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  • Good morning, John.

  • It's Friday.

  • I'm sitting here in my usual spot, but with an unusual camera.

  • This is a vidcon 2010 flip camera.

  • There were, like, 10 or 20 of these made actually did the design on the front of the camera.

  • Thank you very much to bury car.

  • Who got this flip cam at Vidcon 2010 and gave it to me as a present in celebration of 10 years of it.

  • It's like taking pictures of the Polaroid camera.

  • It really feels like of another era.

  • For example, I love that among the many things that, of course, happened at Vidcon.

  • The most important, the thing everybody wants to see is yes, I crushed the Gush a while back, I uploaded a video on Vlog Brothers that was meant for Hank's channel.

  • It was like four minutes and two seconds long, so I had to get punished.

  • And the punishment I settled on because of a weird thing that I have with gushers is that I would drink the gush juice.

  • Turns out there's not a lot of juice per gusher.

  • So I needed help, and I got it in the form of these nice people who squeezed gushers into cups for most of the live episode of Dear Hank and John that we did on the stage at Vidcon.

  • And then so right there, right that moment is something interesting happened inside of my mouth.

  • I knew that it was gonna be very sweet, but I didn't know that was gonna be extremely sour like it's both, but it it's very sour.

  • Sensation is kind of a weight because it's it's got a heavy and it doesn't, like, move around like water does.

  • So it's sort of like slapping my tongue.

  • The second sensation was my salivary glands, responding to the sour nous of it and immediately releasing the maximum amount of saliva that they could have got us along with.

  • It does not count if you swallow it, just get it down.

  • Oh, it was like Jacuzzi jets of saliva was helpful, though, because it would have been very difficult to swallow The gush, because it's so thick without all that added liquid I was actually swallowing was like spit gush.

  • And then I went back.

  • I don't know, because I was on stage and, like people had worked really hard to squeeze all this gush out of gushers for a second.

  • Helping questionable Oh, God.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • And then, like a piece fell off the top of the Gush Cup into my glasses, which made me panic a little bit.

  • So I knew that drinking the gush was gonna be bad.

  • But I didn't realize that having drunk the gush was going to be worse partially because my stomach was just very upset.

  • It's extremely acidic.

  • I would love to know.

  • The ph of Gush juice crash came quickly and lasted for the rest of the day.

  • And, of course, to my crew of lovely gush milkers, you're the best.

  • Thank you for your support.

  • Additional things that are happening.

  • One.

  • John and I are going on a very short tour in Madison, Wisconsin, in Minneapolis, Minnesota Gonna be live podcasts mean, Catherine, I'm gonna do one John and is gonna do Anthropocene reviewed, and we're gonna do a live dear Hank and John were calling it a minute tour because it's a mini tour and also because Steve, the minute our will be giving a short lecture is more expensive tickets for people who want to meet us afterward and all the money we make is going to go to support our communities.

  • Work improving maternal health in Sierra Leone.

  • Also, Sideshow just released its first documentary film.

  • It's discussing whether Apollo was actually a good idea in celebration of Apollo's 50th anniversary and celebrate that we've got a mission patch and we're also doing a new pin every month celebrating a different space mission.

  • Were starting off celebrating Apollo's two different colors.

  • Their standard angle in the dark.

  • There, the same price.

  • That's all the things can't wait to see people next month in Minneapolis and Madison.

  • John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

  • There's gusher on my glasses.

  • Oh my God, It's like still dripping off thes are milk gushers.

Good morning, John.


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漢克吃了超過400個Gushers的果汁。 (In Which Hank Consumes the Juice of Over 400 Gushers)

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