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  • Sunday.

  • Rudder was a single mom of six.

  • She was a breast cancer survivor and said goodbye to each of her Children, using a walkie talkie as they stood outside the hospital in Washington state.

  • Jamesville Echo is an ambulance mechanic for the New York City Fire Department.

  • He was 55.

  • Famed sociologist William Helm Ripe was known for walking every block in New York City, 6000 miles of city streets.

  • He was 74.

  • 25 year old Bassi off Young was just weeks away from graduating from Western Michigan University.

  • He had no underlying medical conditions.

  • Everyone knows the song I love rock and roll.

  • It was written by Alan Merrill.

  • His daughter was given just two minutes to say good bye.

  • Louise and Felix.

  • Oh, garage Nick died within hours of each other in Illinois.

  • She was 84.

  • He was 88.

  • They're believed to be the first couple to die from the virus.

  • Go.



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媽媽在醫院外用對講機與孩子告別 (Mom Says Goodbye to Kids Outside Hospital Using a Walkie-Talkie)

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