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  • Fight!

  • You are literally blowing into a fan, there(!)

  • Lego with a hat.

  • It's an origami toad.

  • That's pretty advanced for this competition. Versus, er... Baby Bl... oh, bloody hell!

  • I don't know which side the crowd will be on in this one.

  • We have beautiful, hand-made, crocheted robot...

  • ...versus a toilet.

  • Piloted by someone from actual Robot Wars...

  • No way you come out of this looking good, mate. No matter what!

  • Lost a wheel, there's a wheel gone there -- oh!

  • Oh, koala-bot is gone!

  • So our grand final...

  • Will Tictac and Pingu please take to the stage!

  • 2! 1! Activate!

  • 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

  • The winner has to be: Tictac!

  • For your astonishing efforts despite failing immediately, I award you...

  • this box!

  • And the prize for the winner of Hebocon UK

  • at Electromagnetic Field 2016

  • and a very deserving winner,

  • please give it up

  • for Tictac!

  • That was Hebocon, we hope you enjoyed the show, good night!

  • Thank you to our film crew, thank you to all the roboteers,

  • thank you to Jim for running everything

  • I'm going to get out of this tuxedo. Good night!

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B1 中級

海博康英國。故意可怕的機器人戰鬥 (Hebocon UK: Deliberately Terrible Robot Fighting)

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