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I'm going to flip through this deck.
And I want you to see one card. Not this one. That's too obvious.
Pay close attention.
(deck flips)
That was too fast. I'll do it again.
Are you ready?
(deck flips)
Now did you see one?
Do you have one in mind?
Now do you see your card here?
That's because you're looking too closely.
What have I been telling you all night?
The closer you look......the less you see.
Look into my eyes.
And sleep.
And... (snaps fingers) ... just hangin' out there.
Wriggled a set.
I'm picturing......beach, cocktails, Florida?
Look, it was a business trip.
Maybe the......oldest business?
You're thinking of a woman's name.
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, G-- J.
Who-- who's Janet?
My sister.
Your sister.
You were away on business... you were away on Janet?
She's seeming to get upset. Let's move over here.
You want this to go away?
Okay, pull out your wallet.
Does, uh... 200 seem fair?
Okay! And sleep.
Now, when I snap my fingers, you won't remember any of this.
And you, every time you see or even think of Janet, you're gonna picture me... naked.
And that's not a pretty sight.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am the next great magician and I will give 100 dollars to anyone who can tell me how this trick is done.
I have an ordinary spoon from Mel's Deli, right here at Brooklyn.
Check it out.
Now, everyone, please pay very, very close attention, 'cause I'm about to bend this spoon with my mind.
Thank you, thank you.
Pass that around.
Whoa, what're you doing over here--
Looks like we got a spoon in his stem.
I got other tricks.
Or you could give me my hundred bucks.
You said you would.
Nice wallet.
You have a very good eye, sir.
Wallet. My wallet. My watch!
Okay, Los Angeles. When that timer hits zero, a tank full of piranhas will fall from above.
A lady has to have handcuffs.
Oh, she's serious. She can't get up!


Now You See Me Official Opening Scene (2013) - Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman Movie HD

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