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  • morning.

  • Simple first, uh, normally, then am flight school McMurdo.

  • We're here.

  • That's really normally McMurdo certainly doesn't feel as much as South Pole in terms of isolation.

  • And in the middle of nowhere nous it's a mix between a mining town and a student's down or a student campus.

  • But it you know, it has a lot of amazement when you get there for the first time.

  • Well, I don't know if you can notice, but I'm actually retracing my steps from just five minutes ago.

  • It turns out our flight is not going after all, at least the good news.

  • That means we get to go.

  • What's up of Observation Hill and taking the beautiful view?

  • John, what time is it?

  • Let me check.

  • This is my watch.

  • Uh, yeah, it's 9 20 Well, thank you, son.

  • So we're gonna go here there.

  • We should have a really nice view of all of Mac town on the ice shelf.

  • It's actually really beautiful day.

  • It's not always like this in McMurdo.

  • You can have quite overcast days.

  • Although I'm wearing this big red jacket.

  • He was quite warm.

  • So now we're getting to the top of observation.

  • Ill the view that we're starting is looking pretty much north, actually pretty sweet view way.

  • We're looking north towards my hair abyss and towards the ice shelf.

  • So this is permanent ice that's flowing from the continent.

  • And there's two permanent ski ways there.

  • There's one called Pegasus and one called Willy Field.

  • I really feel is a big deal, because that's also the direction where they have the balloon launches.

  • So they have a place that is dedicated to launching these long duration balloons that circum navigate the whole Antarctic continent.

  • And supposedly, if everything goes well, lands right there next to McMurdo again.

  • And then, as we turn around that we're looking towards the Royal Society range, which is a big range of mountains that you have to cross if you want to go towards the South Pole, that's the direction of the South Pole.

  • Now we're looking at the sea ice, and this sea ice will eventually melt towards the heat of a summer in December, January, and icebreakers will be able to come through and resupply McMurdo.

  • Now we're looking towards McMurdo, which looks like a relatively ugly mining town.

  • All of the buildings are different colors, and now we've turned all the way around and we're back.

  • Looking towards the north and towards the North is this really big, really impressive mountain, which is actually a volcano.

  • And it's Mount Erebus.

  • And she looked carefully concealed plume of smoke on the top of air abyss because it's actually active, and it just looks like a big frozen volcano.

  • Whoa, This is cool.

  • It's in four languages.

  • There's actually a big cross that marks the top of the hill, and the cross essentially commemorates the Sadd's journey of Sir Robert Falcon Scott's, who reached the South Pole a month after World Edmondson and, unfortunately, didn't make it back.

  • So if you'd like to find out more about Antarctica in particular some Voyagers in the early 19 hundreds, why not go to my other channel?

  • Objectivity.

  • There We've done some great videos with some great old photos.

  • Black and white photos from Antarctica will explain this map and will even show you some letters written by Captain Scott Strange is this?

  • I'm speculating that that might be his thumbprint.

  • Yeah, well, if he if he managed to get it in the end because he was writing that that could easily be so.

  • This is Observation Hill, which is a landmark you can see behind.

  • Okay.

  • The whole bunch of, ah, sleeping penguins there, I imagine.

  • Ah, yes, you could put it that way.



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觀景山之巔--60個符號。 (The Summit of Observation Hill - Sixty Symbols)

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