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  • Six bomb attacks across three cities in Sri Lanka on Easter

  • Sunday.

  • Most of them occurred within a single half-hour.

  • The targets were churches and popular hotel restaurants.

  • Nearly 300 people were killed.

  • Afterwards, three bombs detonate

  • as police look for suspects.

  • Sri Lankan officials have blamed

  • a little known radical Islamist group

  • for the violence.

  • Here's how the Easter Sunday attacks unfolded.

  • What they show is a level of sophistication

  • and coordination that resulted in one of the deadliest

  • terror attacks in modern history.

  • The story actually begins 10 days earlier, on April 11.

  • This document shows that Sri Lankan security forces were

  • warned about the threats.

  • Nothing is done to protect the churches.

  • These are the three cities where the attacks

  • take place on Easter Sunday.

  • In Negombo, around 8:45 a.m., security cameras

  • pick up this man walking into the St. Sebastian Church.

  • He's a suicide bomber.

  • This attack is the deadliest of the day.

  • Over 100 people are killed.

  • Around the same time, three separate other attacks

  • hit the capital nearly simultaneously.

  • One is here at a Catholic church

  • called St. Anthony's Shrine.

  • This dash cam footage gives a clue about the intensity

  • of the blast.

  • It blows off part of the church's roof.

  • At the Shangri-La Hotel's Table One Restaurant,

  • an Easter brunch is being served.

  • This photo is taken moments before two suicide bombers

  • strike that location.

  • The third target at this time is the Kingsbury Hotel.

  • Experts say the bombs reveal a high level of sophistication.

  • The amount of damage suggests the attackers

  • had expert bomb-making skills and access to military-grade

  • high explosives.

  • Each attack targeted confined spaces

  • maximizing the impact of the blasts.

  • Within a few minutes of the first waves of bomb blasts,

  • there are two more attacks

  • one at another Colombo hotel, and another at a church

  • on the country's opposite coast.

  • As authorities respond, police encounter three more

  • explosives that detonate.

  • Three officers are killed in one of these instances.

  • So in the first 36 hours, six bomb attacks have occurred

  • and so have three detonations of bombs found by police.

  • [singing]

  • All of this proof that a very deadly day

  • could have been even deadlier.

  • [singing]

Six bomb attacks across three cities in Sri Lanka on Easter


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斯里蘭卡爆炸事件。斯里蘭卡爆炸事件:襲擊的規模說明了什麼? (Sri Lanka Bombings: What the Scale of the Attacks Tells Us | NYT News)

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