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PAULINE: Morgan was diagnosed with her learning disability
at four years old.
So that was pre-k, kindergarten.
When she was diagnosed it was overwhelming.
So I started researching.
Everything that I found was just, she'll never ride a
bike, she'll never do this, she'll never do that.
It's just devastating.
CHERYL OAKES: Many of our special ed students have grown
up learning that they can't do it.
They've been enabled in some cases because we just haven't
had tools to allow them to be independent.
My job is to give them the skills and the tools to make
them independent learners.
PAULINE: Years ago if she had a research paper to do, they
would take them to the library.
She was left on her own to find books, which is too
It's a needle in a haystack for her.
Just handwriting is difficult for her.
So if she can speak into something, it's
not a struggle anymore.
It's not a fight.
MORGAN: Women in the Revolutionary War.
CHERYL OAKES: Voice search just takes an inefficient
search and gets rid of that and goes right to the topic
that they're looking for.
Then they can put a reading level in and self-select what
they're able to read and understand.
They've saved time, they've found something that they can
read, and they've been successful.
They have to have that push to see the bright side of things.
PAULINE: She'll look and say, wow.
I did that.
So we don't hear "I can't" as much as we used to.
Color guard--
when she came home and said she wanted to go to a color
guard meeting, I immediately called up the coach and said,
we need to talk.
Because she has spatial issues and we're giving her a
six-foot pole.
But she does it.
She is an amazing girl.
She makes us proud every day.
CHERYL OAKES: All of those things have really helped
Morgan from being Morgan, the student with a learning
disability to Morgan, the student with the possibilities
for her future.


Cheryl and Morgan學習獨立(Cheryl and Morgan: Learning Independence)

1754 分類 收藏
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