A2 初級 其他腔 50 分類 收藏
[GOING SEVENTEEN - Monthly issue no.2]
This is Boo SeungKwan's Past Life Destiny, Paired Up Sports Day
Corner no.2, Twist on the acupressure plate
[Matching top and bottom] Twist~
[Couple look] Twist~ Twist~
- Does everyone know this game? - We don't~
- Do you know~
- No we don't~ - You don't know, right?
- So first, me and Wonwoo will show you a demonstration
Spin the wheel, please
- Put your left foot on the green circle - You can choose whichever green you want
Now next
If we're lucky enough to get a left foot again
Oh left foot!
[Cloud] Oh!
[Cloud must be in the air] You just need to keep it in the air
What if you get 'in the air' for right foot too?
[Seems he could actually fly up somehow] You need to fly
- The first team to lose balance or fail to stay the position themselves properly, loses - Got it!
[Ggyu] It seems Mingyu~WOOZI wants to go first
So Mingyu~WOOZI, you can choose your opponent team
The team you want to compete against
Hoshi DK?
[Brain killer / Body killer] - Seoksoon_talk? - This team is a real crook and that team is too sporty
[Takes up video length] At least they're funny
It seems like it will be a funny loss to your team, right?
Seoksoon_talk, and Mingyu-WOOZI will begin the first match
We will go first
So first you must tell them which side to go on
DK, you can go to the green, and Hoshi, you can go to the red
[Too lazy] You can do the same
[(Standing on the acupressure plate) DK has obtained +1 of video length]
[Giving up video length?] I will confidently show my back to the camera
[Back of his head / Back] We'll spin the wheel, right away
[What will they get for the first spin?] First!
Oh they're different, they're all different
[Left hand - Green]
So left hand to green
Oh WOOZI's team is already struggling
That team has positioned themselves in a more difficult way
[Wasn't necessary to cross over] Just go for it, we'll see as we go
[There's an acupressure plate underneath] - Ouch this hurts it hurts it hurts - Ok we'll go for the second spin
[What will they get for the second spin?
[Mix use of Korean and English] Ri-gh-t-han-d Green?
[Right hand to green] - Hey you need to put your hand there - Then you put it there
[Right hand] I was going to put it there
[Great combo] It's not easy right? Is this team struggling?
We made this difficult for ourselves
[Rushing] - If we get a 'in the air' thing, then it'll get easier - Hand hand hand!
Right foot to yellow
Right side, right side!
- Where are you going for? To where? - The one at the very end
[Mingyu~WOOZI going smoothly with a good communication] The one at the very end? Then I'll go for this one
- Oh WOOZI's team has a more stable balance now - This team made it difficult for them
- I'll spin it again - This kind of looks like a sculpture
It looks beautiful right now
Left hand to green, we already have it there, right?
We can move to a different circle, right?
I'm so tired
So right hand to yellow
- It's more comfortable now, right? - Oh yes a little
- For me.. oh I chose the wrong one - I messed it up
You're following the standard way of doing this
- It looks like someone is using defensive tactics on you - Now right foot to yellow
[Takes more video length]
What is this
So we'll move on!
- It's like yoga, DK is doing yoga right now - I feel like I'm doing the same
[Hurry up please go go]
Now left foot to yellow
- Left foot to.. - DK might get comfortable!
[Moved from here to there] - It's a little more comfortable - Fighting, Mingyu
What is that lol
Uh oh?
No no!
What is that lol
Uh oh?
No no!
[Mingyu~WOOZI loses] - No no! - You are out!
Seoksoon_talk is the winner!
Wait, you should have a look at DK
[Has his foot behind his hand] Isn't this just extraordinary?
- Wow this is really.. - This is really the standard twisting position for this game
So to this, Seoksoon_talk wins the first game!
That was actually quite difficult
- The next team (for competition) we're left with 3 teams, right? - Yes
One team will join by default
[MY I team gets to join by default, winning rock paper scissors] MY I team will join by default
[Second match JHHJ VS old lunchbox team]
You can choose the sides for each team
- Jeonghan - We will choose green and yellow for them
[Likes yellow] We will choose blue and yellow for them
We'll spin the wheel right away, THE 8!
One two three
Right foot to green
Ok good
One two three
Right hand?
Left hand
Left hand to blue
I think Shua (Joshua) has already messed up slightly
[Yes, it's Shua's hand] - Oh Joshua! - Is he B-boying?
Isn't he doing whoop-whoop?
We need to move our foot
Oh we got a hand
- Now change your left hand to yellow - Left hand to yellow
- Left hand yellow! Left hand yellow! - It's better now, left hand to yellow
[Not functioning] Left hand to yellow, yes, left to yellow
- So at this point everyone's brain started shutting down - Oh why is this so confusing?
Now next!
[Uses this chance to cheat] Oh Jeonghan, you can't take them off!
Vernon is only using up a small space
Right hand to green
This is really easy for Vernon
[Stable] Hey Dino
[An example of a topic for Lonely Night : Existence of 3 hands]
[It's like you're going to blast off] - What would you do if your arm comes out through your legs? - Dino, you look like you're going to jump up there
My blood is rushing to my brain..
Ok, so everyone is all fine, right?
We're spinning it!
Right hand to the air
[Hand comes out through the legs] - Oh that's great, it came out again - Right hand in the air? This is too easy
Straight to the next one, right hand to red!
- Oops! - Right foot to red
- Can we do it like this? - Yes you can
Isn't it better to move it here?
Now if this time, Vernon gets his hand through his legs
Ready, set, go!
Right hand to yellow
Where do you want to put it?
I'll put it here
Wow Vernon, wow..
[Looking cool] - Very good - Wow Vernon's posture!
Left hand to blue
Left hand to blue
Wow everyone is doing great
Joshua's legs look tired
Aren't your legs a little tired?
Now left foot
- Green - Left foot to green
- My left foot on green?
- You go, Shua
[Dying to win]
- Wow Shua! - Oh B-boy!
Yap B-boy!
Seems like my legs will start to have cramp
[Lost] Is this the left foot?
No it's the other foot!
- Is everyone OK? - Yup!
Right foot on green
Right foot on green?
Wow Jeonghan!
Everyone, please look at Dino
[Right hand on yellow / left hand on blue / both feet on green] - Hey - He's a psychic
- Hey spin it fast! - There's a frog in the studio!
[This isn't cool though] - Ugh...I wanted to do cool things in 2020...
[Bang] Well, right food on blue!
Right food to blue!
[Finally able to breathe] Ah I can breathe now!
Here we go!
Right foot in the air
[Psychic] Is that right foot in the air?
[Slips] Is that right foot in the air?
Joshua, I saw you!
- No I didn't I didn't - 3 seconds Joshua!
-Next person! Go! Go Go Go!
Oh Dino is about to die!
Right hand to green
[Left hand escapes]
- Spin it, Quickly! - Dino, you're out!
No wait wait!
[Old lunchbox fails] Hey this clearly is failing
[JHHJ makes it to semi final] JHHJ couple wins
Before we go on to the final, two teams, one winning team and the other won by default,
- Should we decide by default again? - How about butt-pushing game?
DK's butt will fight for this team
I am the butt of this team
[MY I representative THE 8 / JHHJ representative Jeonghan / Seoksoon_talk representative Butt (DK)] The competition begins now
Ready set!
[The controversial scene] Go!
[No prize even after the winning]
- Hey are you ok? - Are you ok?
[Collects himself right away]
God you scared me....
[Deeply sorry] - So what do we do now? - Doesn't it hurt?
DK you could just win by default
[Seventeen being harmonious as always] Yeah, DK's team can have the win
Well then, semi-final match begins!
Where should we stand?
Where should WE stand?
[Competitive] You guys tell us first
No I'm going after you
No no just...
We're just going free of order in this round
Also if you every let either your hand or foot off the ground this time
[Assuming the role of a judge] - Or even let your knees touch the floor, you're out - We're taking this judging rules seriously over here
- We're spinning the wheel now - This is so cruel
[Only have won by default] - The world is cruel, Mr. Jeonghan - Well it's left hand on blue
Left hand?
Here we go
Left foot to green
Left foot is this foot
Next is right hand on gren
You just have to not touch the greens
Left foot in the air
Myungho is having a hard time
- Hey wow, what is this? - Wow Shua!
Wow that's astonishing, Jeonghan!
Hey hurry!
You are showing a real cool match here
Right foot on red!
You have to move while remaining still! Stay still!
Red on right foot seems a bit tough for Jeonghan, huh?
[Big challenge for Jeonghan..!] - You can only make one move - You have to go straight from there
[Acknowledgeable] This is alright, right?He passed right?
Well on to the next! on to the next!
Wow how did he carry that out....
Wow, this is unbelievable
We're really showing off a quality of showdown here
Ok, now you have to put right foot in the air as well!
Shua just has to float in the air
Wow! he made it! that's acceptable!
Acceptable acceptable!
On to the next Go Go Go!
Wait didn't they fail here first?
What? didn't they fail here first?
Even Jeonghan didn't do it, he didn't
One two three!
Thanks to these two folks for showing a real game
[As always, it always comes down to] let's decide by butt pushing
Why had we gone through this?
This is the main game
Ok, the winner gets to go to the final
[Who will win at last?!] Ready set go!
Aren't we the winning team?
[JHHJ makes to the final] Joshua team wins
- His one foot slipped off from the start - You guys are great survivors!
Let's just go right away Now!
Getting a little greedy today. aren't you?
[MC Myung] [Final match] Then the team JHJ...JHHJ
will go against Seoksoo_talk in the final
Well then, you guys each go for red and green
[Green / Red] - What? You guys are each standing on it - Yup
[Sneaky] Then you guys both go for red
- What? You guys are already on it? - Ok, we will begin now
Let's go!
Right hand to green
Come on Hoshi, let's win this game!
Everyone has their left hand in the air right?
Yes good
Right foot on yellow
[Needless abbreviation] Right foot... right foot is this way so right side
Right hand to red
Do we have to go around? Oh it's red on right hand
Right foot on green
Wow DK might have some hard time
[Please go further, my hairtail foot]
We're going for 'left foot on red' now
- Go one step backward - Ok, it's going great
Wow great work DK very good!
Next is left foot on blue
[Stifling tight match] Left foot on blue
Why does our finger keep touching the ground?
Right foot on green
DK's finger makes me want to get a zoom on it
We're spinning it right away
- Ok right foot in the air - This is just the beginning right?
-Jeoghan, this must be hard for you
[Advanced level as it proceeds to final] - Left hand should be in the air, right? - Jeonghan must have a hard time
- Jeoghan's posture is easy to have a cramp - Do it this instance!
Now, it's right hand in the air!
Even the right hand?
[Sustaining themselves with only one foot...!] On to the next!
Right hand in the air?
[Can Jeonghan endure..!] Jeonghan! Jeonghan!
- Here I go! - Be quick!
[Good night] Ah!
DK went to bed
[Held it till the last minute] We really should respect that, truly
How did this side go? Have you done it properly?
Yeah we did it properly
- The JHHJ acupressure plate twister! - We're really good with playing games
[Final winner JHHJ] - Wins! - Ah that was close
- I got envious - Good
[Prize - Compliment from MC] Well done
- Yeah, thank you - You were almost a zombie.
Are your thighs okay?
It's fine.
[Signature finishing words] Thank you
You should say it as if the air is going out.
Thank youuuu....
[#4 Final mate decision, Try and take my mate]
[The subtle moment] Boo SeungKwan's
[Never misses] Castella
Long time no hear
Boo SeungKwan's Castella
Thank you for knowing what it is
Boo SeungKwan's Past Life Destiny!
Exciting Monday Burning Night...
- Do it do it! - Alright
Do it!
Somebody's very quick
[Never said he'll help] You guys told me to not be hesitant, and nobody's helping me out
Sorry, but it's hard to remember
- It's about time you all remember this really... - We were too busy playing games
[Upset] - Let's try again - No it's okay, we won't
- Your throat might hurt - Let's give it a go
[Not upset] - Shall we? - Yeah
Exciting Monday Burning Night...
Yoo hoo~
Now this is the main corner of Past Life Destiny
Final mate decision,
Try and take my mate
Oh I'm excited! Excited!
[Why abbreviate everything] Try ta-ma~
[Tempting] - Don't you feel nervous of losing your mate? - Sure yeah
Then you should not let that happen
[Got the sign] And this is the last chance for you Wonwoo to find your mate
Let's continue briskly
The first match, JHHJ, please come forward
There chemistry is very good though
[The member over there] Call out the name of a member who you thought
'I love that member'
In the count of three.
One, two, three!
- Joshua! - Jeonghan!
[Never changes mind]
[Sad] Then JHHJ don't lose each other
[JHHJ final match decided] - and love each other forever? - Yes
I thought he would call me
Was there something you didn't like about each other while playing games today?
You guys fought a lot while playing the limbo.
[Speaks informally when in disadvantage] When did I?
Let's just say I'm the strange one.
Let's just say I'm the strange one.
[What will be MY I's choice?] One two three!
[Shaking each other's tree]
- They're shaking their trees - They were shaking their trees
[Editing] - You gave us the moment for the ad - The shrimp Gambas
Okay gotcha
[What will their destiny be..?] - Ah I'm disappointed - One two three!
[Betrayal] - THE 8 - Wonwoo!
[Grabs the collar]
See you next time~
Now that you shouted Wonwoo's name,
Wonwoo has to come to the front
Come up here Wonwoo
Wonwoo, would you take THE 8's heart?
[What will be Wonwoo's choice...!]
Yes I will.
[Lost partner]
Then a new couple is made
[New match confirmed] Yes, we have a new couple so Jun has lost his partner
Oh my oh my what to do?
[I'm shy] - Then shouldn't Jun go to SeungKwan - No no, I am...
Can't Jun appeal to SeungKwan?
Why? I'm open minded... Am I always open though?
[Closed person] I also have my heart
Now Jun can't even have my heart
Jun's outfit sort of looked like a team outfit
[Very shabby style] - But it looks as though he's going to the grocery - Oh yeah?
[Sausage style] - You shouldn't be the one to tell me that - Convenient store sausage!
You look as though you're displayed in a supermarket
He buys you at the supermarket
[Old lunchbox's final decision] Next Vernon and Dino come up to the front, please
[Tempting] Dino's outfit is very similar to mine
Have you firmly made up your mind?
Did you have anyone particularly in mind when playing games today?
[Lee Chan / Entertainer] It really was hard
Because how he played looked very awesome
Why that tone?
[Documentary mode] Why are you so serious suddenly?
He's caring about his image
[Dino / Funny Entertainer] It really was hard!
Vernon also is a very good member
- but I did think of some other members too - Yeah yeah~
Let us see
[Peek a boo] Okay great
[Tired] Shout out on the count of three
[What will be the choice of the old lunchbox...!] One two three!
- Vernon. - Dino.
[Old lunchbox match confirmed]
I did think of someone else
[Reasonable suspicion] You're sort of annoyed of having to ask others again right?
No no never
[Seoksoon_talk's decision time] Come up front, Seoksoon_talk
Were there anything you felt bad about each other?
Nothing bad, it's just...
- I was very touched - Ah..
- But I hope Seoksoon_talk lasts for a long time - Okay. Now let go of each other's hands
Tell us on the count of three
One two three!
- Jeonghan - Mingyu
What did you say!
You said you'd pick me?
[Mud fight]
You said you'll pick me over there.
For 5 years as Seoksoon_talk
we now can see that this relationship was formed out of business
- Jeonghan? - Yes, Jeonghan.
- Mingyu? - Yes
[Temptation of DK] - Now is there anything DK wants to - Yes
say to Jeonghan?
I just want to do something with Jeonghan
He has always been my roommate
and I hope he takes this sincerely
[What will Jeonghan say?!!] What will Jeonghan's decision be like?
I'd pick Joshua!
[Hoshi trying to lure] Now Hoshi, to Mingyu
I'll sing a bit
Oh you're going to sing?
[Performance mastermind]
[Cracks up]
[God of no-music performance]
- What happens if I don't go along? - Sir, this Karaoke is closed
Give him some snack and kick him out
I proposed to you singing 'You're the one'
[Have no words to say] Was that a proposal?
[Crying] I was hitting on you
Are you going to take me?
I'm sorry
- What now? - You two are a couple now
Wow cool!
[This is what it's like to be meant to be] I love you!
Seoksoon_talk, Soonseok_talk, everybody talk, Carat talk, baby talk talk talk, please knock on my, tok!
[Seoksoon_talk is a couple now]
[Happy Ending] Now~WOOZI, Mingyu!
[Who is going to be their choice?] Who are you two going to chose?
One Two Three
- Dino - Mingyu
WOOZI's betrayed!
You must be shocked
I mean, I want to say to Mingyu
[Really sharp in observation] to stop trying so hard to be funny
- Well he's the one that has to carry this out - I know
[Didn't think it that way] - So much pressure - Let's see Mingyu's wooing
[Haughty] So Mingyu, just so you know, I have a very high expectation
So it'd better be good
- To be honest, I can't even see you right now, Vernon - With your flattering words..
His eyes are really like
'I'm really excited about this'
He's fluttered right now
[Mingyu's seduction START] Music start!
[Light dance]
[He changes]
[Keeping in step with dance]
[What the..]
[Manly man Kim Mingyu]
Oh! Okay, alright.
[Not done yet]
Right now, WOOZI's face is like
[Eww] What do you think about this?
How did you see it?
Does GOING.. has an age restriction?
[It's not R-rated anyways] Does it?
If Dino dances with you, you'll be a couple
- If not, I'm just dancing alone? - Yes that's right
- I'm so excited to see what Dino's going to do - Now, one two three!
[Here goes the manly man]
Is he going to hug him?
[What is their fate going to be like?!]
Is it going to happen?
[It was FAKE, dude]
[Old lunchbox stays as they are]
[Mingyu fails to seduce]
Come on!
[Protecting his mate]
[Anyways, final decision is done] - So because of Mingyu's desire to get in.. - You did a good job. You looked sad
Well done
Is there any other games left?
[Never ending game] Yes, there are some.
[You are too not telling the truth] - Oh it's too good - Yea right?
[Making a fuss] I'm already excited!
You are my best scene!
- You are my best scene! - Best scene
It's where we parody one of the best scenes from movies or dramas
How much funny it is
And how realistic it is, these two are going to be the main criteria
- Alright - Shall we start?
[#5 Best scenes parody, you are my best scene]
[Everyone's reading their script] Yes, I guess you guys are going to show us your best acting, because you guys are already
reading the scripts really thoroughly
'I'm Sorry, I Love You'
'The Wailing'
'Rustic Period', and 'Lovers in Paris'
You've all chosen like these.
Our Jun, you used to be a child actor
Are you going to do a demo?
No, I'm going to be the jury
[Today's jury]
[What's the criteria for today?] What points are you going to look closely at?
Is there any criteria?
[Not a big deal kind of look] I guess you are all good at normal acting,
so I'm going to see the details, and I want something original
Original acting
- Something fresh? - Out of pre-existing script, how are you going to carry it out freshly?
[Reinterpreting freshly is critical] In your own styles, how detailed can you go is important
These are the first ones to do it
Vernon, Dino, our old lunchbox team
- Too hard, too hard~ - Too much pressure here~
[Ver-Soojung] Vernon is doing the the role of our Lim Soo-jung, the actress,
[Di-Jisub] and I'll be doing So Ji-sub.
But today I'm going to do a little bit of Cha Minhyuk's impression..
Ready, action
[Everyone (who is born before Millennium) knows this scene]
[Low voice Soo-jung] Pull over the car, now
[He's not holding a spoon] Do you want to have dinner with me? Or do you want to cut hair with me?
Ha.. Just pull over the car now!
Do you want to have dinner with me? Or clip nails with me?
I'm just going to open the door and jump off!
Do you want to have dinner with me? Or live with me!
[Whisper] Pretend that you're opening the door
[Grabbing by the collar]
Do you want to have dinner with me?? Or!
[Grab] Do you want to die with me
[The end]
- It was great - At the end.. by any chance..
[That scene of legend]
Do you want to have dinner with me?? Or!
Do you want to die with me?
Wow. How was Jun's acting?
Well, first of all, Dino's last line, 'Do you want to die with me' was very strong
[Very simple]
Next team. Jun, who do you want it to be?
Well, I really want to see THE 8 and Wonwoo act
What's the drama that you have?
It's 'Rustic Period'
Oh Myungho~
Myungho is Kim Doohan
Seo Doohan
Ready, action!
[The legendary scene] One dollar is too little
Let's make it 4 dollars
4 dollars?
4 dollars
Lets go with 4 dollars
How can we raise a 1 dollar worth pay four times its original worth?
Let's go with 1.5 dollars
4 dollars
[He is good with his acting]
4 dollars
2.5 dollars
4 dollars
Nonsense! 3 dollars
Hey Kim Doohan, it is already 3 times the original pay!
It has almost tripled! This has come to a situation which makes no sens...
Why is this guy so serious?
He is so serious with his act!
[Burst of laughter that was barely kept inside] Are you auditioning for something?
No I am setting the stage
[Cat-like face] - I am setting the stage - This raise is pure nonsense!
4 dollars
Do not interrupt!
Sigh.. this is driving me crazy
Alright, 4 dollars
Thank you
[The end]
THE 8 4 dollars
THE 8 is good with his acting
[THE 4 dollars]
- I can be good with it if I don't laugh - Everyone laughed except for Jun
It was a very fresh experience from THE 8 for me
[End of evaluation] Thank you for your effort
Next up is our..
[A try from Seoksoon_talk] Hoshi and DK stood up
Our team will be performing the 'The Wailing'
'The Wailing?'
'The Wailing' is a very difficult work to act
That act where Hyojin gets angry
[The kid that says "What is important] I am Hyojin
Dojin, Dojin
[Not a pigeon] Let us see if they can perform the act from 'The Wailing' excellently
Ready, action!
[Kwon Dowon] Lee Hyojin, sit up straight
I'm a policeman
I know when you lie
Have you met that person?
Tell me
Where did you see him and what did you do with him!
Tell me
Why do I have to tell you that?
It is an important question
What is important?
Stop playing with me!
What is important?
[Suddenly in a sitcom tone of voice] Why is it important!
A nail!
The nail! the nail! the nail!
[The skills of an musical actor] The nail! The nail is what is important!
- This nail is important (Nail sounds similar to what in Korean) - This nail!
This nail is what is important!
Is it?
Do you need it screwed?
You should have told me earlier!
[The perfect summary]
Is it the nail that was so important?
[A perfect interpretation of the act]
Isn't this the best?
Where did the grandfather and grandmother come out all of a sudden?
From Hyojin to a grandmother...yes...
This was the best
[Evaluation] How was it, Jun?
I have nothing to say
Nothing to say
[Going on strike not telling his feelings of this act]
This is an act that overwhelmed viewers that left them
speechless, this was just...
This was great
Did I do good?
Yes, you are good with getting angry
[Greedy for a place in movie] Please contact me
But there are still 4 people that cannot laugh
[The four that can't laugh]
- You must be worried - People that haven't finished their act must be nervous
This is so much of a burden~
I have a high expectation for other groups
- One team even went to acting classes.. - Right, they took the acting classes
[People that went to acting classes] - These people went to acting classes for university - That is not true
It is true, don't lie to us
I have high expectations
[Featured in a web drama] (Joshua) made his debut on screen by a web drama named Eighteen 2
- (Mingyu) made his debut in Thailand - A Thai actor
[Was an actor in a Thai sitcom] Don't say that~
And this person here is a songwriter
[A songwriter for SEVENTEEN] I have no experience in acting
Is there anyone that wants to go first?
Wouldn't it be better to go first?
- Then come up on stage - Okay
This is such a burden
['I'm Sorry, I Love You' start!] We will begin
[A car sound from a former acting class student]
[The acting skills of a web drama] Pull over the car
Do you want to have a dinner with me? Do you want to go to my house?
Pull over the car now!
Do you want to have a dinner with me or do you want to go to my house?
[A hopeful improvisation] I already ate pork back-bone stew]
Do you want to have a dinner with me? Do you want to go home with me?
[Opening the door]
No, no!
No! No! That seat!
The door is broken
[A shocking ending] No that is not....!
[Faster than the car] The door is broken!
[Stunt act] Now that is not...!
I mean, do you want to have a dinner with me..
[The end]
So the door was broken?
He opened the door before I could tell him
The stunt act by Joshua was a great act
He even did stunt moves
I was almost drawn into that scene
We were requested to act in order to draw people into the screen
Jun, are you speechless again?
[Forming the rhyme with 'touch'] It was touching and a act that I cannot dare to touch...
It was touching~
It was also an act that was untouchable
Last up is Mingyu~WOOZI
Biggest hit in Thailand
I am going serious
- Yes, seriously - Ready, action
['Lovers in Paris' action!] What? What are you?
What are you doing here?
Are you an idiot?
Why can't you say something?
That bastard was treating you that way and why are you staying still?
Uhm.. I didn't have a chance to say something
[Logical] - Since you are always speaking I couldn't find the timing to speak... - Why can't you say something?
What is that mouth for then?
[Can't lie] - I have a mouth - Can't you yell?
I could if I wanted to
Why don't you tell him to take his hand off?
He could
But...that...that friend is your friend
What friend? I don't have a friend like that
I endured it because I thought of you
I am the one that will endure it
Did I ask you for that?
And why did you endure it?
[A quick answer] The reason why I said nothing was because if I get angry it will worsen the situation
That man is my man
That man is my man!
Why can't you say that?
- If you act rude like that, then it could put pressure on.. - Break up!
[The end] Good job good job good job~
It was the best
You even have script dramatization skills
Anyways we saw all couples' acts.
You know that this all becomes dark moments in the past you want to erase
It was cute, very cute
Now Jun needs to choose the best couple performance prize
[Which performance stole the judge's heart?] Have you made up your mind?
The best couple prize that I think goes to
[firm] best couple performance prize
best couple performance prize
I'm nervous
[expecting] Hoshi is expecting
Mingyu and WOOZI were great but you guys aren't the winners
You are not!
Our Joshua's performance of falling down from the car and rolling...
What is really important?
[Jun's choice is...!!]
Hoshi and DK!
[Best couple performance prize goes to Seoksoon_talk]
[Encore performance] - Are you really going to act like this? - What is really important?
I said what is really important!
What is!!
Seriously there are members who are very enthusiastic about this single content
- Thank you - Award acceptance speech, award acceptance speech
Yes, award acceptance speech
I'm happy
[End of the speech]
Thank you
Thank you!
Great, you've tried out the best scene
Boo SeungKwan's Past Life Destiny!
We only have the last vote left.
What kind of vote do we have?
So it doesn't really matter if we won the game or not?
We just had a fun time
[Passing the vote result sheet] Are the results out?
Yest, right now in my hands
I have the results
[Is this it?] Is it a prize?
It's more of a celebration necklace than a prize
You give it like this, and this is how it goes
Ah there is nothing really special like you said in the beginning.
[Clean broadcasting 'Boo SeungKwan's Past Life Destiny'] Yeah, I told you guys not to be so enthusiastic but you all did by themselves
[Moments of being enthusiastic / moments of being enthusiastic 22] If you have to play a game..
But I am so grateful
You worked hard, it's great
I just asked them to look forward but the members were all so hardworking,
so whoever wins first place, we are all MVPs today,
but I will now have to announce
the results that you yourselves have voted for
Boo SeungKwan's Past Life Destiny!
The first past life duo is!
[First past life destiny...!?]
Old lunchbox!
[First place with four votes] We received four votes
and we voted for old lunchbox
[Voting result - old lunchbox]
[Dino, Vernon]
[Vernon Dino]
[Hoshi DK]
[DK Hoshi]
[Mingyu WOOZI]
[WOOZI Mingyu]
[Joshua Jeonghan]
[Jeonghan Joshua]
We were trying to split the votes so that the other team would not win, but then all the votes ended up going to them
Yeah splitting the votes to prevent them from wining made all the votes to go to this side
[The reason of wining first place] Like voting for the least likely..
The teams that had the highest chances, Mingyu~WOOZI and team JHJH actually
[An ending very much like Past Life Destiny] were holding each other, and thanks to that, suddenly the old lunchbox
the old lunchbox came out.
I mean today, we were almost nonexistent
[modest] we didn't do much today
I love this old lunchbox team so much
How do you feel?
I feel so... so great
It makes me dance
For whatever reason, my members voted for me
[I'll bear in my mind] so I will be grateful and work hard for Going Seventeen shoots
Thank you
Though we had to be at the makeup place by 830 in the morning,
I am thankful for my members who worked so hard, and
the first Boo SeungKwan's Past Life Destiny
though I am not sure when we will be back again all together,
- I would like to say that today was very successful - It was fun
So lastly,
Non fiction! Situation! Chemi Variety!
Boo SeungKwan's Past Life Destiny!
Exciting Monday Burning Night!
[See you next time~] Please look forward to the next burning Monday!
Couple dances~
Please do this once, this this
Thank you!


[GOING SEVENTEEN 2020] EP.7 부승관의 전생연분 #3 (SeungKwan Boo's Past Life Destiny #3))(小十七) ([GOING SEVENTEEN 2020] EP.7#3 (SeungKwan Boo's Past Life Destiny #3))

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莊詠婷 發佈於 2020 年 4 月 1 日
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