A2 初級 其他腔 41 分類 收藏
[#DATE Dec 2019]
Why are you so calm today Seungkwan?
- Me? - Yeah
[I came in thinking about nothing] You'd usually come in saying 'Yo! Hey! Hey!' before the opening but
[I'm not letting this chance pass] I'll behave myself in an intellectual mood today
[One team together] Next team, come here
[Too much concept]
2X1 = ...
[No prior consultation]
- Ah you should have done it - Let's do it again once more
What are you guys having up your sleeves huh?
Just come in naturally! Ah....
[Prior arrangement done] - 2X1= - 2
- 2X2 = - 4
- 2X3 = - 6
- 2X4 = - 8
[This only?] You've only prepared this during the whole time?
Hello I'm Professor Kwon
[Sudden attack] Which major?
- Pardon? - What major do you teach?
[Buying time] - Which major? - Yes
I major in K-POP
[Quite a disappointing answer] Ah..
Can you give us a word on your thought about direction of K-POP hereafter?
Well I think the group called SEVENTEEN will lead the industry without a problem
[Disappointed 22] Please sit down
Today we have to pick the best brain...
- Sit down already - Yes I got it
[Too much concept22] B.R.A.I.N
Ah it's 'No Brain' 'No Brain'!
- It's 'No Brain'! - Summer~ Summer~
Did you guys do the team sign?
No we're supposed to explain why there are teams today first
Please explain us Professor Kwon
[POP Professor Kook] You teach in the K-POP department
So you would know everything about the topic, right?
We're gathered here to select the best brain
[Team 1 / Team 2 / Team 3] [Oh quite sharp huh] I think the staff decided on the team to be like this to adjust the balance
But our team's balance is a bit questionable
[Smart / smart(=sounds the same as 'knock knock' in Korean) / Knock Knock? / Knock Knock] - We're all smart so - We're facing quite an overload right now
We might get No.1 too easily, so should we make it feel like a variety show?
I think going your way like as it is would look funny
[lol] - Really? - Yeah
Actually I'm in a bad mood by the mere fact that we're doing this
[A prey has appeared] And why so? Why why?
I think you look down on us, and we're all brains from the start
I mean, we're not having a meeting with bunch of idiot's but brains' meeting, so why do you think like that?
[He is good natured] I'm sorry
To start I think you don't fully get today's topic...
What's with that look?
- Pardon? - What's wrong with you? That expression?
Um... Why are you having a 'Twelve'(='quarrel' in Korean) from the very start?
[The birth of Twelve]
Why a '12'(quarrel) you say?
Ah '12'(quarrel) you say!
Wow 'Twelve'!
As expected from BOO-rain! (=brain)
[Quite poor on language] Your brain's not turned on
Now then we're gonna do a bunch of games to define our brains
Please introduce the games!
[Footage not airing]
Let's skip this one
- Yeah yeah - Let's not do the 'Ah~' reaction
Then let's be like brainy
Ah~! Something like this?
5 6 7 8
[They are really doing it] Ah~
Then what's the first game?
The first game is actually about deciding on our team signs
- That's the game? - Ah you're supposed to get it first before starting the games right?
[A prepared broadcasters] We already have the sign to be truthful
Then go first please
We are
Mr. Hong Soon-kyu!
Hello I'm Hong Soon-kyu
We have our team sign like one two three
Why Bother With?
-Why do you bother with? - It sounds fancy huh?
[Why bother with an explanation] Just like that
Just I don't see the necessity to make a sign
You're arrogant
How about your team?
We'll go, one two three
[Are you lying again?] A 'Lie' again? (= it has the same pronunciation as a 'weirdo' in Korean)
[Why are you lying again you say] A 'weirdo' you say?
Ah good!
[A 'weirdo' you say!] How can you say a 'weirdo' to us!
What's the meaning of Brain Storming?
You don't know what Brain Storming is?
[Buying time]
You're too taken aback!
- So hella funny! - He really doesn't know?
[A 'Lie' again] Ah it's too funny we can't continue like this
Not only Dokyeom but all three of you seem to be taken aback
[Getting on a shotgun] - You were embarrassed right? - Please tell us the meaning of Brain Storming
Ah that's what he doesn't know!
He's babbling nonsense!
Ah it drives me really crazy!
Anyways we're having 'Why Bother With' team, 'Hong-Soon-Kyu' team and 'Brain Storming' team
Let's get on with
[The one to tell everyone they should act naturally] The first game!
Before really starting I would rather like to change the team's name
We were originally 'Hong-Soon-Kyu'
Yeah 'Kwon-Kyu-Soo'
At least a bit similar too Professor Kwon
Speak quickly, quickly
- Kwon-Kyu-Soo - If I don't change it I might regret it for a whole day
Then let's roll the dice to decide who's gonna go first?
- Please do so~ - Vernon will get '5'
If the dice falls then that team will be the last?
- I think we need Brain Storming right now as well - Of course of course
We aren't Brain Storming for nothing
So did you check on Brain Storming's meaning while you're taking a break?
Brain Storming is about subject...
Now then let's start with the team 'Kwon-Kyu-Soo'
[The 1st game: Explain and Get It Right] - Let's bring it on - Can we have 20 seconds of team meeting?
- 20 seconds? - No just 10 secs actually
[Explain and Get It Right - Explain the given word by only using the geometry figures and draw the explanation and show it to the last person who has to get it right The time limit is 3 minutes!]
Now Mr. Mingyu is not supposed to watch it
Neither Mr. Joshua
[A whale] It's a bit oval and long
It has a tail
And the tail is a bit triangular
I can't hear you properly
- The tail is a triangle? - Yeah
But it's a bit oval
A bit of a long oval
and the triangle's vertex is
Hey he's a foreigner
You don't get it if a foreigner is asked to draw something like this, do you?
- Until when? - The vertex is right on the circle
Done? Okay, show me
- Mingyu, you got it right! One.. - Fish!
- Incorrect! - Close, close
Keep going, keep going
It's a missile, a missile?
Submarine! Fish! Raw fish!
Hey, what's this?
[Whale sashimi?] We're almost there
Hey, this is the most difficult one
Grilled fish?
Am I allowed to pass it? Can I pass it?
[Cat] Okay bro
It has a round face
It has a round face?
But it has mustache sticking out here
Sticking out
It has round eyes and triangular ears
Ah, I can't really hear you wearing this
The middle is also round
[Candy monster]
You can't get this right., seriously
He'll never get this right
Moon Junhui! Hoshi!
- Why me? - Wonwoo!
- Seungkwan! - Huh?
They look alike
[Bicycle] Wow, they're going to be the very last x2
- Oh, I think he can get this one right - It will be easy this time
There are two circles
But there are two circles on both sides
There are two circles like this
And there is iron
here like this
Like this
Let me drop the beat~
The end~
I'll give you a chance to get the last score
But it's time over, time over
But it's already over
I don't think all teams can make it
- I think it's about this much - Ah, but this is too hard
Ah, but you could've gotten the last one right
[Brain Storming team challenges] [Where are you looking;;] - Start! - Ah, I'm supposed to look over here?
I'm not?
[Camera] Well, draw a square
And draw a circle a little bit smaller in the middle
And then in the upper left
At the top of the square, draw a small square in the upper left corner
- Did you draw it? - Yeah
Let's try with that
Oh, I know what this is!
- Right? You know what it is? - Yeah
- Oh! - Yesss~
Oh, he's doing well!
Oh! Brain! Brain!
[Answer: Sailboat] Draw a diamond in reverse, upside down
- It looks like the same diamond even if you draw it upside down. - Draw it with the long top and the short bottom
Oh! Okay!
And then draw a straight line up, right in the middle
Then draw a triangle there
Where where where?
a triangle with the long right side
Isn't this the diamond?
I think he's talking about this
- Done? - Did you draw it? Show me, show me
Isn't it this?
- Because this is what the diamond looks like, and this is what happens when you draw it long upwards - Camp!
Pass pass pass! Next one
- Quick quick quick! - Well, Dino
I don't think this is called a diamond
I think it's a diamond definitely
[Answer: xylophone] A rectangle
- A rectangle - A rectangle with long top like this
Draw a big figure of it
- I did - Then draw a small rectangle next to it
[Debating on math] So if all four sides are parallel, it's a parallelogram
It's a parallelogram, they're all parallel
[Forgotten rectangulars] - What is this? - This is a diamond
And then keep on drawing little by little at the bottom
Ah, Okay!
- Okay, I got it, I got it! - Then draw a straight line and a circle on top
- A circle? - Yes
I mean you should draw it on top
- Yes, and this is the end, the end - That's it?
Then show me quickly
Yeah, this this this!
[What is this?] Ah..
- You know what! - Piano? Stairs! Stairs!
No, no, that!
Don't do that!
[Firm] - No hints with hand gestures - You know it, that one!
- Domino! - That's right!
It's not?
- Pass pass pass - What's this?
[Answer: Ice cream] Now, Dino, you are gonna draw a long triangle
A long triangle with a pointed bottom
Oh~ it's over!
- You got one right, though - Yeah, I got one right
But I was wondering
What do we call this shape? I can't think of it all of sudden
How do we call this with something parallel here?
A parallelogram?
I don't think that's a parallelogram
- This isn't a parallelogram - Isn't it just a rectangle?
- No, no, this is.. - There's something parallel only here, like this
A three-dimensional rectangle
- A trapezoidal - A trapezoidal!
Oh, right, it's a trapezoidal!
[Challenges intentionally] Here we go, ready, go
Oh, this is a little..
Make a half circle
- A half circle - A half circle!
Now, from the middle to the bottom of that straight line
- Draw it straight down - Okay
But at the bottom of the straight line that I've just mentioned
What's it called? Draw a curve a little upward
You are talking about this?
- Wow, awesome! - You can't miss this
[Super good at drawing]
[Try to guess together] A side-long rectangle
A rectangle
[Not like us] - It sort of feels like this team is intelligent - And now in the rectangle
draw four circles
- Draw four circles in a row - Okay
And there are two holes in each circle
There are two holes in each circle?
Okay, will you show it to me?
[Answer: Power strip] - Yep, that's it - Great work
[Ice] Ah…
[Americano] Ah...!
Ah! Come on..
You can't think of that word, right?
- Pass pass - I think it's some kind of an object
- Yeah, pass pass - Oh, you drew it so well!
[Carat] - Oh, Okay! - Ah, this is too easy
- A diamond - A diamond
Just draw a diamond as well as you can
- Okay - Is this enough?
Diamond? A jewel?
Diamond? Carat?
- Yeah! - Oh! That's nice
[Answer: Clothes hanger] [It always looks easier when other people do it] Why are the words so easy?
The center point should point upwards
A kind of flat triangle?
- A flat triangle with the center point facing upwards? - Yeah
- We don't have much time. I have a feeling we need to hurry - Okay
Like I said, from that center point there's a line that slopes up then down
like that umbrella earlier
- Okay - Huh?
I don't get this one
No the top no no no! Oh dear...
- Up then down.. - Now there needs to be a little more detail
From that center point, going up then down
[Time's up]
Satgat! (bamboo hat)
Kim Satgat!
- Is it a hanger? - Yeah that's right
Oh that's what it was
But this team is too good!
I think it was harder because we were the first, don't you think so?
I think the noisy music also made it difficult
- Yeah you're right its.. - Hectic, huh?
- I got 'HIT'
- I was looking at the bearded cat
Anyhow the team Why Bother With has won the first game
We won?
- Looking at the scores, team Kwon-Kyu-Soo has one point - Zero, zero points
- Brain Storming has one - And we have two points
- Oh we have zero? - Yeah~
Then teams ranked as the second and third places have to disqualify someone
- One from each team? - Yes one person disqualifies from each team
[Two of you are going to disqualify] You can do what you want, whether it be a vote or rock paper scissors
You know, I'm so sorry but because we started with three members
We have a resurrect chance
Okay then can we first have some eye contact with team members
Yes eye contact only
It's not something you can decide through discussion
[Adorable eye contact]
[Eye contact time is over] Should we just roll a dice? To be fair
What's so funny?
Our eyes met, Joshua and I
Our eyes met here
And he just happened to be in the middle of all places
Eye contact only
[Glance / glance] Is it two people per team?
[^^ / ^^]
Eye contact..
If the Kwon goes missing from the team 'Kwon-Kyu-Soo,' it'll become the team 'Kyu-Soo'
I won't disqualify yet, don't worry
Do we have to vote for that team too?
Yeah that's right
[Each team votes on who will be disqualified]
Firstly, the votes will be anonymous
But because we can tell who wrote which from just the handwriting
For a fair result
[Voting in progress] - Inspector WOOZI has come by - If someone disqualifies here, does that mean they can't participate in the last game either?
There's a saying, 'the one who lasts to the end is the strong one'
It's not the strong one who lasts to the end
[strong one / the one who simply disqualified / strong one] - The one who lasts to the end is the strong one - That's right
- Oh this.. - Hey this is interesting!
Are we tied?
I'll first tell you who isn't getting disqualified
Joshua and DK will not be disqualified
And the hilarious thing is
There is one person who will be definitely disqualified
Oh there is?
Which team?
The main last name will be disqualified
[The weak one]
I think I know who it is
He received the most votes with four votes
And let's do a vote right here on the spot
Myeongho, Mingyu, Wonwoo, Dino all have the same score
Each has two votes
But you're on our team
- I'm on this team though - Then Mingyu gets to live
Oh right right
Now we'll roll the dice for these three
That's how we'll decide?
- Hey DK - Yeah
You made it
[Allowed to live because he's no threat] They are recognizing my value, see?
['THE 8' 4 / Wonwoo 6 / Dino 3]
[Disqualified] - Ah~ Dino! - Hey Dino! Let's go!
Let's go!
Are we not doing interviews on the dropouts?
- Oh interviews? - You can talk from where you're sitting
Well I feel it's too bad
that such a simple game was used to make the decision
You feel you haven't really shown yourself to them yet?
That you don't want to be judged with this sort of thing
[I'm going to lose again anyway] Yeah so I'm not even upset
You're not even upset?
Can we resurrect a team member?
What about me?
You can go remove your makeup now
Or wanna pull up a chair over here?
No, no, this spot is okay, lonely and sad
[Brings chair] Now for the second brain game
- Everyone you know board games right? - Of course
It's a popular board game
These things in front of you are not chocolates~ It's Rummikub
[End of reaction] Now then
Each team will pick one
And the team with the highest number will decide the turn order
One, two, three
Now then us first
- and then we can go in this direction - Yes we'll rotate left
[Rummikub rules- Place the tiles in consecutive number combinations or same-number combinations of the same color, and empty your hand first to win! There are 104 tiles numbered 1-13 in four colors, with 2 joker tiles. Each team gets an initial hand of 14 random tiles / For more details turn to Google!]
Do you all play Rummikub?
Do we play it?
THE 8 has a lot of experience playing it
Then those who've played it before would be THE 8 and maybe Joshua?
Yeah I've tried it once
He played with me too
This one sounds like a lot of fun
[Excited] Now this is a real brain game
Now we'll begin
We'll draw a tile
We drew one
We'll go
We'll set down three 11's
- We'll draw one - We need to draw one
We're done
We didn't place anything
First let's just place everything without thinking too much
We'll put out three 5's
You'll regret it if you play like that
[Jokes are a part of his lifestyle] My nose is small~ (pun on 'you'll regret it' in Korean, which mentions a big nose)
We'll draw another
[Speaking in third person] They're drawing another, we are (?)
You must be in a similar situation to ours
- Well then us too - We'll draw now
Now we'll draw
- Now are you done? - Yes
We'll first put down three 13's
Three 13's
- We'll draw - Okay
- Us too - Okay
- Is it our turn? - We just drew
[The de facto leader] - Should we draw again? - Yes draw
You are in trouble now guys
We'll draw another one
We'll draw
Same for us
Us too
[A drawing game?] I just keep hearing 'we'll draw'
We attached one here
- We attached a 13 - Okay
[The collector] We'll draw
[Collector number two] We'll draw
Okay they drew as well
I'm sorry, is this game called 'draw a tile?'
[Isn't that it?] - We're playing at drawing tiles right now. Collecting, you know! - We're going for the big picture
Okay we'll draw
One more for us too
We're going to fill it up at this rate
[Master of Rummikub] It's your turn guys
What should we do?
[Finished Rummikub] Hey nice! That was a good game
We'll draw
We'll draw too, one more time
Is that team kind of waiting to end the game in one play?
It's because we aren't getting anything useful
We are getting something now
[We don't lie] We are going for the honest approach
We're really honest
That team is very honest
- Now is it your turn? - Yes it's our turn
- Finally - Here goes
- There we go - We have it
We also have three 13's
[They are all kind on the inside] Congratulations
- We finally got out of that spot - Now then we'll follow up with
8, 9, and 10 of the same color
Yes if you do that
[We're collectors] - We'll draw - We'll draw one
Now let's stay calm~
- This - Your turn guys
We aren't calm
Now that's three 2's
Now, Lee Sedol
We'll draw one
Now for our team
We'll draw just one more time
Time out
I think we might have some sort of combo here
We'll first set out these three
2, 3, and 4
[No connection whatsoever] We'll up the ante and place 8, 9, and 10 of the same color
Up the ante? What does that mean?
[Watched a lot of 'Tazza: The High Rollers'] You know, to continue on
Well then we'll remove the 13
and attach 11 and 12
There was something we were supposed to do
We'll attach a 7 here next
That's all for our turn
First we'll draw, we'll draw
Should we draw a tile as well?
- Yeah go ahead - It's no fun to just draw, so would you control me?
[Lazy] Just draw
Now grip!
[Not interested]
It's hard
Should we draw?
I'll draw now
Oh it's a joker
[Another lie]
Is it okay to tell us like that?
It's a lie so it's fine
Could we remove the 9 there?
- No - No, no we can't
[There must be three tiles or more] Not the one in the middle
Not the one in the middle
[Like this] Use your head, would you
I'm learning
It looks like you're despairing, are you okay?
- Don't insult us too much - It's not an insult, this game's a war of nerves
What shall we do
We'll put down three 1's
Three 1's
[That's obvious] Yes it's a 1, 1, 1
- We'll place a 7 - We'll attach it
- Your turn - Is it allowed to attach just one?
Of course
They're saying it's allowed
[It's a learning process] Oh really?
We'll attach a 6 here
Oh good good
- Thanks for that - That was brainy
Now we'll take this
We'll draw
Draw an 11
Oh it's a joker
[Habitual JOKER]
We'll attach an 11
- Oh thank you - Good, good
[Something doesn't feel right] What's he thanking us about?
For attaching a lot of numbers
We'll draw a tile
We'll remove an 11 here
and attach a 10 and 12
And also place 3, 3, and 3
- We'll take the single strike approach - We're done
Oh? It's done
We'll attach a 9
[Use your head] Teach me too. I don't get it
Is it our turn?
We'll attach a 3 here like this
And place it like that
And then
- That's how it's supposed to be done - And an 8 here
- 'THE 8' 8 - And
- Oh we'll stop here - Okay then
[Ace] We're getting nervous!
Oh the tension!
He's very good at the push and pull
Let's...let's just attach everything guys
We'll attach this here
And then a 3
- We're a team that plays by instinct - Here is a 13
That's all
We'll take out the 8
And attach an 8
You want to take THE 8?
Huh? Three 8's? What if one had three arms ('eight' sounds like 'arm' in Korean)?
[Logic Night 2 COMING SOON JUNE 2020]
We'll attach the 11 as well and end our turn
We attached the 11 too
We'll remove this and place it there
And place this one
Wow this game is really advanced
- That's all for us - Oh okay
Now for the game changer
Don't flip the table
- We'll draw - One second!
[Thought it was a 'drawing tiles' game] We'll first remove the 3
- Remove the 3 - And attach 4 and 2
Oh that works too
And end our turn
[Head hurts from using the hands too much] Wow my head hurts
- Is it our turn? - Yeah
- Here goes our hidden card - Now first
we'll take the 10 and 11 out
- And - One second
[Commentating] We can't do that, that leaves one here
- We're going to attach that one like this - Oh right
[Commentating on the disqualified guy] Dino is bored
The blue one, the blue one
-The blue one. -Right, the blue. Okay.
Get that blue 10.
We can do this, and...
Let's remove black 6 and red 6.
-Oh, is there blue 6? -Yes, that's right.
We'll attach it.
And then we'll stick 10 next it too.
-Put 10 after 7, 8, 9. -Where? Here?
-No, there. -Right.
Our turn now.
Only three left, but first of all, 8.
Let us put this 8 on your side.
-8 of THE 8. -And then 10.
Finally, we have a joker.
[The game ends]
Just put it anywhere.
-It doesn't matter where you put it. -Just throw it here.
[Team Brain Storming takes the victory]
Yeah, we should lose at this point.
That was fun.
Am I dropping out again?
[Lies again] Who knows? It might not happen, Hoshi.
[Takes the bait] Alright, I plead you.
[Voting for a Dropout] Guys, time to jot down on the memo.
I wrote it with a lot of considerations.
But Seungkwan,
don't we need to write one more name here?
Did you only write the names from our team?
[It's an anonymous vote in a way] I only thought of me.
[Open voting] Please consider everyone. Wait, why are you staring at me?
That was a close call.
Umm, don't you think there's a big voting gap to call it a close call?
[Revealing the result] Everyone voted one person.
[Why showing the results by teams?] Let's start with this team.
2 votes for WOOZI,
0 vote for Vernon,
and 1 vote for Jun.
Seungkwan has 1, 2, 3, 4 votes.
Team Kwon-Kyu-Soo?
-Yes. -Here's your result.
1 vote for Joshua,
0 for Mingyu,
[An expected result] and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 votes for Hoshi.
[Yay, I'm No. 1 in voting]
[The reaction booth]
Now the dropouts will be the judges(?).
The what?
-The audiences. -Yes, the audiences.
-You're in charge of reactions. -When something sad happens to you, come on, cry.
If there's something happy happens,
Now we don't have to worry about making reactions.
-Good, good. -Carry on with the games without worries.
What's next?
The next game is Bulls and Cows.
Bulls and Cows?
[Bulls and Cows: You set a 4 digit number with numbers from 0-9, and the opposing team has to guess the numbers to win. When you just guess the number right, you say Cow, and when you get the number along with the right digit, you say Bull!]
Did you get the rules now?
Yeah, we got the rules,
but since it's the first time we playing it,
it's pretty exciting.
[Pit-a-pat] We're excited for sure.
[Bulls and Cows START] How about we jump right into it?
Starting with Vernon.
Us first?
Okay, let's go around like this.
We'll go with 0123 then.
[He didn't get the rules] Wait, you say out the number?
No, not ours. We're guessing the opponent's number.
It looks like we have someone with high possibilities of failure already.
[Preparing the reaction]
-We don't have. -No?
-One Cow. -One Cow?
Oh, sorry. One Cow.
[That's a let down] -One Cow? -Is that how you're going to do it?
I mistook the number.
[Interested in the free-ride] Aren't there any Bulls?
[The one who dreams to become an audience] Bulls!
We'll try 9876.
Anyone with 486?
[The secret code getting the shot]
Tell us first.
Two Cows for us.
[Found the calling] -Why do I want to go here? -One Bull for us.
Let us try 3812.
-3812. -3812?
Alright, 3812.
We've got 3812.
We know! Yeah.
[Hoshi is forgotten] Team Kyu-Soo has 2 Cows now.
1 Bull, 2 Cows.
1 Bull and 2 Cows?
Yup, that's right.
1 Bull, 2 Cows.
-So you pronounce Bull with l sound, right? -Right.
Not two Burr, but two Bulls.
The license plate with 3812.
[Bulls and Cows at the car park] If you are the owner, please park your car somewhere else.
Is it our turn now?
Did others go?
Yup, our turn.
We'll try 3456.
3456? 3456.
[Something obvious] Like, 3456 without 1 and 2.
[Please park the car with 3456 somewhere else] Guys, we've got 3456.
[Interesting] -3456. -This game is fun.
All our reactions are different.
-We're thinking so fast for this game. -Two Cows for us.
One Cow for us.
-One Cow. -Alright, one Cow.
Ooh, some people are dropping themselves out.
[An intern for audiences]
Come on, we should thrive through till the end.
You'll drop out when you give it all out.
[Hits the bone] When you're bad at it, you're just bad.
My turn, right?
Right, Challenge 1000 Songs! 4718!
[Playing tricks] Sheesh, talking of all the bulls and cows, I'm getting hungry.
Gosh... Who did that?
-Us. -Two Bulls for us.
Two Bulls!
[He's been waiting for this moment] Two Bulls!
One Bull and two Cows for us.
One Bull and two Cows for us?
One Bull and two Cows for us.
[They are one team] The opponent team is pretty nervous right now.
Hey, take part in the game, man!
This is difficult.
The game gives me a headache.
The Team Why Bother With has two Bulls.
The Team Brain has one Bull and two Cows.
Team Brain.
Hang on.
I think you should just come here, DK.
[Reserve a seat for me] Please wait, I'll be there in a minute.
This is super hard!
[Team Brain Storming] I feel like I'm thinking of our lunch menu now.
[Team Reaction] You're right, I'm thinking of that too.
We'll go, okay?
Two Cows for us.
Two Cows.
Nope, it's one Cow and one Bull.
One Cow and one Bull?
Oh, yeah. One Cow and one Bull. Sorry.
Two Bulls for us.
Two Bulls.
Everyone looks like someone who's doing homework and studying rather than playing games.
I would have looked intelligent when I did that.
[New aptitude] Hey, let me try and disrupt.
[The joke of complacency] WOOZI, we should play a catch.
[Disruption ends] Yeah, play catch, and that's it.
[Reserved a game of catch with WOOZI] Okay, I got an appointment now~
Let us give it a go.
-4879. -Yup.
[Sharon Boo]
Can we answer?
Two Cows.
Two Cows.
Two Cows.
One Bull and one Cow for us.
[Mr. Boo's English class] -One Bull, and one Cow. -You should add an 's' to make it plural.
-Today's English class. -One Bull and one Cow.
One Cow?
[He's pretending as if he's using his head as well] I think 8 and 9 are confirmed.
DK seems like he's concentrating again, but he isn't.
[Tickling the hand warmer] He's scratching that for no reason.
What are you scribbling on the hand warmer?
I'm actually embarrassed to sit here.
We'll go, okay?
-Shall we, WOOZI? -Sure.
[6318 Spot on]
Yup, the end.
We got it, right?
[The victory goes to Team Kwon-Kyu-Soo]
-When there were 2 Bulls, we were already... -You are so good!
Yeah, I did a great job this time!
You're so good.
What's your answer? 4, something, something, 6?
6318 for us.
9268 for us.
5814 for us.
Everyone had 8 in their digit.
So, Team Kyu-Soo wins?
[It's Team Kwon-Kyu-Soo, thank you] Yeah, they did.
Right, it's time for another voting~
I welcome it anytime.
To save some time, if you're willing to drop out, please do.
Yes, sir!
Huh? We have another audience!
[The importance of preparation]
Who are you and where are you from?
[DK (Age 24) Audience / Specialized good hand] I'm DK from Yongin.
We should select another dropout from another team.
-Do I choose? -Yes, you can point at any of them.
[Searching for the aim] If that's so...
Tell me why! I need an explanation.
-Jun wants to live. -Oh, really?
-Fine, then. I will not choose. -Oh, shall we?
So DK is out on his own.
So shall we point finger at the dropout
to one of Vernon, WOOZI, and Jun?
[They love democracy] How about we three just talk it over?
Sure, go ahead.
[The answer is clear] I honestly want to play Gomoku.
-Ah, is that why you wanted to talk it over? -You want to play the next game, right?
Just go rock, scissors, paper then.
That's right. Just go with rock, scissors, paper.
Rock, scissors, paper!
Rock, scissors, paper!
-All three want to be the smart ones. -Rock, scissors, paper!
[Jun is out]
How about we try it out for fun too?
Rock, scissors, paper!
[The luck is on his side]
1st place in rock, scissors, paper!
To be continued in episode 2



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