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  • Hey, Vsauce. Michael here, coming from Kansas for the 4th of July.

  • Why Kansas? Well, because out here you can do anything. You can even put a firework

  • store

  • next to a gas station. But enough about the real world, let's talk about DONGs,

  • things you can do online now guys. If your style is minimalist, play Nathan's

  • recommendation,

  • the Level Game. It's really simple, but gets increasingly reliant on

  • you being clever. This Wesaucer asked if there's a way to detect whether

  • an image has been

  • Photoshopped. One of my favorites is Error Level

  • This site will automatically convert your image to a known quality

  • and then compare. The higher the quality the jpeg the better.

  • Here's a picture of Bruce Willis's daughter with a Photoshopped version on

  • the right.

  • Notice all the activity around her face and chin. Gotcha,

  • a fake. I've been playing a lot of iRunner lately but for a similar

  • browser-based running game,

  • "Adamdre" says 'Kawairun.' Jump, slide,

  • survive. "FraserGodfrey" pointed me to a great site where you can choose fun

  • ASCII fonts and then it will turn whatever you type into neat ASCII

  • art you can copy and paste into e-mails, websites, forums, wherever.

  • The very same site has a typing test, which I know sounds kinda lame,

  • but you can practice your speed and after the test see a heat map

  • of which letters you type the fastest and which ones are your weakest.

  • If you want some music, check out 'Undo' from The Half Pennies.

  • Wait for it. Vsauce. There are some other references to YouTubers hidden

  • throughout

  • and if you have time, try to find them all.

  • If you're sick of flat music videos, "MegaUltranerd" told me about

  • this music video, where you can use your cursor to click and drag your

  • perspective around

  • to see other parts of the scene. But now let's get psychic with

  • "Linkfirexs." 'Akinator' is classic, but he still blows my mind.

  • Think of a character and actor, singer, scientist, cartoon

  • superhero,

  • whoever. Answer his simple questions and watch his

  • eerie brilliance shine through. If you never leave the house, you might like

  • Bars of black-and-white,

  • an awesome point-and-click about a sad guy who receives a barcode scanner

  • that can scan some things you wouldn't expect. Or

  • stay indoors and inside your games with 'Candy Catch,'

  • a neat little webcam-based game where you navigate your body through reversed and flipped

  • images to grab the candy and not

  • the dangerous pumpkins. Alright, that does it for games, but on Saturday I went

  • down to Joplin, Missouri

  • to help out. It's been more than a month since the tornado hit

  • and this is how things look now. The preciseness of the storm

  • is so chilling. On one side of the street houses are together

  • and on the other they're not. But of course, there are DONGs you can do about

  • it.

  • You can donate and you can also learn about tornadoes and tornado safety.

  • Stay safe this 4th of July.

  • And as always,

  • thanks for watching.

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here, coming from Kansas for the 4th of July.


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SPOT THE FAKE !! -------- DONG (SPOT THE FAKE !! -------- DONG)

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