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  • Yeah.

  • Recovered in two minutes.

  • We're gonna work for us to watch.

  • You Sure about this?

  • It's the only way to save we.

  • Fix it.

  • Get on the Osprey and draw that thing away from Godzilla.

  • Buy him time to get back on his feet.

  • Mark.

  • You seen what?

  • That thing you know, it'll be tight, but we have to take that chance.

  • Are you good to go?

  • Yes.

  • All right.

  • One, two, three.

  • That's it.

  • That's it.

  • Wait, Let's go.

  • Okay, Take her.

  • Take her.

  • Wait, Let's go.



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A2 初級

哥斯拉死了|哥斯拉:怪獸之王 [4k, HDR] (4k, HDR) (Mothra dies | Godzilla: King of the Monsters [4k, HDR])

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