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  • Let's talk about today for a second.

  • It's all about the power of us, our values always finding better ways stronger together.

  • Global forest.

  • Local citizen I can't think of any better way to bring that to life, then threw our partnership with Ted.

  • Hey, club with you go these speakers air going to rock the stage today in a really different way.

  • Michael I argued that governments could use the tools deployed to save the financial system to combat climate change.

  • Now you know something you're thinking local capital market way collectively have power extendable nesting the new normal teaching a combination of students and supercomputers to speed read.

  • Well, that's an insanity that's I never expected to embrace, let alone make up a word to describe it.

  • Word contextual.

  • Get a little bit while get run.

  • State Street.

  • You guys are number one.

  • I want to evolve the male corporate wardrobe and therefore, are we wearing these clothes in the office next summer?

  • And so with that bombshell, I'm starting my campaign called Free the Knee.

  • Some people who will be standing on the stage will have had their top born out of a fear or out of a frustration or out of a belief that they have a way that might make the world a better place.

  • Self improvement is my mantra.

  • Yet I've been preparing for moments that never seemed to come.

  • I tried to make everything perfect favorite precision over expression.

  • When I find it, let it go, I realized at the moment I've been preparing for WAAS President.

  • Perfect is the enemy of the good.

  • If we give our Children permission to pursue good enough, we will grow adults who has the future.

  • CEOs and political leaders are willing to compromise.

  • Not all stories are created equal, and in some of the most important moments in our lives are the moments when our stories fail us from that diversity of personalities that's here, and that's everywhere at work that we will have such a powerful results.

  • Way met new friends.

  • We learn new lessons.

  • So let's be back here same time next year form or Ted at State Street and more freestyle lessons.

  • This, my friends, is how we go out.

  • We got the power.

  • We we learned about his story and his story.

  • You know, these speakers.

Let's talk about today for a second.


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