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  • When was the last time you practice forgiveness?

  • When is the last time you forgave someone?

  • Whether it was a taxi driver who took you for a wrong ride or it was someone who broke your heart way in the past.

  • I came across something recently that just blew me away.

  • I was not expecting it, and it had to do with some research that scientists were doing on how to access altered states.

  • So you see most people in the world today we function in what is called the bet beta level brain frequency, or it's the waking state, right.

  • But today we know that our brains are far more complex than that, and they're different states off consciousness that you can access Alfa Beta Gamma Delta and then within these states of consciousness, they're different aspects to it, from Alfa Amplitude to a data, whole brain coherence.

  • But when you access the states, they seem to give you access to unique ability.

  • One of the most fascinating things that found about altered states happened when I went to this lab and they actually multiple laps which you're doing this.

  • But what they do is they try to reverse engineer.

  • The brainwave states off Monk.

  • So they they they take these monks, they strapped them to this equipment and it measures the monks brainwave state.

  • And then they take ordinary folks.

  • You get strapped to the equipment and the attempt to reverse engineer the brainwave states of monks.

  • And they were trying to get you as you're doing this equipment to play around with all of these different mindfulness techniques prayer, creative visualization to see what got you at those states.

  • What you're seeing here, some video off me, getting my brain strapped up before I go into one of these chambers and no forgiveness can be challenging.

  • I know forgiveness gonna be really difficult.

  • But what I found when I was in those chambers with my brain hooked up going through five days of forgiveness, is that it fundamentally shifted.

  • And don't forget, as you practice forgiveness rituals, that one of the biggest things in life that you often need to forgive is yourself for wrong decision to make made in the past.

  • Many of us still beat ourselves up for past mistakes.

  • So you start by forgiving others put by forgiving yourself and forgiveness seems to release you.

  • For example, scientists know that if you can access the Alfa wave frequency at a conscious waking level, you tend to be more relaxed.

  • You tend to be more show, and in fact, when you're medicating, that's exactly what you're doing.

  • So we've created this society, this culture, where we train people, that they are mortal, facing that they have only one face beta.

  • But that's not really you can access altered states and use thes out that states to do some really incredible things.

  • And well, in fact, Steven Kotler wrote a book called Stealing Fire, which is about the outside state economy.

  • And in that book, he say's that the mounted state economy is now over a trillion dollars, and it ranges from Marines using technologies to get into states where they can focus better to CEOs using these technologies to be able to magnify the impact in ordinary people using these technologies to be able to get chill, meditate and get in the zone.

  • Right?

  • And one of the scientists, she had a fascinating story.

  • What he said is that there was this one lady in one off his chambers once, and she was showing a remarkable rice, remarkable elevation in her state, more and more towards that monk like reality.

  • And he asked her what you're doing.

  • And she goes, Well, I've bean tryingto forgive that bastard, and she was referring to her ex husband.

  • She was basically forgiving her ex husband in her meditation, and it was causing her her levels off what they call Alfa amplitude right to spike, to go higher and higher and higher.

  • So they started trying this with different people, including me.

  • When you forgive your accessing new levels of consciousness, you're able to cause your offer levels to go up, which means deeper and more profound meditation levels.

  • But it's fascinating.

  • Why is forgiveness doing this?

  • I read about studies in Israel that showed that when you forgive people when you forgive people who wronged you, even way back in the past, you actually improve your endurance, Other studies show, and this was done at the university of a trick that forgiveness can cause you to improve your vertical jump like that's crazy, right?

  • Especially if you're a basketball player.

  • Go ahead and forgive your opponents.

  • But what's going on?

  • There's that forgiveness seems to unlock something superhuman about ourselves.

  • Science is showing that the results are crazy.

  • Forgiveness seems to improve bad back.

  • It seems to improve your heart health.

  • It makes you sleep better.

  • It gets people to emerge out of depression sooner.

  • But the science is absolutely stunning.

  • Now, in my quest to understand altered states to understand how to optimize human consciousness so people can do more, can live better, can maximize the productivity of work.

  • Forgiveness is a key part off what I've been studying.

  • So I go to these labs often.

  • I developed my protocols for forgiveness for and for other related states such as compassion.

  • If you find these ideas interesting, I want invite you to check out a master class I'm doing.

  • It's about an hour and 10 minutes, but I'm gonna explain to you how toe tap into the states what the's states looked like.

  • You're gonna be given a map so that you can see how you can go from state 1 to 2 to create four.

  • And when you have this map, you accelerate your evolution to the States.

  • If you find these ideas fascinating, go ahead and check out the master class.

  • Have a journal, have a pen and I can't wait to take you on an exploration of what's going on inside your head.

  • I'll see you there.

When was the last time you practice forgiveness?


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