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  • Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video now.

  • In February 2014 in video launched the AM GTX 745 a now direct IX 12 graphics card built on the G M 107 architecture, the same found in the genetic 7 57 50 t I as an R E M or original equipment manufacturer card.

  • It would have originally been found as part of Dale or Fujitsu pre built Peces, though there can now be picked up on used market places like eBay.

  • Thing is, though, the prices aren't too great.

  • On the best deals on these are those where the GPU is still part of the whole system.

  • What I like about the card is that they are rated at just 55 watts require 300.

  • What power supply on our low profile in size, meaning they'll fit and work in a wide variety of systems, just like a modern day GT 10 30 for example, which may have answered your question already as to whether or not one of these is worth it.

  • Unlike the unlocked GM, one of seven GP used the 745 features only DDR three v ram in either a two gigabyte or forget variant off, which it probably can't utilize the DDR three.

  • Also sounds like bad news, given my experience in comparing Judy are five and DDR three g B use in the past, though, with no Jew DDR five versions available.

  • We can't really miss what we never had.

  • So what can you do with a card like this?

  • Oh, the games, like far cry three will run quite well.

  • I targeted a stable 30 FBS through our 60 would have been a bit of a task.

  • Far cry 31 off, if not the best in the series, in my opinion, ran at medium settings with an average primary of 50.

  • This will drop a little as the action heats up.

  • The 1% in 10.1% lows you see on screen here meant that there wasn't really any issues with stutter as I explored the colorful and dense open world, even though you can't help but think or wonder how well a Jew DDR five variant would have done should it have ever been released with regard to the two good version, I don't think you'd see too much of a difference because the card can't make use of all that via RAM.

  • It has, and it's simply not strong enough.

  • Moving on to new games and Resident Evil seven will also run at a stable 30 F.

  • P s with the medium in game settings.

  • I took this footage from the opening our and because this is quite a slow paced game, the frame rate didn't really differ too much.

  • No matter the area of the house I was in turning the rendering option to interlaced Fernie in Game menu also gave me a little frame boost so that might be worth doing if you're on the line between what you may consider playable and unplayable.

  • Surprisingly, Fallout four also managed to run a medium settings with 38 f.

  • P.

  • S.

  • I took a stroll around the area surrounding Sanctuary in Concord and found that the game state pretty playable.

  • So I did encounter a crash to the desktop as I approached the Bridge to sanctuary, which followed a drop in frame rates.

  • This only happened once.

  • I'm happy to report so may have just been a General Bethesda type bug.

  • There will be some drops to the low thirties or even twenties.

  • If you're a fan of frequently using explosives in this game, it's those framed drops that make the experience very hit or miss.

  • Another game I recently repurchase, thanks to a huge sale, was Metro Re ducks.

  • Last light specifically is the one I still haven't completed, though doing such a thing should be possible on a GTX 745 at the low settings with for allegedly resolution.

  • Once again, I played through the opening couple of levels here with no problem on.

  • After the action stopped, the frame rate even increased a little more.

  • But I chose this area to demonstrate a worst case scenario type situation moving onto watchdogs, too.

  • And I chose this title because it's a fairly new release.

  • The represents what you'll probably have to do with the 745 to make most games from within the last year or two as well as upcoming title was playable on.

  • What I mean by that is turned things down to 7 20 p.

  • Having said that, I played around with the settings a bit and ended up with a mixed bag, though I made sure the average state above 30 f ps, and it did with 32.

  • That's not to say you won't experience data as well as frame drops occasionally into the mid twenties.

  • Throughout your time in San Francisco, last of all its Overwatch, taking into account the results from different Mattress all played a 10 80 p lo settings, and the overall average was 50 f.

  • P s.

  • If you enable a 60 f P s frame rate cap and reduce the resolution scale, then you can expect her near solid 60 frames per second experience almost all of the time.

  • Keeping a rest scale it 100 will mean a few frame rate sacrifices.

  • But again, remember, we are working with DDR three V ram here, as opposed to the more popular and more capable Judy DDR five.

  • So, guys, there we have it.

  • I hope you've enjoyed this video, and I hope it gave you a rough idea of how the Jew tick 745 will perform.

  • Also, if you've never heard of the card, I hope it helps explain just where this car can be found on why you probably shouldn't really buy one.

  • That being said, thank you very much.

  • for watching.

  • If you enjoy this video lever, like on it down below, click this like if you didn't subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already and hopefully I'll see you all in the next one.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video now.


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