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  • you want me?

  • Oh, girl, Look at all these jewels.

  • Yes.

  • Welcome to the carpet, Miss Expensive.

  • How you doing?

  • You no good Just in mosquito?

  • No has always King of Camp takes Take it out back there.

  • There was the inspiration for tonight.

  • I think you know Jeremy just It's a big group of us.

  • So he is obviously the king of camp, and he decided to put us on the looks that fit us best.

  • And I think this would be the best at it.

  • Simon's a lot of skin.

  • So how would you define camp?

  • People were like, How do I define camp tonight?

  • Is it a tent?

  • Camp is extravagant.

  • Campus fund, campus everything fun about fashion that we love it such a regal event that met Bo.

  • So to be able to come here and really show off our fun side And you know where things I wouldn't usually wear It's just if you had thio given outfit to your spirit.

  • Is this what your spirit would wear?

  • My spear will be naked, but because diamonds work to be a different video, it was negative.

  • You think performing tonight I've literally No, no, no, no.

  • No, No idea.

  • Usually I'm like, you know, in the loop.

  • I'm really not in the loop this year.

  • I love a good surprise that you're ready for them.

  • You look wonderful on you.

  • Let me get up.

  • I'm just slide on out.

  • Don't look so good.

  • Little cutouts saying a little sneak peek at a beauty still looking.

you want me?


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