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  • Jamie, We don't know.

  • Brian seems a bit in America.

  • Is he?

  • Is he known or is this film?

  • That's why I commend Michael B.

  • Jordan for taking this movie.

  • If I commend commend this young man because of what he does for us.

  • Uh, he captured our hearts and Fruitvale station, uh, where he, uh And then he went off from their kill Munger in black path where he was I mean, he was You were bigger than a panther in there, Euros and and But even even when he did that movie, he brought the narrative of what we are as black people and how we can be what we could achieve.

  • And then they go on to just mercy, which is, I say, completing his artistic centers.

  • Bryan Stevenson, who's doing an incredible job of exonerating people off of death row One out of every 10 person on death row is innocent.

  • So he's since this first case and I play Walter McMillan, who's wrongly accused of a murder.

  • They said he killed someone in the city that had never been in kills somebody he never saw.

  • And there he sits on death row for six years without a trial and then in walks.

  • Michael B.

  • Jordan, who's betraying Brian Stevens?

  • And they go on this incredible journey when you watch this film and we've shown it here was shown it Toronto film For people that are are caught up in it, they're weeping the cheering because it's it moves your soul.

  • Since that time, Bryan Stevenson has exonerated 100 and 30 people.

  • Theo So miss.

  • An all new episode of The Graham Norton show, Fridays at 11 on Catch Up now.

Jamie, We don't know.


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傑米-福克斯(Jamie Foxx)大談邁克爾-B-喬丹(Michael B Jordan)|格雷厄姆-諾頓秀(The Graham Norton Show)|週五晚11點|BBC美國(BBC America)。 (Jamie Foxx Raves About Michael B Jordan | The Graham Norton Show | Friday at 11pm | BBC America)

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