wait.

  • Have your friends.

  • 32 No way.

broken down.


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嗓音獨特的少年贏家在 "好聲音 "中讓教練們著迷。 (Teenage WINNER with UNIQUE voice ENCHANTS the Coaches in The Voice)

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