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  • Yeah, it's about that Time again.

  • Grabbing controllers Turn on your consuls.

  • Where are the Halo players?

  • Captain Flags Teamsplayers, Come on.

  • Guess it's bad back again.

  • Chief is back.

  • Tell your friends Guesses.

  • Back guesses back.

  • Guess is back in the beginning with their little ones introduced to a man named John Kanzius Base because he had a mask on in a big thing to with the Magnum stuck with us in Battle Creek in Bundgaard.

  • Captain, the flag steady.

  • Pulling the assault attacked The enemy team falls upon the back like the hip with all of you with the filthy company you were in that scene.

  • You don't want none of it Sparking.

  • I was killed for giving quick center Finished fighting the memory definition Three jobs activating the ring Hidden attack.

  • But this robot no scopes history undefeated going in here that much of a sudden I want to make a game without juicy heart cells.

  • So they put me in the freezer release reach and all the halo fans said, Just give us a cheese Came with me singing just gives it to you This is what there is No way that you compete with me singing that just gives us Judy never back again.

  • You know what that's gonna be On vision, I can see danger Hit the fruits of my magnum Got beyond back Standing out being your back end of a man Just give me the rockets with Peter Saw that car This won't be for with the heart Give me one.

  • Has given everybody a beacon on Must walk like the pot shop and mats a beautiful It's like a dream.

  • It's been a long time since we felt completely Just give us a cheese The chief that just gives us This is what I know You compete with me Singing just gives a not capturing flags When I say that score Bringing employees in the palace to devour your whole team Shot went down.

  • Nate's like it was raining No one's got a flame Like I'm grading a spit Hot like a shot of the judging and shot So you're saying I'm stopping?

  • Gonna get those words so hard to be bluffing?

  • Met Jimmy a matchmaking.

  • Just think Small thing normally need shots.

  • I could see my markings old.

  • You're gonna crack that.

  • There's no I'm locking in the middle of a battle There will be no more pausing Gonna take a breath in my lungs are stopping your men in line will soon be my What's wrong game?

  • I ain't day night I may be but I'm of a different kind of the master Chief Bud, get in line.

  • It's three again and I'm still on for tonight That was your old tricks and I'm Bryce said Just give us the names the chief just gives us.

  • This is what there is.

  • No game with me Singing just gives a yeah now sitting here mid November New games release and I can't remember the last time I was so excited, but I'm not sure what's one.

  • We'll be buying fun, but Rich should have purchased.

  • Should I go with Thio your eye?

Yeah, it's about that Time again.


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