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  • I am massively find going right now because here we have Rachel, who is responsible for one of the best videos on the Internet right now.

  • Whole funny is that to say, a wickedness on dhe.

  • We have David, who is responsible for composing that very BBC news theme chair.

  • That's the one.

  • David, Are you aware that the Internet right now is full of people raving to your thing?

  • It's a very pleasant shock to see to see people during that, especially Rachel's, I think I think sounded brilliant.

  • I mean, I don't know how you put it together, but, uh, send it up so fantastic.

  • Yeah, Tick talk is a crazy place that moment.

  • There's been a video going around for a while now off people doing fake deejay sets, but it's to a completely different song.

  • My mom would tell you I always whenever the BBC News theme comes on, would be like sat on the sofa like filming my face up in the air.

  • And she found it so funny that I was just I'm gonna combine these two together.

  • Oh my God, it's got the B.

  • You know, it's got the the well when she pulled it.

  • In musical terms, it's not like the key change, but it's like the beat change that really like everyone's with, like the drop, like the drop in like a crescendo.

  • I think that's what the idea was pips on the radio.

  • When you hear the beats, you instantly know you're listening to the radio.

  • You know it's time for the news.

  • And I thought our maybe, How about doing I was thinking to myself we could do the Pips with a dance Be, you know, because it's about time and accuracy and stuff gets piped up for the new.

  • Yeah, you could use the Pip and like this and then which which is a sound in itself.

  • You know, that works and then start adding drums to it like a bit more drums like that on Dhe.

  • Just building up the idea so picked through the dance beat and then adding the baseline.

  • I can hear this and I need you now.

  • So the baselines got a bit of a sort of reggae tone feel to it, you know that that sort of feel and then building it with big drums, a bit of drama and tension Suddenly people have message May from the BBC saying Thank you so much for sharing that it's really boosted my morale today and some of those people That message may they are broadcast critical.

  • We rely on them.

  • Thio Keep the BBC news on the air If I just wanted to say thank you, thank you very much.

  • I can't believe any of this is because my dream when I was a kid was wanting to work for the BBC or do something for the BBC.

  • The ambition was to come up with a theme tune that everybody would want to go out and buy, you know, like a wood or love.

  • Because in the end, everybody, when you write music, you want everybody to love it, and it just sort of goes to prove that if you've got a dream and you and you follow it, then it will actually happen.

  • So it's been great.

I am massively find going right now because here we have Rachel, who is responsible for one of the best videos on the Internet right now.


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@Rachel Leary對@BBC新聞主題曲的讚美之聲不脛而走 - BBC-----。 (@Rachel Leary raving to @BBC News theme tune goes viral - BBC)

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