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  • this morning, a rare look inside a New York City hospital at doctors and nurses fighting to save lives.

  • Elmhurst Hospital in Queens is now overrun with Corona virus patients.

  • 13 people died from the virus at the hospital in just 24 hours.

  • Today is kind of getting worse and worse Way had to get a refrigerated truck to store the bodies of patients who are dying.

  • Doctor calling Smith is giving The New York Times access to the hospital's emergency department, where doctors call the scene apocalyptic.

  • The anxiety of this situation is really overwhelming, Dr Smith says.

  • Patients air coming in for other elements on Lee to discover they, too, are infected with the virus.

  • So someone in a car accident it's brought in way get a CT scan of them and their lungs look like they have Corona virus.

  • We were seeing a lot of patients who probably had cove it, but we didn't realize across the country in Washington state, we're hearing from the first nurses to be on the front lines.

  • It was like a title.

  • These four women work at Kirkland Life Care Center outside Seattle, where an outbreak started back in February 35 residents of the facility died from the virus.

  • I was talking Thio my regional heirs, to check on her and see how she's doing.

  • And I told her I said it felt like I was chasing the devil.

  • She said she had chills because she said she was just getting ready to say the same thing.

  • First responders from coast to coast are now experiencing the same nightmare.

  • Writing a virus they know little about while trying to keep themselves and their families safe.

  • This doctor in California is now sleeping in a tent in his garage to avoid contact with this family.

  • Allow first responders to assist those most in need.

  • In New York, first responders released this video, asking people toe on Lee.

  • Call 911 and a real emergency after 200 36 members of the NYPD tested positive and more than 3000 members of the force are sick.

  • That's tripled the normal sick rate.

  • As for Dr Smith, she shares this warning.

  • I don't really care if I get in trouble for speaking to the media.

  • I I want people to know that this is bad.

  • People are dying.

  • We don't have the tools that we need in the emergency department and in the hospital to take care of them, Dr Smith says Her E are usually sees 200 people a day.

  • That number has doubled to 400.

  • York City's mayor is warning April will be worse than March, and he says, May could be even worse.

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  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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this morning, a rare look inside a New York City hospital at doctors and nurses fighting to save lives.


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