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  • The main thing that's new about genetic modification is that we can now take genes from one organism

  • and introduce them into another organism, something that would not happen in the course

  • of nature. The process by which this is done, there's potential to cause all sorts of collateral

  • damage in the genome of organisms and it's very hard to foresee all of the downstream

  • consequences of making those changes.

  • For example, flounders have an antifreeze protein that enables them to swim in very

  • cold water and not freeze solid. So you can take the gene that makes that protein and

  • put it into strawberries and at first glance that sounds like maybe this is a good thing

  • it will enable you to grow strawberries at higher latitudes, longer in the year, that

  • they would resist freezing, there would be more strawberries for everybody - that could

  • be good. On the other hand, who knows what might happen if human beings start eating

  • this flounder protein in greater quantity than they ever did. It might cause allergies,

  • it might do other things, we don't know. And it just seems to me that if the people doing

  • this are, first of all trying to foresee all this stuff, that would be okay but I doubt

  • that they are, and if they are doing these things to produce fruits and vegetables of

  • higher quality with better nutritional profiles, that's one thing but that's not what they

  • are doing. They are doing it to either make things that are more resistant to shipping

  • or so forth. And there is a body of scientific evidence showing that animals that are fed

  • genetically modified crops develop ranges of health problems.

  • It's an area in which I would be cautious and at least we should not have these things

  • foisted on us without our knowledge so at least there should be clear labeling on the

  • products that are genetically modified so we can choose whether we want to buy them

  • or not.

  • There actually are already a lot of things out there that we are eating that we can't

  • do anything about, but this is one of the good things about the federal organic standards

  • - if something carries that label from the Department of Agriculture, it cannot be genetically

  • modified.

The main thing that's new about genetic modification is that we can now take genes from one organism


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轉基因生物和轉基因食品的影響 (Effects of GMO and GMO Foods)

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