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  • With its abundant marine life and white sandy beaches, the Maldives is many people's idea of paradise on earth.


  • A group of small islands dotted around the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, about 450 kilometers southwest of Sri Lanka.

    在距離斯里蘭卡西南方約 450 公里處的印度洋上有著星羅棋佈的小島。

  • The Maldives is home to a community of just 341,000 people.


  • The Maldivian economy evolves around two main business sectors: Tourism and fishing.


  • Tourism is the main source of income in the Maldives.


  • And with average temperatures of around 29 degrees Celsiusthat's about 85 degrees Fahrenheitthe holiday season never ends.

    馬爾地夫的平均溫度約攝氏 29 度,也就是華氏 85 度,因此全年都是度假的好時機。

  • Maldivian society remains firmly rooted in local traditions and Muslim faith.


  • The major language is Dhivehi, although English is spoken at all hotels and most shops.


  • 30 percent of Maldivians live in the capital city Malé, a bustling metropolis with busy markets and shops.

    30% 的馬爾地夫國民居住在首都馬利,這繁榮的大都市充滿熱鬧的市場和商店。

  • A far cry from the tranquility of local fishing villages and resort islands.


  • But the Maldives are not only famous for lavish resorts; they're also one of the world's top destinations for scuba diving.


  • Sprawling labyrinths of coral reefs teem with a myriad marine species; for many, the highlight of their trip is an encounter with whale sharks and mantas, the gentle giants of the ocean.


  • Seafaring and exploration are part of the country's DNA, so it comes as little surprise that live-aboard cruises are a big attraction in the Maldives.


  • The sense of adventure, freedom, and pure relaxation found aboard such cruises is unique.


  • Anchoring at a different lagoon every day and having access to the country's top dive sites offers a brilliant holiday experience.


  • Spending a week or more cruising around the atolls is the best way to get to know the country.


  • A holiday in the Maldives will leave you convinced that paradise truly is a place on earth.


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  • See you there.


With its abundant marine life and white sandy beaches, the Maldives is many people's idea of paradise on earth.


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